KUIU has grown at an incredible pace over the pa...

KUIU has grown at an incredible pace over the past 36 months.  This growth has forced production overseas to increase our manufacturing capacity to keep up with demand. To better cope with our direct to consumer sales model, I developed a vertical manufacturing process with Toray and The Merino Company. After 18 months, the vertical program is catching up with the demand resulting in KUIU carrying the highest inventory levels since its launch in 2011.

Our growth has given me the opportunity to renegotiate better pricing on several of our key, high volume styles in 2014 which has translated into a significant price reduction on fabric, trims and manufacturing. After receiving these discounts, I did not feel it was right to maintain current pricing and increase our margins.  Instead, I have chosen to pass these savings onto you by lowering the prices of these key items:

Attack Pant                      $149.99     $129.99           
Guide DCS Jacket           $229.99     $189.99
Guide Pant                       $199.99      $149.99
Guide DCS Vest                $149.99     $119.99
Chugach NX Pant             $249.99     $229.99
Chugach NX Jacket          $299.99     $269.99

I have had people suggest we should raise our prices because we cannot keep up with demand.  Going against these suggestions, I believe lowering prices is the right decision for our customers and what this brand stands for.

I want to thank you all for the continued support for KUIU and recommending our products to others. It has given us the opportunity to continue to innovate and now bring industry-leading products to you at even lower prices. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.


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  1. Dustin Reply

    Very Cool! Thank you so much KUIU.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      You are welcome! I am super excited to be able to do this.

  2. Karl Reply

    That’s awesome Jason that your company has grown like this. It’s always nice not to feel taken advantage of as a customer also.

    One quick question is this a temporary reduction or will it be more permanent than past discounts?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      This is permanent. Not a sale.

  3. Bill Vanooyen Reply

    Great work Team Kuiu it has been fun to watch the company grow. I am still waiting for the waterfowl line, maybe?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Bill! I hope you and your family are doing well. Sorry, no waterfowl line under the KUIU brand.

  4. Dennis Dalan Reply

    Congratulations on your growth and success. I know I am now a big fan!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Dennis!!

  5. Montanafreak Reply

    Awesome. Now I can buy more solids. Thanks for thinking of us. Keep up the fantastic innovations.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you!!!

  6. Colby Kendell Reply


    It is moves like this that continue to strengthen my already strong loyalty toward KUIU. I have never been more pleased with my choice to use KUIU gear from head to toe and to know that the company itself and their business model continues to blow me away, I will do nothing less than promote, promote, promote!!

    Thank you for allowing me as a customer to put my 100% confidence in you and your brand. KUIU Nation!!


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Colby!! I really appreciate itl


  7. Karl Reply

    class act man…. not many businesses would do this

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Karl! I appreciate the comment and support.


  8. Shelvin Reply

    This is why I choose KUIU.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Shelvin!!

  9. Darr Colburn Reply


    Thank you for passing on the savings to your customers. Once again you show why KUIU is hands down the best!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Darr!!

  10. Kevin Dill Reply

    Well played! A lot of people are going to like this move. A few competitors will not…. 😉

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Kevin!

  11. Kevin M Reply

    Jason – thanks for continuing to show your commitment to us – your customers. It’s greatly appreciated and will keep me coming back for more.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Kevin! I really appreciate it.


  12. Todd Watkins Reply

    Wow,, that’s why I’ll continue to be loyal to KUIU

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Todd! I appreciate the comment.

  13. Tyler Reply

    This is really pretty amazing in this day and age and within our usual business culture. I was already a loyal customer but moreso now – this really speaks volumes about Kuiu’s commitment to quality and customers and to the company’s ethics. Thank you.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Tyler! I am excited to make this happen!

  14. joe Reply

    and this is exactly why i support kuiu.

    1st class business model.

    innovative products.

    responsible business.

    job well done Jason and team

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Joe!

  15. Jerry Gowins Reply

    I’m very glad to see the growth in KUIU! It’s an outstanding product that has certainly enhanced my outdoor experience. I’ve turned a few photographer friends on to it and they love it too.

    Congrats, Jason!


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Jerry! I hope you are doing well.


  16. Jerry V Reply

    Thank you

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Your welcome! I am excited to be able to do this for our customers.


  17. Todd Thorpe Reply

    Jason…You’re a great American! I salute you and your team!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Todd! I am super excited to be able to offer this to our customers.


  18. Blaine Reply

    Jason, Thanks Man!
    We really feel like you ARE NOT the big no name, money grabbing, conglomerate, lower quality / higher price company.

    This is how a successful and innovative business should be run.
    Good stuff.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Blaine!!!!

  19. Gary Elmore Reply

    Yet another reason for us to purchase your outstanding product Jason! Thank you and your team very much for keeping we the people in mind as your business expands.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Gary. I am thrilled to be able to do this!


