Hi Everyone, I know a lot of you have been wait...

Hi Everyone,

I know a lot of you have been waiting on the Chugach Gear to be back in stock.  Before we make this announcement publicly I wanted to give blog subscribers the 1st opportunity to buy from this shipment as we will not be receiving another shipment until November.  

Toray’s waterproof/breathable technology is simply unmatched; 4-way stretch, 20,000/20,000 waterproof to breathability rating, KUDOS DWR and Primeflex 4-way stretch face fabric. The Chugach Jacket weighs just 17oz and the pant just 13oz, which is light as 2-layer packable shells with all the durability advantages of a true 3-layer hard-shell.  

I have included a report from Brendan Burns who put it to the test this last month on Kodiak that may answer any questions you have with the actual performance level of this product.  It certainly is the best rain gear I have ever tested.  



There were so many gear questions that came in about the Chugach Rain System performance on Kodiak, Jason asked me to do a small write up on my experience using it.

I will gladly give my stamp of approval on the Chugach, as this trip was the first time I can say I was totally dry bell to bell for an entire Alaskan trip.  The entire KUIU system works so well together that it’s hard to say one piece is better than the rest.  All the pieces in the line excel at what they are designed for, including the Chugach.

Over the last 12 years I have spent around 700 days hunting and fishing in Alaska. No matter how prepared I am for a trip to the 49th state, the amount of rain always catches me by surprise.   Living in the lower 48 we simply forget how unforgiving and wet Alaska can be on gear.

Over the years I have used and owned nearly every piece of rain gear out there.  Very few have been able to keep me dry during extended exposure to rain, and most have totally failed.  Trips where I used the latter generally stick out in my mind as being miserable.  I’ve learned over the years that a hard shell is the only way to go.

I only ask two things of my rain gear:

  1. It has to be waterproof.  This is non negotiable.  Absolutely and totally waterproof for extended periods of rain over multiple days. “ Water resistant” is not enough.
  2. It has to breath.  If and when I am forced to hunt in the rain my rain gear has to keep me dry on the inside also.  Being active in rain gear is where the great pieces shine.  If your rain gear does not move moisture created by your body, you may as well be wearing rubber. The term “waterproof breathable” is way overused describing rain gear in my opinion.  Many waterproof membranes will keep you dry, but they simply do not breath.

The Chugach system is totally waterproof.   On Kodiak we got pounded with rain for 2 days straight, and were hit with intermittent rain daily for the rest of the trip. Not once did I have a drop of water get through.  Every night I was able to snap dry the jacket and pants. No need to hang them up and dry them out- they absorbed nothing during extended exposure to rain.   My system beaded water as well on the last day as the first.

Aside from being totally waterproof there are several important features that set the Chugach apart from every other piece of rain gear I have hunted in the past: Comfort, Breathability, and Weight.

The simple clean design, when combined with the stretch of the Toray Fabric/membrane makes this the most comfortable rain gear I have ever worn.  It moves without the restrictive feel of most rain gear and is most noticeable in the pants (no plastic bag feel).

The Chugach Jacket is everything you need in a rain jacket and nothing more.  Good pocket placement, easy to use pit zips and the best fitting hood I’ve used.

Dual full zip side zips on the Chugach rain pants allow you to get in and out of them quickly without taking your boots off.  This is critical.   If your rain pants don’t have full zips to the hip- they are not rain pants. End of story. You should not have to take your boots off to get them on or off.   The Dual zippers also allow me to dump heat out the top of the pants during steep climbs or while wearing them during warmer periods when it is not raining.

The Chugach actually breathes.   Having worn many other pieces there is a noticeable performance advantage in the Chugach.  I don’t build up internal moisture/ humidity while hiking. No more clammy sticky feeling normally associated with rain gear. I cant give you the stats on how much better it breathes than other rain gear( im sure Jason can), but it is noticeable.

I love the fact that the Chugach System weighs the same as 2-layer packable rain gear that I consider “emergency” rain gear because is simply will not stand up over time while being more durable than any others I’ve used (it is).  It makes it a no brainer to throw the set in my pack all them time. For the first time I never have to think about whether or not I have my rain gear, it’s always there.

If you are going hunting where rain could potentially dictate the success of your hunt I would highly suggest getting a set.  Being able to hunt comfortably in all conditions will certainly give you more of a chance to get the most out of your experience.

Brendan Burns
KUIU Guides & Outfitters Program
Professional Guide

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  1. Alex Hoover Reply

    I’d love to try the pants in particular, but they won’t fit me. Please consider a 29″ inseam for those of us who are middle-aged and stubby.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Alex,

      THANK YOU for taking the time to comment. I will be looking to ad additional inseam lengths in the future.


  2. Larry Schwartz Reply


    One of the problems I have had with “breathable” rain suits in the past is that if you apply constant pressure to the fabric when it is wet, like leaning against a tree or sitting on the wet ground, that the moisture will seep through the bafric. How does the Chugach sysetm handle in that situation?


