Hi Everyone, I want to make sure your all aware...

Hi Everyone,

I want to make sure your all aware of the new promotion we are offering to KUIU Newsletter subscribers every Wednesday during the month of July. This is a small token of our appreciation of your loyalty and support of KUIU.

Last week we offered 100 pair of KUIU Guide Gloves at $34.99. There was such an overwhelming response we are now offering similar promotions through the end of the month to help you get set up for your hunts.

We announced in today’s Newsletter we are offering 100 Merino 250 Zip-Tee’s & Merino 250 bottoms as a set for 129.98. This is a savings of $30.00.

$130 is the same price of most Merino Zip-Tees of this weight and quality and they are not made in Vancouver Canada or using Merino supplied by The Merino Company.

I know many of you are signed up to the newsletter, for those of you who are not you may sign up at www.kuiu.com by entering your email address in the KUIU Updates box in the bottom right of our home page to take advantage the up coming offers.

Thank you for your support and loyalty to KUIU.




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  1. John Reply

    Interesting, but speaking as one of those who bought gear when you first opened the store I feel like I paid a premium for doing so.
    I can understand your reasoning etc.. Would prefer a mid-price point and call it good.

    • Jeff M. Valunas Reply

      I am assuming, that KUIU has an amount of left-over in the 250 Merino Series, prior to this next upcoming shipment! Because it is ‘direct to consumer’, they probably would like to move that product, before the next batch arrives!?!?!? A discount, is an added incentive,(we as subscribers) have. I would assume that in the description of this line of product, some were turned off, by the ‘some itch’ ! However, this line was not intended for next to skin, but on top of the 185 series Merino. I could be wrong, but I think this is what KUIU had in mind. I took advantage of the discount!!!
      Hope this helps- JMV

      • Jeff M. Valunas Reply

        I forgot to mention, the post ‘Merino 101’… That should explain, all that I tried to bring to attention!

      • John Burnett Reply

        Bob K probably expressed my thoughts more elequently.
        I’m one of the many ‘under employed’ in our wonderful economy, but even when times were good I look for quality. Being from the Northwest layering is a way of life and so I indeed bought both the 185 and 250 series tops… As much as I’d like a spare my wife (and budget) would not agree.
        That said I’m very impressed with KUIU and Jason and am looking forward to being a long time customer.

  2. G. Todd Brooks Reply

    Right on! Thanks Jason……..

  3. Andrew W Reply

    Thanks for the great offers this month Jason. They are appreciated!

  4. Cory J Reply

    I feel the same, Have not received the gloves I just bought and they are on sale…….?

  5. Michael Reply

    Do we access this but going to online store/code??

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Link to the promotion click here

  6. Ken Allen Reply

    I paid full price too and was happy to do so. I was one of the first 100 to pick up the gloves during the special offer and was excited to be able to get an extra pair to put in the cabinet as a spare.

    Thanks for what you are developing and offering – Top of the line innovative gear at less than retail pricing.


  7. Stephen Stidham Reply

    Really wanted to get a pair of the gloves for my Brooks Range trip next month. Tried to place an order, but I’m currently in Bogota Colombia and the website would not let me order. Bummer for me.

    Love my other Kuiu gear, it performed great during the spring bear season. Thanks for a great product.

  8. bob k Reply

    First and foremost I would like to say it has been a joy to deal with your company and receive such quality gear. However, I have purchased numerous items at full price and might feel somewhat slighted if those same items were purchased by others at a reduced price. It is the initial purchasers that have made your company a success. Maybe it would make more sense to reward those intitial purchasers with coupons to buy additional items first and then offer deals to newsletter subscribers…just a thought.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Bob,

      I want to thank you for your comment. It is VERY well taken and appreciated. Feedback and comments like this is are so valuable. The specials we run are simply a small token of my appreciation to our customers who choose to be a more invested part of the brand. You bring up a great point, blog subscribers were here first and I could not agree with you more that you deserve the opportunity and have earned the right to have the opportunity first at any promotion. I apologize for this oversight and will make it right going forward. I will talk this over with my team tomorrow and follow up with a blog post regrading how this will happen starting next week. Thank you.


      • bob k Reply

        It is certainly refreshing dealing with a company that truly appreciates there customers/clients. I am sure you are a very busy person and the fact that you took the time to reply to my post speaks volumes for you and your company. I have already told my friends about your gear and will continue to do so.

        • Jason Hairston Reply

          Hi Bob,

          Tomorrows post is all your fault:)) Thanks for your input and making change here at KUIU.


  9. Jason Owings Reply

    Dang it Jason! Now I gotta choose between more Kuiu gear or another Dozen arrows! Great deals keep them coming. I love all my gear and am looking forward to deer season just wish it would cool down a touch for the archery opener this weekend!

  10. John M Reply

    Great, deal! I already have and love the 185, I couldn’t pass on this deal, placed my order yesterday. Next on my wish list is the Spindrift!

  11. Josh Wright Reply

    I kind of feel the same way on this deal as Bob. I just purchased the Merino 250 set on June 29th at full price. I like the idea, but I do feel slighted.

    However, I also run my own business and I understand where you are coming from.

    All I need now is the Coffee Bean Spindrift and Guide Vest and I will have the entire line. Great gear, even for a southern Arkansas hunter.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Josh,

      I understand and want to apologize. You and Bob are right.


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