As 2016 winds down, I wanted to take a moment ...


As 2016 winds down, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you for supporting KUIU. Because of your belief in and passion for what we do at KUIU, we have been able to achieve incredible growth. 2016 has been a big year for KUIU, and I cannot thank all of you enough for allowing me to build my dream.

The holiday season means spending extra time with those closest to us. For me, there is nothing I enjoy more than being able to spend time hunting with my family. The film below, These Abiding Gifts, is about a moose hunt with my dad, Mike, in the Yukon. I have been hunting with my dad since I was a kid, and this hunt is at the top of my list of the most memorable.

I hope that all of you have a great holiday. Again, thank you for helping me build KUIU–I cannot wait to see where we go in 2017.

Dream Big,

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  1. Aaron Reply

    Got me right in the feels. I’ve got a similar relationship with my dad, right down the traditional archery. Thanks for this and Merry Christmas.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      Thank you, Aaron. It’s tough to beat hunting with your dad. Merry Christmas!

  2. Robert Reply

    Great film, congratulations to your dad.

    Very Merry Christmas and New Year to you and all your staff.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      Thank you, Robert.

  3. Tom Armosino Reply

    What a film Jason. I lost my dad last week and this really hits home. Well done.
    See and your dad you at the Sheep Show.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      I am sorry about the loss of your father. I am glad you enjoyed the film–see you at the sheep show.

  4. Joe Polunc Reply

    Wow Jason, an epic hunt with your Father. Can’t get any better than that! Great production and music scores too. So an inquiring mind must ask:
    what are the bow you two are shooting? Was there a Zwickey broad head involved?
    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all,

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      The bow is a 54″ Wes Wallace long bow, 55# at 28″. Broadheads were Zwickey Delta on Cedar Shafts.

  5. Steve Griffith Reply

    What a great film!! You have captured traditional bowhunting, the passion and spirit of why I hunt. Very moving, as I too raised my kids in the traditions of bowhunting. I promoted that journey in Bowhunter magazine, Tranditional Bowhunter etc. Now that they are grown, It means so much to be back with them hunting when we can. Congrats on a great film. I have shared the link to this film on the Professional Bowhunter Society (Campfire Section)

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      It was an incredible hunt and a great memory to make with my dad. There is nothing better than sharing hunting experiences with family.

  6. Warren Woodcock Reply

    Awesome video, special experience to share with your Dad.

    A question, was the older guide with the birchbark moose call wearing a prototype Kenai Beanie?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      Thank you, Warren. Good eyes–more on the beanie to come later.

  7. Wade Warner Reply

    Wow, great video. Hunting with Dad at 70+, awesome story. That one hit me in the heart, thanks for sharing. My dad & I are going on our first big game hunt together this coming year. We both put in for and got drawn for a Guided Disabled Veteran Elk Hunt. So man, this one really makes me anxious now!! Merry Christmas & Thanks so much for sharing.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      Best of luck to you and your dad on your elk hunts. Please let us know how it turns out for you.

  8. Robin Moore Reply

    It’s great being part of the journey – Robin Moore

    robin Moore

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      Thank you, Robin!

  9. Seth Downer Reply

    Wow what an amazing and inspirational film, it reminds me of why I love to hunt and also the wonderful times I get to spend hunting with my 5 brothers, nephews and nieces hunting. Thank you Jason for sharing that story with all of us.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      There is nothing better than hunting with family!

  10. Cameron Aycock Reply

    Awesome hunt and great moose! Props to your dad for doing it the hardest way possible. I’ll stick to using a rifle when I go, haha. One question I have Jason is, how do you stay dry in this terrain did you use hip boots or are the Yukon gaiters enough? Thanks!

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      We both wore Schnees 16″ Waterproof Guide Boots and Yukon Rain Pants. They worked well because we were in and out of the boat so much.

  11. Ryan Hopper Reply

    Awesome, hunting with family is everything. Lost my hunting partner (dad) in 1999. It was a big hit. Now trying to continue the trading with my boys. They are young and have a ways, but instilling the hunt is just the beginning.
    I was able to visit the Kuiu store today (with my boys) for the first time. Compliments to you on your staff. Super helpful on helping get me lined up on clothing selection. And not to mention being patient and kind to my 5 & 2 year old boys while I was looking at gear. Thank you again for supplying a great product and knowledgeable employees. Looking forward to doing more business.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      I am sorry about the loss of your dad. It sounds like you are carrying on the family tradition with your own sons. Nothing is better than that.
      Thank you for stopping by the showroom today–I appreciate your support for KUIU!

  12. Bill ward Reply

    What a great moving film, family and the outdoors is what it’s all about for me. I love hunting with my wife and daughters. Your father is quite a man. Congrats on his moose and what a great gift.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting Reply

      Thank you, Bill. There is nothing better than hunting with family. This was a hunt with my dad that I will always remember.

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