KUIU Customer Jeremy Yarbrough photo...


KUIU Customer Jeremy Yarbrough photo of a Giant Mule Deer he shot this past August in Colorado was selected for the up coming Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal. ┬áCongratulations Jeremy!

Please keep the photos coming, we could not be more proud of our customers and want to feature you in the next Eastman’s.


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  1. Justin Starck Reply

    Congrats Jeremy. Those are my favorite hunts…always epic.

  2. Nigel Ivy Reply

    Excellent buck!

  3. Matt Reply

    What a deer!

  4. Will Jenkins Reply

    Wow! Congrats Jeremy on a world class trophy there! What an amazing animal. I love this ad campaign Jason speaks volumes!

  5. Tom Reply

    Good Lord!

  6. Lee Reply

    Congrats… Very nice deer and I am sure it was worth the effort and adventure.

  7. John Reply


  8. AvidHunterAbe Reply

    Out standing, with Sitka gear I felt as if there is no better gear, however more and more I am tempted to try out this gear. Field reviews from friends say you make a superb product! Keep up the good work and keep it American!

    • Justin Starck Reply

      I don’t understand how you can know about KUIU, read about the materials and construction and still be a Sitka guy. It was my frustrations with Sitka that sent me looking for something better. As soon as I found KUIU and read about the brand, I quickly sold my Sitka thinking there would no longer be a market for it. That was before KUIU even released any gear.

      Jason will be the first to tell that I don’t think the gear is perfect but I feel very confident that I am investing in a company that will continue to improve and make the best clothing out there for me.

  9. Craig Germond Reply

    That’s a toad of a buck!

  10. Cory Benge Reply

    Congrats Jeremy!!!

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