Pedro Ampuero a blog subscriber and KUIU customer ...

Pedro Ampuero a blog subscriber and KUIU customer and now a good friend from Spain emailed me a short video of a Chamois bowhunt he and his father recently went on together.  It is a great video I though you would enjoy watching.  Have a great weekend.


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  1. Mike P Reply

    Very cool. Congrats to you and your father Pedro!


    Mike P

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      Thanks Mike!

  2. John C Reply

    Muy Bien, Pedro!

    More than anything, I hope that I will be able as young as your father is when I am his age. The chamios must be related to the N American mountain goat, though it reminds me of an antelope, too…cabra de velocidad!

    Great video – gracias, amigo.

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      It is like the mountain goat but much smaller! Their weight goes around 60 pounds.

      I must go on a mountain goat hunt soon, must be so great!


  3. Brendan Burns Reply

    Very cool glimpse into some awesome country. Congrats.
    Strong work on the translation!

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      Thanks brendan, it is really hard to translate the expresions we use here. But enough for understanding the hunt I suppose!

  4. Drake Atwood Reply

    Very cool Pedro! Congrats and thank you for sharing!

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      Thanks for you comment Drake!

  5. Cory Benge Reply

    Congrats Pedro!

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      Thanks Cory!

  6. David Asin Reply

    A wonderful hunt Pedro, as always, it’s a pleasure to watch your videos!

    Congratulations for that chamois! Good luck this weekend!

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      Hahaha Your luck paid of this yesterday! Yahooo!!

  7. BMac Reply

    Great stalk! All to Arcade Fire too – que chevre hermano!

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      I am glad that you like the song! Thanks!

  8. Bwana Ken Reply

    Wow, congratulations on taking a very difficult trophy with your BOW! And my hat goes off to your dad for following you up those rugged mountains. I hope I’ll be able to do that with my kids!

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      I am the one who follows my father! He has hike mountains all over the world, and experiences always helps. The best hunting partner period!

  9. jorge peraza Reply

    One of the best hunting videos that I have seen!!! The bests is the words of your father.
    Your dad enjoy more than if he had shot the chamois. Not envy, only enjoy!! This is to have a good hunting pathner!!!

    Congrats to you and your father Pedro!!!
    See you in the woods, good luck !!!

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      See you soon Jorge!

  10. jorge peraza Reply

    And sorry for my poor english 😉

  11. Andy Bacigalupo Reply

    Some, rugged country there,spectacular!

    Great hunt, thanks for posting the video.

    felicitaciones a usted y a su papá.

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      Thanks for you comment Andy!

  12. Chris Reply

    That was great. You are really blessed to have a father like that to share those hunts with!

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      I give thanks everyday, I feel very fortunate for having such a great father!

  13. Suburban bushwacker Reply

    Well played Pedro, stunning county, great stalking

  14. Justin Starck Reply

    That was a great hunt to watch. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the trophy Chamois.

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      Thanks Justin!

  15. Alvaro from Spain Reply

    you are a legend, Pedro.
    I have hunted chamois in the Pyrinees a time or two, and can imagine how difficult and exciting it can be to get close enough to let the arro go.
    congratulations on s splendid trophy, and best regards.

    • Pedro Ampuero Reply

      Gracias Alvaro!

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