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hey Larry,

      You will not have this issue with the Chugach, I guarantee it.


    • Jerry Gowins Reply

      Larry, I laid down in very wet grass in a marshy area for quite awhile while photographing shorebirds. No problem. No wetness, no leaks, no nothing. Very comfortable to wear, I never felt “bound up” while getting into whatever position I needed to sneak, crawl, etc., to get the shots I wanted. The stuff is awesome!!


      • Jason Hairston Reply

        Thank for the input Jerry! I appreciate the support.


  3. Tom Haase Reply


    Is the stock of the rain pants still low as well especially in size large? Thank you. By the way got the pack love it! Thanks

    Tom Haase
    925 628 2310

  4. Mike P Reply


    How will we be able to order this first? And what day do you expect we can pre-order?



    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hey Mike,

      Go to http://www.kuiu.com and order yours today if interested. We will announce in a mass newsletter tomorrow that they are available on line.


  5. Brendan Burns Reply

    No problem having moisture pass through while sitting on wet ground. We did some traveling on the hunt in a Zodiak raft that I would consider less than sea worthy. I spent quite a bit of time kneeling in 4″ of standing water bailing the boat- not an issue.
    I have had the same experience with most rain gear. Once you touch it against something it “wets out”. Not the case with the Chugach.

  6. Cory J Reply

    I recently came back from salmon fishing in the Queen Charlottes ( south of Alaska). This rain system is past impressive. I typically hate hoods. This hood design is functional, comfortable and does not restrict vision. I was the only person to come back to the drying room at the end of 12 hours on the sea with constant rain( intermittent to pounding) and spray from the boat who was dry. You couple this with the spindrift insulating layer and you are set. Out of 12 people my camera is the only one to survive and it was in my chest pocket. dry as a bone.
    My go to piece of gear is the Spindrift. Man I love this coat. It is light and semi windproof and damn warm.

    Jason, truely impressive design and quality and function and fit.

    You have met my motto which is ” quality you only pay for once”

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      THANK YOU Cory, feedback like this makes my week! I am so glad it is delivering up to your expectations. Keep the feedback and photos rolling.


  7. Larry Schwartz Reply


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Chugach is definitely on my list for the future. I’m on a very successful diet…oops, lifestyle change… and I am loosing about 3# per week, so when I reach my goal I will a) be more of an “athletic” fit, and b) know what size I will need to order. It should make for a nice Christmas present to me. This year I’ll finally know what to tell the kids when they ask me what I want. ; )

    Keep up the great work and C/S Jason, we all appreciate it more than you know.


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you Larry. I am so happy to hear you are using KUIU to motivate your fitness. I am personally proud to be a small part of it. Keep up the great work and the feedback coming. We love to hear from everyone.


  8. lamp0123 Reply

    This is really a good thing.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Great to hear!

  9. Brian McLaughlin Reply

    I am interested in a pair of waterproof Bibs please advise

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Brian,

      I do not have any immediate plans for waterproof bibs. Help me better understand why bibs and versus pants for you. This helps me for future designs.


      • Brian McLaughlin Reply

        Bibs are so much better, they cover so much more of the body, makes for a much better experience especially with waterproof clothing, look at all of the duck hunting gear, waders and Bibs are the standard for just taht reason , bibs keep you warmer cover more of the body , i just feel more secure with Bibs , how hard coulod it be to make a line of waterproof bibs to match the waterproof jacket. I love the concept of this company, customer sercvice is tops , seems to be run by by a god group of guys that are trying to put out a great product at a great price with out any of the awful gimics like ” BONE COLLECTOR “.

        I would like to see this project suceed.

        Thanks, Brian

  10. Juan Reply

    Hello, I have sent multiple emails to you without a reply… Is there a reason for this? Everyone claims that you have excellent customer service/quick response time, I have yet to see that. 8^/ And as a “possible” customer that’s not a good start…

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Juan,

      You bring up a great point and a problem with your system we just realized yesterday. We had over 120 customer service hung up in our server from a glitch in our system. WE are committed to customer service, so what you have heard is true. Although as you point out your experience with KUIU has not represented this fact. I hope we will have the opportunity to earn your business in the future.

      Warmest regards,


  11. Shane Close Reply

    I second the more inseam lengths. I’m 6’4 and generally need an inseam of 34-36, so the pants I think will be a tad short for me. Looking forward to getting a pair if they come out a little longer!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Shane,

      Most companies typically cut their rain pants an inch or two shorter so they do not drag on the ground/and or bunch up due to the cuff. If you can wear a 34″ inseam you may try our Chugach pant. I wear the same inseam lengths you are mentioning and the Chugach fits me very well.


      • Shane Close Reply

        Okay, cool. Looking at some more of the site a little closer since these are supposed to be designed to layer on top of the attack pants and with your feedback I think I’ll have to add these onto my wish list for Christmas. I’m sure they’ll be perfect. Now I just need to get lucky and try and get a pair of the attack pants… 🙂

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