We saved the best for last. 50 Spindrift Ja...

We saved the best for last.

50 Spindrift Jackets in Vias Camouflage for only $99.99, a savings of $40.00.

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If you do not own a packable Primaloft One Jacket you do not know what you are missing.  Weather is constantly changing in the mountains and you need to be prepared, at only 13 ounces it is a must pack for all of your mountain hunts.

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  1. Tom Ryle Reply

    Excellent! Just placed my order. Thanks Jason!

  2. John M Reply

    AWESOME ! I think I placed the first order with the promo, been waiting for this one.

    • Tom Ryle Reply

      Sorry, John – I think I was first :-)…sitting at the airport half asleep, this woke my ass up real quick like!

  3. Shane Close Reply

    Ugh. Not sure what to do with this one. I really want the jacket but don’t really want it in the camo version and I know you guys are getting more coffee bean in next month… Can I buy it in camo and return it later for the coffee? 🙂 I know there’s no way I’ll be using it between now and when the other ones come in…

    • Shane Close Reply

      Is it okay if I do that Jason? I don’t want to upset you guys since you have been so great!

      • Shane Close Reply

        Well, it’s too good of a deal to miss out on so I’m gunna go ahead and try it out in the camo. I ho

        • Jason Hairston Reply

          Glad you took advantage of it!


  4. Jim Speck Reply

    I just bought the Jacket for original price and nowyou come up with $99.00. maybe I should wait for these specials. jim speck

  5. Matt Reply

    Couldn’t resist. Awesome deal. Thank you KUIU!

  6. Bryan aka TradRag Reply

    Awesome! Thank you Jason for all your efforts!

  7. Cory Benge Reply

    Jason and All,
    I just spent this past weekend looking at Mountain Goats here in Montana as I was lucky enough to draw the tag for this year. Brendon is not happy with me and called me a few choice words when he found out I had my ticket pulled on the Goat tag this year…however, He graciously gave me some very useful information on a few of his select locations where he has found good Billies over the years. I kinda felt bad after he told me he had been putting in for this tag for over 15 years and had yet to draw it ! But I soon got over the guilt (LOL) and hiked in to the high country and started glassing for goats.
    I used a very lightweight sleeping bad even though the forecasted temps were for the mid 30’s. I sleep soundly with my lightweight sleeping bag as I paired it with my Spindrift Jacket. It worked out great and I will always, from that day forward, head to the hills with my Spindrift jacket!

  8. Mike P Reply


    you are an evil man…evil i say!



  9. John C Reply

    Yes!! This is just what I was hoping for on the last of the Tuesday specials. The suspense was palpable while entering my CC# and in the 2 second wait before my order was received.

    Thank you KUIU!

  10. Micah Mills Reply

    Jason, Only problem is i want Coffee Bean in XL and you guys only have it in XXL or in Vias Camo. I called and I don’t want to order with the coupon only to have to reorder it when you have it in stock later August? The sales rep said i couldn’t do that? Is there a way i can get an order in with the coupon price and then ship it to me when they come in?


  11. Kevin Reply

    I was hoping thus would be the last deal. Smoking offer Jason, thank you! I had my order in at 6:03 am, but I just checked at 2:00 pm pacific time and the deal was still available?!? Jump on this one guys.

  12. Kevin Dill Reply

    Well timed for me. I have been dragging my feet on purchasing a Spindrift, and I ordered one within 10 minutes of receiving the offer this morning. Thank you sincerely.

    When you can do a significant savings on the complete set of Chugach, I’m ready to pull the trigger!

  13. brandon Reply

    thanks jason. this will replace my current thermal pro pullover…it should be alot warmer as well.

  14. Micah Reply

    Jason, is there a reason my comment was removed about ordering an XL coffee bean size but not being able to order since that size is on backorder?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Micah,

      Your comment was not pulled. I was in meetings all day away from my computer to approve comments. I just now had a moment to get on line and approve todays comments. This promotion is for only 50 units of the current inventory in stock. I hope you can understand.


  15. Andy Bacigalupo Reply

    Managed to get in on this, just the poke I needed to pull the trigger on the Spindrift and the Guide jacket.

    Eagerly awaiting there arrival.
    Thanks for the offer Guys.

  16. Andy Bacigalupo Reply

    Like someone else mentioned, I’m primed waiting for a promo on the Chugach line.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Andy,

      Unfortunately, we will not be offering a promo on the Chugach gear this season. Remember your getting a $550 rain Shell Jacket and $500 pant for $299 & $249.


  17. Shane Close Reply

    Well, it’s too good of a deal to miss out on so I’m gunna go ahead and try it out in the camo. I hope I like it!

    • Shane Close Reply

      Turns out I love it and am super glad I got it! The camo was still a small question, but I noticed the inside was the major brown color and I just reversed it and tried it out like that and it looks great. Camo here and there, but I definitely think it’ll pass off as just the brown for the most part. I also got gloves at the same time, but the left one is smaller than the right, so I’m just sent an email to customer service to see about getting that straightened out. Slowly but surely my Kuiu wardrobe is growing 🙂 Right now I’m trying to save up for the pack. So, if anyone is willing to trade me $400 in United travel fares for cash so I can get that pack that would be awesome! 🙂

  18. kyle Reply

    Does this mean there will be no more future weekly discounts? I was getting used to replacing all my current hunting garb via weekly coupons! Your product line is really top notch! Awesome stuff! Wish you made the gloves in XXL. Thanks Hunting Fool for the $100 off the Chugach rain gear set! Anybody need some slightly used Sitka gear? Thanks Again!


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Kyle,

      Yes, this was run in July only. From time to time we may run special promotions. This being our first was a bit of a experiment.


  19. Andy Bacigalupo Reply

    Its still a good deal at regular prices Jason,
    I will add it to my arsenal for this winter
    to carry in the hills around here.


  20. Pedro Ampuero Reply

    Nice piece of equipment!!! A must!!!

    That day in the pic was really cold! hahaha Sweet summer!

    Another great idea this promos!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Pedro!

  21. Craig Germond Reply

    I’m glad these subscriber promo’s are over I’ve bought everything. There’s not a piece of KUIU gear I don’t own now. I’ll put it to the test in 54 days when I go to BC for goat’s and then off to AK for brownies with my bow. Thanks for the great prices!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      PLEASE send us your trip photos we love to show off our customers in our Album! Thanks for you commitment to KUIU.


  22. earl macasaet Reply

    Hi Jason,

    I have ordered your gear when it was first available. I will get to test it late August forward as I won a statewide rocky mtn bighorn tag from Idaho. Please help me with tips on units and or outfitters as you have hunting connections I do not have (i.e. subscribers to this blog). I would also appreciate any information from hunters who have been to Idaho.
    Thank you so much. I will send you a picture of the kuiu gear (God willing) with a big ram.


    Earl Macasaet

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Earl,

      I sent your information to Brendan Burns yesterday. He should follow up with you shortly and we will see if we can help. Nice problem to have.


  23. Andy Bacigalupo Reply

    Pedro, those conditions look extreme.
    If the system keeps you warm/comfortable in that, then
    there ain’t a lot of places it wouldn’t work!

  24. Tom Haase Reply

    Dang it I didnt get the email. I wonder why I am signed up on the blog. I would of purchased for sure. Hope there is another sale on this one. It would go sweet with my chugach and my guide jacket.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Tom,

      Contact Customer Service and we can check to see why you are not getting up date notices.


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