Tomorrow we announce to the Public a 25% Off Father\'s Day Sale on all Solid Color Outerwear.  It starts NOW for blog subscribers! Get in while the sale is on. Click Here To Shop    


Tomorrow we announce to the Public a 25% Off Father’s Day Sale on all Solid Color Outerwear.  It starts NOW for blog subscribers! Get in while the sale is on. Click Here To Shop



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  1. Button Buck™ Reply

    Right on Jason!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Will Jenkins Reply

    Very Cool! Thanks Jason!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Your Welcome Will!

  3. Chris Stagg Reply

    Cool! But I just ordered some Major Brown Attack pants and the shipping notification arrived in my e-mail box an hour and fifty minutes before the notification of the sale for blog suppliers! 🙁


    • Chris Stagg Reply

      blog “subscribers”…darn autocorrect! 🙂

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Call Customer Service tomorrow.

      • Chris Stagg Reply

        Thanks Jason. You guys rock! 🙂

        • Jason Hairston Reply

          Your welcome!

  4. Shane C Reply

    Wish I had the money! 😛

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      I wish you did too!

  5. Justin Starck Reply

    I don’t get KUIU sales? Who else sales anything below wholesale. Could have waited to buy my olive Chugach set…

    • Jason Hairston Reply


      Great comment. When I run a sale it is to move sizes or colors to make room for new products arriving. Just like you mentioned, you could have waited to buy your Olive Chugach, but we can’t, so it is worth it for us to put products on sale to meet inventory requirements. In a perfect world we never run a sale, but as you see in all of retail this is almost impossible especially with the extremely long lead time we have. Cost of doing business.


      • Justin Starck Reply

        Hurry, limited quantities. Too much, sale out.

        At least the Chugach is a bargain at normal prices, guess I don’t need to steal it.

      • David Reply

        Hopefully some of the arriving stuff is Vias 185 zip t and Vias Guide jackets in xl. Gotta finish out my stuff, been using a sage zip t and grey guide to get by. Didn’t really make a difference because I had the Vias Chugach over it last year, but that was cold. Doing archery this year, that single digit stuff is for the birds.

  6. Matt W Reply

    Thank you very much. come to find out that my wife was gonna buy me another pair of attack pants cause she says i wear my grey ones to much.

    just put in for a pair of brown ones!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      I love my Major Brown Attacks!!


  7. Ryan W Reply

    Aaaaarrgh!!! I just dropped $300 on my frost grey Chugach jacket a week ago! 🙁 I loved all my Vias gear, I figure I may as well get some in solids for everyday use. I could have waited a week and saved 25%?!?! Hey Jason, any love for a faithful blog subscriber?

    • Andy Reply

      You could always return it and order another one. You would still be money ahead with return shipping 😉

      • Ryan W Reply

        A nice thought, but I live in Canada and the shipping would pretty much make that a wash…

  8. Jody Reply

    Jason, Can you enable KUIU to accept IP addresses from Iraq. I am currently in Iraq and am trying to purchase some items but I get blocked. Until now I was able to back door it but now I can’t even gain access that way. I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, J

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Jody,

      Veronica in our office just took care of it you should have access now. If not let me know. Thank you for your service.


  9. Dustin Reply

    I just put in my order for the Chugach gear in olive. You are killing me.

  10. Jerry V Reply

    Thanks, ordered a Olive vest

  11. Kyle Reply

    Jason you just MADE me order the brown attack pants and a brown vest! I hate you, wait, I love you but my wallet hates you! Just kidding! Happy Fathers Day to all and to me for my new swag!

  12. JR Reply

    Damnit could have saved nearly $80 on the spindrift and attack pants I bought last week!

  13. Greg Reply

    I ordered my dad the Attack Pants in gray a few weeks ago and gave them to him early. KUIU is such good stuff, he is now ordering a Guide Jacket and Spindrift this week while it is on sale. Great stuff Jason!

  14. Larry O. Fischer Reply

    Have you thought anymore about fitting us Big and Tall Dads? Headed to Alaska this fall on a bear hunt, will need some quality raingear!

  15. Ronguzman9 Reply

    Larry- how tall are you? im 6’3″ and the rain gear works just fine.


  16. Adam Reply

    Jason, would like to comment on my experience with customer service today. I placed an order for a pair of large olive chugach pants and called in a few hours later to try and change the sizing as I wasn’t sure if the large or medium would be appropriate. I’d emailed someone at HQ to get some clarification on the proper size and they suggested I should get the medium instead of the large (I wear a 32 in the Attack). When I called the number on the order email I was told it was “too late” to switch the sizes out even though the package had not left the warehouse. I now have to pay shipping to get the known wrong size sent to me in Blaine, WA, drive down to get them as I live in Vancouver, BC (about an hour drive or more there and back) and THEN pay to ship them back to you and THEN pay for more shipping to have them sent to me again. This frankly is ridiculous and has left me in a position where I will re-consider buying from Kuiu again even though I love the product. I am an “Inner Cirle” member and have been supportive of Kuiu from day one and am beyond unimpressed with the way this was handled. My interpretation of the size chart was that the medium would be too short in the leg which is why I ordered the large. These sorts of order issues have become almost too much of a hassle and with all the shipping I have to pay to get the product to me, I may as well by Sitka from a local dealer.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Adam,

      I am sorry you did not have a positive experience with KUIU yesterday. Customer Service is part of our business we take very seriously and I am very proud of our team. Part of having great service is expediting orders as quickly as possible, which our warehouse does better than any other I have worked with. Unfortunately, once your order has been pulled we cannot stop the shipping. If we could we would for all the reasons you mention.

