This morning on KUIU Live, we introduced the new...
This morning on KUIU Live, we introduced the new Teton Collection. Once again, we want to thank everyone for an incredible turnout and the overwhelming support that you continue to show KUIU.
Congratulations to the winners:

Matt Minton from Owosso, Michigan won a complete set of Teton in the Verde Camo.

Austin Easley from Oaklahoma City, OK won a complete set of Teton in the Vias Camo.


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  1. Collin Clapp Reply

    Do you when the Merino 210 shirt with a hood be available?

  2. Dan Reply

    Everyone hold a moment of silence for sitka and other camo companies because I think they may have just died!!!!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      One of my favorite comments of all time!

      • Ryan Reply

        Now that is freaking hilarious! That comment alone deserves a full Teton Package!

  3. Matt Reply

    I just want to thank Jason and Kuiu for the Teton Collection give away. I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners and I can’t wait to receive my products this week! I will re-post to let everyone know what I think.

    • KUIU Customer Service Reply

      Congratulations and thank you for the continued support.

  4. Mitchel Reply

    Just had the pleasure of using the Teton woven pant. Very impressed with this pant being the first piece of Kuiu that i have owned. Breathable, comfortable,light, and fit true to size. cant wait to order my next Kuiu Piece of clothing!

    • KUIU Customer Service Reply

      Thank you for the review.

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