Congratulations to Doug Rodgers from W...


Congratulations to Doug Rodgers from Whitesboro Texas on a slug of a Dall Sheep he harvested in Alaska with John Rydeen of Freelance Outdoor Adventures and a fantastic photo he submitted to the KUIU Album.


Doug & John’s photo can be found in the June/July issue of Eastman’s Hunting Journal.


I want your photos, with or without animals for the KUIU album.  Please email them to




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  1. Craig Reply

    That’s a super looking ram and picture! Congrats!

  2. joel biltz Reply

    WOW, what a sheep. Great picture. I hope to kill one of those soon.

  3. Shane C Reply

    AWESOME ram!

  4. Kevin Reply

    Slug is right. That’s a friggin giant Dall. Awesome.

  5. J.R. Young Reply

    You could open a bottle of wine with that corkscrew.

  6. George Hicks Reply

    Nice ram and nice add. The story was a good one too.

  7. Matt Reply

    Awesome sheep! Wow!

  8. Smithhammer Reply

    Incredible ram.

    And kudos for using real people in the ads, rather than sponsored “celebrities.”

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thank you for your comment. If I need to pay celebrities to represent the gear I make then the gear I make is not good enough!


  9. Justin Starck Reply

    Talk about an ideal ram!

  10. Brett H Reply

    That ram is pretty much perfect. Wow

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