Hey Everyone, Below are new...



Hey Everyone,

Below are news and updates I want to bring to your attention for October.  I hope you all are having a fantastic fall and please let us know how your hunts turn out. Please send us your photos and even better post up your adventure on the KUIU forum for all of us to read.  Take care.




JR Young posted a fantastic Thread on the KUIU forum highlighting his hunt with Stone Mountain Safaris for Canadian Moose and Elk with his father this fall.  Click Here to View

Maxhunter just returned from a BC goat hunt and posted a great review of his adventure where he arrowed a huge 50.5″ billy.  Click here to view  

The KUIU forum is a great place to share information and learn from our other KUIU members. If you have not bookmarked the forum I highly recommend it as a place to get great information by a lot experienced Mountain hunters.



Driven by blog subscriber and customer requests for seconds and slightly used returns at discount. I am excited to announce the Grand Opening of KUIU’s ON LINE OUTLET, October 25th.

The Outlet will feature returned items that cannot be sold as new, slightly used, defective products and damaged items at big discounts. We will also feature new overstock products as well.

I will provide more information regarding the outlet in the next couple of weeks before launch. This will be a great place to save big money on KUIU.

OCTOBER, 11th Outerwear Sale for Blog Subscribers

We will be having our 1st ANNUAL OCTOBER OUTERWEAR SALE  starting October 12th on the remaining inventory and sizes we have in stock.

Blog subscribers will have 1st access to the sale on Tuesday the 11th and the Sale for the rest of the world will run from 12th through the 16th.

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  1. Shane Close Reply

    I’m excited for the outlet. Hopefully I can grab a pair of attack pants or the merino baselayers! The forum is definitely a great place to read about other people’s adventures and have questions answered about get and just talk hunting.

  2. Jeff McAllister Reply

    Great news! Any chance of moving the Outlet opening up? I leave for a deer hunt on the 25th and I am desperate to find a pair of Attack pants and a Guide Jacket before I go! Even seconds would be great. Help!!!

  3. Cameron Meier Reply

    This is awesome! I take it any damage done will be spelled out specifically in the outlet section? I am really excited!! Kuiu gear is awesome and I need some Attach pants and base layers!!!

  4. headingoutwest Reply

    great news about the outlet

    Like Jeff i leave for a hunt in a few week and would love an xl jacket and 36in pant anything would be great

  5. Jay B Reply

    Great Deal! Was just counting my pennies and I think I may have to snatch up some Chugach Pants.

  6. Juan Reply

    SWEET! I cannot wait for these sales so maybe I can pick up a few new items for myself and start my wife’s KUIU collection!

  7. Bill Davis Reply

    Fantastic news about the outlet store..Now if you would just open a store on the east coast !!! Thanks Bill

  8. Andy Bacigalupo Reply

    Eagerly awaiting Tuesday.
    Maybe I will be able to add to my growing kit.

  9. mikebertelsmann Reply

    I have the guide jacket and pants, looking forward to another jacket and a few other things. Some of the best iteams I have added to my gear in a long time.

  10. Andrew Reply

    Hi Jason,

    Can we hope on some improvements in KUIU? I think that the pants with higher waist + suspenders or bibbs is a great option. Also I think that will be great to add new color line for the forest applications such as multicam gamma. The pattern itself is great.
    I can keep on if you interested 🙂

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Please keep the comments and ideas coming. Thank you for these.


      • Andrew Reply

        Hi Jason,

        My next idea is to make some velcro areas on jacket. In front and on sleeves like on tactical apparel. So people can attach something like radio or shotshells cartrige for fast access.
        I think it should be very useful feature.

  11. Matt Reply

    Hi Jason,

    I have been trying to find the guide jacket and attack pants in my size in the VIAS camo pattern. I haven’t had any luck up to this point. Do you have any idea where I can find the items or when more inventory will be available?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Matt,

      We have been out of Attack Pants since July and Guide Jackets since August in most sizes in Vias. We have shipments out of the factory in Late November and more in December and January. I am sorry it has been a challenge to get your hand on our gear. Too much demand this 1st season. I appreciate your patience and I know it will be worth the wait.


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