Last month we ran a co-promotion with The Huntin...

Last month we ran a co-promotion with The Huntin Fool on Chugach Rain Gear. We have 28 sets left over and instead of putting them back into inventory I want to offer them to you first.

Chugach Jackets for $249.99 and Chugach Pants for $199.99.  This is a savings of $50.00 for each or $100 off the set.

This is the finest rain gear ever produced for hunting at an unbelievable price.

Chugach Jacket $50.00 off coupon click below:

Chugach Pant $50.00 off coupon click below:

Chugach Set $100 off coupon click below:

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  1. Mike P Reply


  2. Gordon Trelnuk Reply

    Hi, guys: I ordered, and received, a Chugach jacket earlier this summer. I like it, but find it on the small side. It is an XL, which is what I normally wear, but if I wanted to put a mid-weight fleece on underneath, it would be very snug. Maybe I need to dump a few pounds (OK, I do need to dump a few pounds), but I’m want to use it before I make judgement.


  3. Lloyd Reply

    Wow this is a good deal for those of you setting on the fence.

  4. Jerry V Reply

    Got a XL jacket in Vias — Thanks Jason

  5. Jerry Gowins Reply

    This is awesome rain gear, guys! If you don’t have it, get it!


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Jerry!


  6. Andy Bacigalupo Reply

    Got my Spindrift and Guide jacket this afternoon,
    Very pleased! ……. didn’t hesitate on the Chugach
    when this became available but will need to save some more penny’s for the pants.

    Thanks for the promo.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Andy for the comment I am so glad you are happy with your gear. You will love the pants when you get them.


  7. Kevin Reply

    Dearest Jason,

    Thanks to you and these deals, my wife is going to kill me. Hope you feel good about yourself…


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hey Kevin,

      I feel for you! I do! Good luck and blame it all on me:) I’ll take the heat.


      • Kevin Reply


        Took your advice, and now we’re both in hot water. She came up with an interesting solution however. Since I have to now sleep outside anyways, I can come work for you for a couple weeks to help pay for the top quality gear I have purchased. As you are at fault for the irresistible deals, you can give me a place to crash. In the warehouse would be fine. I just need a cot, a massive employee discount, and an icon 6000 to carry the gear I will undoubtably buy during my stay. Please let me know when to book my flight.


  8. Jerry V Reply


    Got the Jacket today — very nice.

    How tough is the fabric ? How is for going thru thick brush ?


  9. Rod. Reply

    I should have procastinated a few more days, I orderd the Chugach pants last week. I’m going goat hunting, here in BC, next week and the weather looks poor. Thought I’d give the pants a good workout before buying the jacket, in time for sheep hunting in September. I’ll report back on the Spindrift jacket also. Hopefuly it makes me wish there was a Spindrift pant.
    Save a Chugach jacket, in large, for me???

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