Hi Everyone, What I love about Building KUIU is...

Hi Everyone,

What I love about Building KUIU is listening to your ideas and suggestions to evolve this brand into something very special. Several of you have suggested we create a forum. In response to your idea, Eric has developed the KUIU Forum that is now live and waiting for your posts and comments about Mountain Hunting and the gear it involves.

I have enclosed the forum guidelines below for your review.  I look forward to reading your posts and thank you in advance for you support, posts and comments on the new forum……Jason

Please see the forum guidelines below and click on this link to go to the Forum: KUIU Forum

This forum is an open, worldwide discussion about everything for which KUIU stands. KUIU is committed to making ultralight mountain hunting kit that is fully functional, dependable and accessible. KUIU also exists to story and document the evolving tradition of ultralight mountain hunting. If you share our philosophies, interests, attitudes and passions, please join this discussion. It’s your personal experiences and insights that will make this forum an invaluable tool and resource, as well as a source of entertainment and inspiration to us all.

We ask that you keep an open mind and respond to posts by sharing your experiences rather than challenging fellow members of the community. We do not allow profanity, harassment, or other disrespectful actions. While we invite healthy debate, respect for others must be maintained at all times. Anyone not following these guidelines, or otherwise acting in a disrespectful or confrontational manner may potentially be removed from the forum.

KUIU is not responsible for content posted by users of the forum. Please note that we do not allow advertising, and we reserve the right to lock threads or remove posts at our discretion.

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  1. Mike P Reply

    Looks good and should be a great way for like minded hunters to share their ideas and experiences (Ryan already has a good tip for a stuff sac for the rain gear).

    Great article on the website about how KUIU came about too.



    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Mike! I always appreciate your comments and feedback. Have a great weekend.


  2. SBW Reply

    Hey Chap
    just tried to register, the forum software wont accept my email address, the same one I receive the news letter at. Any Ideas?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Did Eric get you the help you needed?


  3. Jerry Gowins Reply

    Great idea!! A place for the “KUIU Kult” to meet. 🙂

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Jerry!

  4. Mark Richer Reply

    Hey Kuiu/Jason,
    First off I would have to say this is my very first entry on any forum ever!!
    So bare with me if I lack some sort of forum etiquette.
    I am very excited about Kuiu products and look forward to watching the product develop.
    Being Canadian I am also very stoked that most of the apparel is made in Canada. (We have to support our North American economy)

    If I may I would like to put an idea out there, and a simple one at that, as a hunter and someone who enjoys the great outdoors I’m sure most of us can relate when I say I hate getting wet (rained on). That being said there is no such thing as bad weather only bad equipment.
    I would like to put forward an idea for a rain poncho/Guide trap, an all in one deal.
    Something light weight that could be easily packed way, used for all kinds of different situations. A poncho that could act as guide tarp be put on to keep dry or even a quick blind. Something simple, rectangular piece of breathable water proof camo material with some eyelets in the corners etc.
    Just an idea. Who knows?
    Quebec Canada

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Mark for taking the time to comment and your input. I have used a poncho many times and they are life savers in really bad weather even with rain gear. Do you have one you recommend to look at? Let me know and welcome to KUIU.


  5. Mark Richer Reply

    Actual its kinda why I recommended the idea because I’ve never really seen a higher end poncho, especialy in a hunting camo. I usualy use my military surplus one. If I was able to puchase a poncho made of high end low weight material with a secondary use as a small guide trap/shelter (eyelets in the corners for tye downs etc) could be a cool piece of gear that doesnt take up to much room in a pack, not to mention the advantage of breaking up the human form.
    Thanks for getting back to me.

  6. joe Reply

    i have seen these types of ponchos at mec or rei. they are made of a silicon material and with trekking poles they stand up as a quick shelter

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