  20. Jake Long Reply

    Very cool, it’s moved like this that makes a cult like following. Thanks for putting the consumer first! I’m taking my ultra 6000 on its maiden voyage today. I cannot wait.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Jake! Please post a review on the forum on your experience with the ULTRA.

  21. Kevin Reply

    Unreal. Jason, you continue to be a class act. This is a big reason, among many, that you will continue to see my business. Thank you for continuing to make/keep Kuiu the best brand out there.


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you for the support Kevin!!

  22. J.R. Young Reply

    As someone who has been along the ride from the first products coming available in 2011 it has been fun to watch the growth, challenges and successes.

    Congratulations on all of it, and thanks for extending the discounts back to us. A great twist on “Throwback Thursday”!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      You are more than welcome J.R.! It has been a fun ride!

  23. Cresston Reply

    boom Kuiu mixes it up again. I love it Jason!! Kuiu is the best gear and people on the planet!!!!!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Cresston!!!

  24. Brian McElrea Reply

    Can’t say that I’ve ever seen that before. Well played Jason…I would anticipate an even more aggressive growth projection in the coming months.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Brian!!

  25. Cody Gray Reply

    Well played, Jason, well played!!!

    I just place another order last week for some additional base layers last week, and picked up another pair of the Guide pants. They’ll be headed with me across the pond to try my luck in South Africa.

    Job well done!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Cody! I am excited we have the opportunity to make this happen for KUIU customers.


  26. Jim Reply

    This is awesome, very rare in the business world! I can’t wait to buy some more stuff. Now we just need a women’s line of camo so my wife can be as excited as I am.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Jim!

      • Nicole Reply

        So how about that womens line? Tried on the men’s pants many a time, and they just don’t fit a woman’s body.

  27. Jason Potter Reply

    I’m planning on buying the guide jacket and pants soon and this savings is awesome! Will there be a price reduction on any other things like any of the base layer lineup or any of the accessories that I should wait for before ordering?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Just these items for now.

  28. Steve Ameral Reply

    Great move Jason!!
    Us die hard supporters are very appreciative. I have been with you since day one and have converted several friends to Kuiu. It’s great gear and works for everything. I have had it steelhead fishing in a drift boat on the north coast rivers during some horrible wind and cold, pig hunting in the coastal mountains in the rain and heat of summer. I couldn’t imagine life without it.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Steve! I always appreciate your support!!

  29. Ryan Thorne Reply

    Thanks. These are the values that make it easy to support this company.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Ryan!!

  30. Harley Reply

    Jason – this is really appreciated. You could have raised prices and kept profits the same with lower volume, but by doing this you are really helping out those of us of modest means. Well played.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      I am excited to be able to do this for our customers and this market.


  31. Jack Reply

    Thanks Jason, awesome move

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Happy to be able to do this for our customers. Thank you for the comment and support!


  32. Val Marquez Reply

    Jason, thank you, this helps those of us on a limited income. I purchased Kuiu gear in 2011 and it’s my go to gear here in Maine

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Your welcome Val!

  33. Steven Shannon Reply

    You continue to be a class act and demonstrate that “old school” business practices like putting the customer first still make a difference. As a teacher, I have to put serious thought into my hunting expenditures and I have not found a better return on my investment in hunting gear than KUIU. Thank you for doing what you do!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Steve! I am thrilled to be able to make this happen for our customers!!!

  34. Ben Reply

    I just received my attack pants in the mail yesterday. I should of waited a week. Oh well, I’ll have them for this Saturdays turkey opener in PA. I would like to see a turkey hunting vest in the line up someday. Thanks for the great products and service.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank You Ben!

  35. Justin Leung Reply

    In a time of constant rising prices from inflation,greed,inefficient run businesses, etc, Kuiu is able to lower prices. I know you are big on innovation, your business model is probably one of the bigger innovations

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Justin!!

  36. Kyle Reply

    Thanks Jason! That’s an awesome surprise! That’s what makes you’re company different.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Kyle!

  37. Philip Reply

    Jason, Two years ago my best friend turned me on to Kuiu, I have kept up with all of your products ever since and watched you grow. You have created products that are second to none. Your products are the only products I have full confidence in ordering without ever putting my hands on them and know that i will not be disappointed. Keep up the good work to you and all the Kuiu family and thanks for what you do for the hunting world!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you for the kind words Philip! I appreciate the support!!

  38. Mike Reply

    This is awesome Jason!! I just drew a moose tag in Wyoming this morning and will be some new and more gear!! Perfect timing brother!! Thanks!!!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      congrats Mike!!!

  39. Mike Reply

    Thanks for throwing your old prices “off a cliff”!!!!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Ha Ha! Well said!

  40. Justin Starck Reply

    You don’t see that very often. Thanks!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Justin! Its customers like you who have helped grow this brand!


