Nathan is finishing up the knives this week and he...

Nathan is finishing up the knives this week and he sent me some work in progress photos to share with you.

For those of you who have ordered a knife in the 1st shipment, Nathan will be shipping the 1st run to KUIU on Wednesday.  We are expecting them by Monday the 28th.  We will inbound them and get them out to you ASAP.

If anyone else would like to order a knife please Click Here to Pre-order to ensure you get it before Christmas.  If you have someone in your life who hunts this is a fantastic christmas present.

From bottom to top, the 5 stages of knife making by nathan.

Nathan applying the Carbide edge

Nathan applying the Carbide edge

Grinding the edge

Stamp press in action

KUIU logo after the stamp press

Kestrel Logo after the stamp press

An overview of nathan’s work.

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  1. Jason Peak Reply

    Looks good and I can’t wait to get mine! Is Nathan going to teach us how to braid the paracord on the handle? That looks sweet!

    • Tom Reply

      Haven’t seen anything for awhile just checking is everything okay,

  2. ourcreatorsworld Reply

    WOW Jason! I can’t wait to get mine. I sure could have used it in Missouri last week. Flew back from Washington to hunt whitials on the family farm and had them stacked up like cord wood…. the freezer is full but all the knives I own are dull as all get out!

    I was looking on Nathan’s site and saw the paracord wrapped handle. I was planning on doing the same thing, but can’t get a very good look at the method he used for wrapping, none of his pics have a full size link…. could you give us a closeup? Ilooks very sucure and a great way to carry cord.

    Thanks again for such great products!


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      They are amazing! Happy Holidays.


  3. Mike Reply

    As far as the para cord wrap fellas, google “basket weave cord wrap tutorial” or derivatives of that and you’ll find your monkey… Personally I was thinking a carbon fiber handle would do nicely!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Mike!!

  4. jeff short Reply

    way cool, wish I could have seen it in action

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Mee TOO!

  5. Matthew Reply

    Boo on the lack of serial numbers! That would have been REALLY cool. just sayin’…

  6. Chad St.Amand Reply

    Ok my question is and it not that the knive are not sweet however being a tungsten carbide tip how do you sharpen the knife? At the price point what happens when the knife goes dull? I work with tungsten carbide every day on the job and when the tools go dull I throw it away? Or are the knive able to be resharpenned?


  7. ARMOSINO Reply

    IN HAND NOW!!!!! just got mine! Great work Jason and Nate.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      I was blown away how light they are. You cannot appreciate this until you have one in your hand. Thanks for the feedback. Send us photos of it in use.


      • Jason Reply

        Did they all ship? If so, I might pee my pants on the way home!

        • Jason Hairston Reply

          The 1st round of orders shipped. Pee your pants:)

      • ARMOSINO Reply

        Very true, and I am holding the larger Skinner! Knew I should have orderd the whole set the first round! (Have now) The KUIU stamp is very cool. Nate does great work.

  8. Jason Peak Reply

    Just got mine yesterday. Looks and feels fantastic! Might have to use it on a critter really soon.

  9. Matt Schuyler Reply

    Does anyone have an answer to Chad St. Amand’s question about sharpening the knife? Thanks, Matt

    • Nathan Creech Reply


      I will be doing a full tutorial and video this weekend to put up on the site. In the meantime here is what I posted on bowsite.

      “Sharpening is very easy once you learn how. The only materials needed are some wet/dry sandpaper and a block of wood with mouse pad or leather backing adhered. To begin, if the edge is really dull, steel it to eliminate any rolls or dings. You only need to steel the uncoated side of the blade. After this, take your wood block with some mouse pad or leather-backed 400-600 grit sandpaper (the softer backing allows the sandpaper to form or conform to the convex edge). Put the blade on the sandpaper and lift the spine so only the edge is touching the sandpaper. With a smooth motion, draw the knife over the sandpaper. Excessive pressure is counterproductive, so go light. Furthermore, you only need to sharpen the uncoated side of the blade. You are essentially uncovering carbide at the edge. Work your way up in grit to about 1500-2000. After that, employing the same motion on a leather strop loaded with some black or green compound will work to finish it up. I am currently putting together a home and lightweight field sharpening kit that will be available shortly, for those that would like to buy everything together. Also keep your eye out for a tutorial and video on how to sharpen your Ti knives on the Kestrel and KUIU sites.”


    • ARMOSINO Reply

      Matt, I had an email exchange with Nate recently, he said he was going to have a video (youtube ?) tutorial on sharpening the Ti blade, He said it is quite easy. I strooped mine this weekend, only sharpening the non-carbide side like you would any convex blade and it sharpended real well.

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