Mark and his wife Tammi each have accounts wit...

Mark and his wife Tammi each have accounts with KUIU, so when two catalogs arrived in the mail Mark opened just one of them to browse. The second catalog addressed to Mark was nearly thrown away days later while he was clearing off the counter, but he decided to open it up. Initially he thought the Golden Ticket inside may have been Publisher’s Clearing House spam, but after mentioning it to a friend who also happens to be a KUIU fan, Mark learned that it was real and just one of 20 tickets in circulation. Today he was drawn for prize #13. Mark resides in Lewiston, MT and is the father of two sons- Archer (2, pictured) and Jaden (14).

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  1. Val Marquez Reply

    My catalog envelope was open when I received it, this never happens with my other mail. Obviously this is not your fault but you may what to question winners that work for the post office and isn’t on your mailing list.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      The winners have to be on our mailing list to win. We have not had anyone from the Post Office claim a Golden Ticket.

  2. Nate S Reply

    Ill second what Val said ! mine was open as well.

  3. Nate Rivera Reply

    My catalog envelop was open as well! Maybe Veruca Salt got a hold of it before it hit my mailbox.

  4. Jim Reply

    In reading the descriptions, nobody who has won had even heard of the Ticket giveaway. Yet people seem to think that every mailman across America knows about it cares enough to risk their job by opening the packages. Incredible.

    Shame on the Whiners, Congrats to the Winners!

  5. Ron P Reply

    Jason, Thanks a bunch for running the promotion and continuing the Black Friday sale!

    To give you some good feedback, I had 3 chances to win. The catalog I rec’d directly from Kuiu the tabs were intact (but weak and popped the first time I twisted the mailer). I also received the catalog with my Eastmans Bowhunting Journal and my Western Hunter magazines. The plastic mailing envelopes were sealed and not tampered with, as were the catalog inserts.

    I did not win, but still really appreciate the promo effort to give some lucky customers a break while you continue to build excitement about the Kuiu brand!

  6. Corey Reply

    Really a conspiracy someone Stole my ticket…. Come on !!!!

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