As thanks to you, our loyal customers, we ...

As thanks to you, our loyal customers, we here at KUIU have carefully tucked twenty KUIU GOLDEN TICKETS inside the 2014 KUIU Winter Catalog. Look for your catalog in this weeks mail or in Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal, Huntin’ Fool, Western Hunter, and Safari Magazines. If you happen to find a GOLDEN TICKET, KUIU will award you one of twenty spectacular prize packages.


Click here to visit the KUIU GOLDEN TICKET landing page and learn more about the Second Chance Drawing (YES, you have a second chance!), track the winners on an interactive map, and learn all about the prize packages.

Are you one of the lucky finders?


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  1. Joe Hawkins Reply

    You guys freaking ROCK!!! What an awesome idea and the generosity. Wow!!! Even if you’re not a winner what an opportunity.

  2. Zach Reply

    This is a fun idea. How do I sign up to receive a catalog? I ordered a jacket this summer so perhaps I’m already in the system?

  3. Wally Reply

    Good luck everybody and congrats to the Winners

  4. Kris Hoffman Reply

    Doesn’t appear like Canada is getting any according to the interactive map. Great gear but c’mon really?

  5. Jigger Reply

    Exactly Kris, by all means come to our country and hunt our animals but dont include us. .Come on boys, your neighbors to the north deserve a lil loyalty

  6. Nathan Reply

    Awesome! Also wondering how to assure I am on the mailing list for a catalog? You guys are the best!

  7. Craig Reply

    Shame us Aussie customers don’t get a crack, I have been pushing the gear like crazy aswell.

    Oh well, not to worry still good gear.

  8. Cory Benge Reply

    Very cool idea guys!! Stoked for this!

  9. Paul Reply

    This is very exciting! KUIU is such an innovative company and will continue to dominate outdoor gear, as long as Jason and his team are at the helm. This is an incredible opportunity to have a complete kit of the best hunting gear on the market. Check your six and make sure you didn’t just drop your golden ticket!

  10. Owen Reply

    Great idea guys!! I notice no Canada on your interactive map? Will we have the same opportunity as everyone else?

  11. shane c Reply

    yup guess my thousands of $ supporting this company doesnt mean anything, do to where i will change the way i buy my gear,to bad.

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