This week\'s Subscriber Promotion is the Merin...

This week’s Subscriber Promotion is the Merino 185 Beanie & Neck Gaiter sold as a set for $29.99 to the first 50.  This set normally sells for $39.98. This is amazing value for 17.5 micron Merino Wool from The Merino Company.

Click Here for the Merino 185 Beanie & Gaiter promotion.

If you are on the fence about the neck gaiter once you own one you will wonder how you survived without it.  It is multi-purpose; The neck gaiter turns your Merino 185 beanie into a balaclava, it is a great face mask and keeps the cold off you neck when you are glassing.  At 3/4 of an ounce it is a no brainer, especially at this promo price.

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  1. Shane Close Reply

    I honestly wasn’t sure about getting this deal. They were both things that I wanted, but I’m trying to save up for the attack pant and spindrift jacket so these were just “extras.” As both of those items were out of stock in my size I figured that I could find $30 lying around somewhere to be able to get these in the meantime. So, I did succumb to the deal and bought the set. I’m sure I’ll love them and can’t wait to get them.

    • David Casaceli Reply

      Same with me Shane, I’m wanting on the pants and well and still haven’t lost the fight to myself to buy some additional merino (the 250, already bought the 185 top) and waiting on the Attack’s in camo in my size….

      I’m sure I’ll love em though, if for no other reason that every facemask/beanie I own gets thrown in the trash after a season from an uncureable stink!

  2. Craig Germond Reply

    That’s a great deal! I already have both but I think it’ll be a big plus when I go on my archery goat hunt in 62 days. Also when glassing for brown bears in the middle of Oct in Alaska.

    • David Casaceli Reply

      Whose counting though right?

  3. Chris Reply

    Already received mine and love them. Can’t wait to utilize them!

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