Congratulations to Jose\' & Pedro Ampuero of...

Congratulations to Jose’ & Pedro Ampuero of Bilbao Spain! The photo Pedro submitted to the KUIU Album of their recent Ibex hunt in Pakistan will be featured in the next Eastman’s Hunting Journal Advertisement.

Please submit you photos to the album and you may be in the next Eastman’s.

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  1. Will Jenkins Reply

    Very Nice! Love that picture it has a great back drop and an amazing trophy! Congrats again Pedro & Jose!

  2. Cory Benge Reply

    As usual Pedro you took a great picture ! Congrats again!

  3. Shane Close Reply

    Very nice!

  4. Tom Ryle Reply

    Awesome photo, great looking ad!

  5. Craig Reply

    Everytime I look at that picture it keeps telling me I need to hunt an Ibex. IMO that pictutre is very fitting for an advertisement!

  6. Caleb Reply

    That is one of my favourite pics from the field photos section. Nice!

  7. Pedro Ampuero Reply

    Thanks Jason! Looks great!!!

    Keep me one of those mags!!;)

    Take care!!

  8. Curt Cabrera Reply

    A father and son experience that will never be forgotten and will mean even more as time goes on….rock on Ampuero’s!!!

  9. BUTTON BUCK™ Reply

    Love the family adventure!

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