      We try and make the sizing chart as clear and straight forward as possible. A 32″ waist is a Medium on the sizing chart and the inseam length is on the product page for each pant. I am sorry if this was confusing or hard to locate.

      Please, let me know what you are looking for from our customer service in a situation like you mentioned. How should we have handled it? It is not super clear to me, but I am very interested. Your business is important and I would hate to see you spend more money for an inferior product in the future.



  17. Adam Reply


    I appreciate your quick response to my concerns. I still find it hard to understand how an order that is still in the warehouse, has an order number (and presumably an internal tracking number) cannot be dealt with more efficiently in a situation like this? At the least, I would expect customer service to offer to cancel the order and suggest processing an entirely new order with the appropriate size. As for the sizing, since the Chugach is meant to be part of the skin to shell system I was unsure as to whether I should be ordering my actual waist size or a larger size to accommodate the clothing I would in theory be wearing beneath the rain pants. When I read the sizing chart it lists the crotch to ankle length as well as the inseam and this is what led me to think the large would be more appropriate than the medium even though my waist size dictates a medium. The Chugach jacket is a good example of this type of sizing issue. I ordered a large in the jacket last year and although it was the correct size based on your sizing chart, it did not fit properly, a friend I referred to Kuiu purchased the XL and it would have been the proper size for me. The bottom line here Jason is your customers show a lot of faith in the product and in your team when we make an order effectively sight unseen and more than anything else trust that our concerns and sizing problems will be dealt with appropriately. In this instance that certainly was not the case.

    • Jo Reply

      Agreed Adam. Cancel the order and create a new one, walk out to the warehouse pick up the box and change the size, whatever it takes. Someone from KUIU that knows more than me might say it’s not that simple, that might be but come on figure it out. Why would this be a big deal?

      A couple weeks ago I called to make an order on the phone because I wanted to put $200 of the order on a visa gift card that I had and the rest on my credit card and I couldn’t do that online. She told me they couldn’t do that over the phone either. Seemed stupid they couldn’t do that for me, no way that’s impossible. I said ok and said that I would make two different orders one with my visa gift card one with my credit card and asked if they could combine shipping so I didn’t have to pay double shipping and the answer was no. Blew my mind. That’s crap service. But I put it all on one card and the products were great.

      • Jason Hairston Reply

        Hi Jo,

        We use a Third Party Logistics Company to pick pack and ship our products. This warehouse is in another city and not a simple as you mention. This warehouse ships over 20,000 orders a day and is the reason once your order drops into their system we cannot reverse the transaction. The benefit to you in using third party Logistics company is scalability, reliability, efficiency and HUGE cost savings in shipping rates. It is not perfect but we run this business. I hope you can understand.


  18. Lawrence Reply

    Hello Jason,
    I too had a similar incident to Adam. I waited and waited for a size 30 to come out, but finally gave in thinking it was a lost cause. My timing was not good at all. I ordered the 32 attack and a day later, I got an email stating that the 30″ Vias was available. I immediately called in hoping to change the order. I specifically asked if the pants had been shipped yet. They said it had not, but that it was in the warehouse. It didn’t even seem like it had been packaged yet. I can understand the difficulty in pulling the item after it has been packaged and is “on its way”. Regardless, nothing could be done. I decided to order the 30″ Vias anyway and asked if our staff could help with the shipping cost if I bought both. After speaking with a supervisor they did. I appreciated the gesture and will be ordering more soon. If you can understand, it just adds substantially more cost to us Canadians when something does not fit as we will have paid for a higher shipping cost, plus the customs fees and taxes at the border only to send it back and pay those shipping fees as well. I think you would get more of us Canadians ordering if a drop shipping solution was found. I know you are still working on this though.

    Keep up the great work with development and providing clothing that is cutting edge in the hunting industry. I look forward to more sizing choices in pants (Chugach, Guide and solid colours as well). I like stuff that “fits” and hence hating the regular baggy hunting gear.

  19. Jody Reply

    Thanks for fixing the IP problem.

  20. John Reply

    Thanks for having the sale it made it so that I could get my first piece of Kuiu gear (Spindrift) sooner than I would otherwise. Also thanks for having reasonable shipping for us up in Alaska.

  21. Adam Reply

    Thanks for the clarification on how you guys ship/outsource. Although we ALL appreciate the quality and pricing you provide for us, I have to consider the “rigidity” of this system a minor flaw in your business model. If you are going to actively market “”wholesale direct” pricing as shown in the Eastman’s ad then I would expect you and your team to do everything in their power to maintain that pricing advantage. We Canadian and I would assume other international customers take a bigger hit to get the product to us (even though its made in Canada) so we automatically lose some of that price advantage. So although I appreciate the fast shipping, I would consider the inability to change an order mere hours after processing a serious impediment to future purchases. My shipping costs to me, back to you, and then to me again essentially nullify that price advantage. If this sort of situation is few and far between then Kuiu can surely afford to offer to ship the replacement order for free given the inability to be flexible.

  22. donald Reply

    is this sale still going on? i just seen it!

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