The KUIU .300 WSM built by Steve Boswell is fi...

The KUIU .300 WSM built by Steve Boswell is finished and shipped.  As I mentioned in my first post, Steve is an absolute craftsman at his trade and meticulous about the smallest details.  I simply could not get over how much time Steve dedicated on this gun.  He simply left no detail out.  As you will see in the photos it is quite obvious.

I am really looking forward to hunting with such a beautiful and well made rifle. It will certainly be a fantastic mountain gun at 5.25 lbs; The perfect balance of weight and incredible accuracy for sheep hunting.

As many of you requested from the 1st post, Steve included a list of componets in a note to me I have shared with you below.  If you are in the market for a custom rifle please do yourself a favor and drop him a line before you make any decisions.



Jason,Here’s a list of components as promised.

Kuiu 300 WSM Sheep Project by Boswell’s Custom Rifles:

X-treme Titanium Custom Action

Brown Precision Kevlar/composite stock w/custom paint

Hart s/s barrel, muzzle dia. .590 @25″ w/break

Lil’ Shorty Muzzle Break (Boswell’s Custom)

Talley Mounts

Zeiss Conquest  3.5x10x44 scope w/Rapid Z 800 reticle

Timney Trigger @2.5#

KG titanium metal finish

All components, except for the scope, were modified for compatibility and weight reduction.  Additional weight reduction available if desired.

P.S.  I shot this rifle again this morning before shipping.  I think you will find the recoil very tolerable.  I also recommend shooting your sheep in the shoulder bone (maximum energy transfer) with this bullet due to its great penetrating abilities.  I shot completely through a 10″ log during testing.  I’m very excited for you and wish I were tagging along.  Looking forward to hearing stories from your trip and seeing tons of pics/video. It’s been a pleasure building this rifle for you.



Steven P. Boswell

Boswell’s Custom Rifles

12035 Orebank Rd.

Clear Spring, MD 21722


“Rifles That Shoot As Good As They Look

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  1. Kevin Dill Reply

    Great looking weapon. I hope you bust its cherry on a big ram! Good luck, and thanks for the write-up.

  2. Larry Schwartz Reply


    It looks great! When I first looked at the pictures I thought, “Those are MY mountains!” Those moss covered boulders and blowdowns are common in the Appalachians and some of my early hunting trips were near Clear Springs. I may have to drive the two hours and pay Steve a visit.

    I especially like that he kept the barrel relatively long for more accuracy and muzzle velocity.


  3. Markus Groß Reply

    Wonderful rifle!
    Enjoy your sheep hunt and be safe!


  4. Armosino Reply

    Beautiful rifle, saw Steve’s comment about shooting for the shoulder, what bullet did you choose for this project?

  5. John C Reply

    I have to ask, to know if someday will ever come, what is the price tag on a weapon like that, if you don’t mind? What a perfect big game gun. Enjoy!

  6. Eric Johnson Reply

    NIce, what bullet is Steve referring to?

  7. Craig Germond Reply

    Very nice rifle! I think the sheep should be very nervous with that rifle in your hands. Good luck on your upcoming hunt!

  8. J.R. Young Reply

    That is a sick rig if you’re into that dead sexy, shoots lights out, and is light as a feather type of thing. I’ve been kicking the idea of having some work done to a donor action I have and I reached out to Steve.

    The scope is an interesting choice, but it’s clear you had some wiggle room on weight given the other statistics. I had 3-10×50 Zeiss with z-600, killer reticle, works amazing in tandum with a range finder.

    What bullet does he have you shooting? Did he chamber specifically for it?

    • Bill Tozer Reply

      Ha I thought for sure it would have had the Vias Camo pattern!! Nice rig!

  9. Rick Seymour Reply

    Sweet looking rifle, with all the names referenced in the component list shouting out “Hello exceptional quality over here”.
    Nutritionist’s state if you can not read the packaging its not good for your diet. What is this Sheep going to eat?

  10. Curt Cabrera Reply

    Awesome buddy…can’t wait to see the results! Good luck brutha!

  11. Mike P Reply

    very nice, will you be sharing your list of gear with us like you did for the stone hunt?


    mike p

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Mike,

      I will share my gear list with you. It is good to hear it may be helpful.


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