  41. John Roe Reply

    Hell Ya. Now I don’t have to wait as long between purchases. Not that I’d buy any other gear but it gets expensive trying to outfit yourself correctly for all the different conditions a hunter will face. I love your gear and will continue to buy because it is the BEST available. Thanks.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you John! I appreciate the comment!

  42. Shane Close Reply

    This is awesome! Thank you Jason!

    Usually the trend is in the other direction…

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Shane!!

  43. Shane Close Reply

    So, I need a new rain jacket for around town and want the Chugach. Any plans on that coming out in a solid?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Yes, but not certain when.

      • Shane Close Reply

        Ok, I’ll just keep posted on here waiting

  44. T Downing Reply

    I am once again blown away by this announcement. Unexpected surprise.
    Thank you Jason for having the vision and professionalism in every move you have made with KUIU. Simply the best. KUIU, coming out swinging in 2014!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks T! I am just getting started, this is just the beginning.

  45. Joe Reply

    You are one straight up, classy hombre. Thank you for once again choosing to be different from the herd. I do not think this will go unnoticed or unrewarded. Thank you very much.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Joe!!

  46. Tristan Reply

    great news jason. are we ever going to see solids in the guide pant or yukon series. I would be all over that.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Sometime this Summer on Yukon in Major Brown. Not sure about the Guide Pants as we have not had many requests for a solid.

  47. Robbie B Reply


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Robbie!

  48. M.B Reply

    Incredible! Thank you, not only do you provide top quality clothing and gear, but your business ethics and morals are also above the rest.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you!!!!

  49. Brady Miller Reply

    Thanks for passing this on to the customer! Another reason you are always a step ahead of the competition.

  50. Billy Ward Reply

    Thanks Jason and everyone at Kuiu, not only due you make the finest hunting gear your far ahead of the competition. If there is any competition.

  51. Jared Vidler Reply

    Jason, I just gotta say that KUIU is the only company that I have ever believed in. You and your staff have set the standard for which all companies should hope to achieve. Thank you for an excellent product and your dedication to the customer.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Jared, Thank you so much for the nice words! I appreciate it!


  52. Brett Crawford Reply

    Thats crazy…CRAZY GENEROUS! Jason, your a stand up dude! I hope I can one day run my business like you run KUIU!!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Brett! That is a great compliment!

  53. Don Reply

    I’m glad your choosing the road less traveled – Team KUIU gets it done..

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Don!!

  54. Cory Benge Reply

    Honesty, Integrity, Vision and Transparency …. These are words to describe what many claim but few have. Jason, you are one of the few. My hat is off to you! Keep up the great work!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Cory!

  55. Will Jenkins Reply

    I’m a little late commenting because I was traveling the last few days but this is just amazing. Giving the value the customers have created back to the customer is largely nonexistent in any industry much less the hunting/outdoors industry. This is one of many reasons I’ll continue to support KUIU any way I can! Thanks Jason & Team!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Will! I always appreciate your support for KUIU.

  56. Jeff M Valunas Reply


    Impressed, thoroughly! Since 2011, KUIU is the ONLY company I actually enjoy sending/spending money with.
    Now those “hardest-as-ever-to-earn” dollars, will stretch even further.
    I comment with thought and passion, some of which, I’m sure you would prefer to never make it, on the board…
    But, THANKS is something I have NEVER been short on, saying!
    So- Thanks Again!!!

    KUIU customer for life, STILL-

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Jeff! I always appreciate your comments, critiques and support since the beginning. I am excited to have the opportunity to offer this back to our customers.

  57. Michael Reply

    Awesome!! My Chugach Jacket just arrived, didn’t get the discount but that’s not why I buy your gear. This company is amazing and I am really impressed with the quality of gear. I guess I’ll have to order the Chugach pants now. Thanks Jason and Team, Keep up the excellent work.


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you for the comment Michael! I appreciate the kind words.


  58. tyler Reply

    Any idea when we may see guide pants in solids?

  59. AJ Richey Reply

    I am not a mountain hunter, just a back east white tail guy. last year I froze my rear off with the “standard” offerings, and decided I needed something better. I believe KUIU is it, and Jason, your approach to business and your customers sealed it for me. Just a matter of time before the wife approves the purchase order!!

  60. byron clarke Reply

    Any plans for the TIBURON PANT in earthtone solid colors? I’ve got several non-hunter friends sold on your gear for hiking purposes…but they don’t want camo. Thanks.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Yes, later this year.

  61. Scott Barefoot Reply

    Have just recently started to acquire your clothing line. I see that you have recently placed the base layer merino on clearance . I tried to take advantage of the offering but my size wasn’t available . My question and concern is that obviously you will be releasing a new and improved version of the current base layer products, hence the clearance of the current line. My question is in regards to the line that will be released. Will the new release be available in the existing camo patterns ?
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Scott Barefoot

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Yes they will.

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