Hi everyone, I want to give blog subscribers th...

Hi everyone,

I want to give blog subscribers the first opportunity to purchase an Icon from a shipment of  frames arriving next week. This shipment will finally catch us up on our long waiting list and a limited supply will be ready to ship as early as next week. Get your order in today for 3000 or 6000 pack and have it for your up coming hunt.  This technically advanced pack is the lightest and most comfortable pack you have ever put on your back.

A marketing email announcing the pack availability will be going out later this week and we will sell out of this shipment quickly.

Call KUIU Customer Service at (855) 367-5848 to place your order.


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  1. Ken Reply

    I’ve been hiking/training with my Icon 6000 with 55 lbs in it 2-3 days a week in the mountians outside of Reno. I’ve have never had any pack that felt so much like a part of my body as the Icon, it’s exceeded my expectations. I cant wait to use it on my upcoming bowhunt for Dall sheep!- Ken

    • David Casaceli Reply

      Thanks for the comment, those of us still on the fence about it love the feedback.

  2. Doug Rodgers Reply

    Like Ken, I have been working out with my 6000 all summer as well using 35-45 pounds. I am very pleased with its performance and fit. The Icon frame is super light and comfortable. It really conforms well to my spine/back area . I am looking forward to using it on my upcoming hunts in the Alaskan terrain and elements.

  3. David Casaceli Reply

    pulled the trigeer today!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Great to hear David! Please call me at the office if you need help with fitting.


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