Congratulations to Brian Morris from Fairfield C...

Congratulations to Brian Morris from Fairfield California who shot this Giant Bull near Ely Nevada and will be featured in KUIU’s advertisement in July/August edition of Eastman’s.

Brian is one heck of a Stickbow hunter and a fantastic father, friend and hunting partner. I could not have been more proud of Brian shooting the bull of his dreams!  Well done!

Please submit your photos to to be eldgible to be featured in KUIU’s next Eastman’s Advertisment.  We have the FINEST hunting photo album in the business.  Thank you to all who have taken the time to submit your photos!  Keep them coming.

Happy 4th of July to all of you!


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  1. Will Jenkins Reply

    Congrats Brian! Thats a great bull and with a trad bow! Too cool!

  2. Shane C Reply

    Nice! What did that score? What type of recurve is that?

  3. Craig Germond Reply

    That’s a super bull. Congrats!

    Lots of folks wearing KUIU in the July-August Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal issue.

  4. Ted Kruzan Reply

    Well done Brian! Thats a bull of a lifetime!

  5. Luis Jayme Reply

    Huge Bull and the best way, stickbow way.
    Congrats Brian,


  6. Gary Wright` Reply

    I am with you on that one Jason. Brian is a great friend. I am very proud of him also. That is a great picture for the add.

  7. George Hicks Reply

    Awesome bull and you realy earned it Brian. Great job. If you can’t find a place for the mount in your house, let me know 🙂

  8. Joel Biltz Reply

    Great bull and a great photo. Congrats.

  9. Brian Morris Reply

    Thanks for the kind comments. The bull scored 352. I shot it with a Blacktail recurve beman arrow and a werewolve broadhead by eclipse. If you go to and watch webisode #22 you can watch the hunt.

    Thanks again.

    Brian Morris

  10. Button Buck™ Reply

    Great bull . . . and with a stick bow, it’s over the top! Way to go!

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