Hi Everyone, Customers are already returning fr...

Hi Everyone,

Customers are already returning from sheep hunts and sending in reviews and comments on the gear. Waylon is about as hard-core as it gets, living in Northern BC and spending over 60 days a year backpack hunting in very steep mountains.  I thought you may find his review of interest.

I would love to post your review here on the blog.  Email it to service@kuiu.com

Good luck to all of you leaving for hunts.  I am busy preparing for another hunt with Arctic Red River Outfitters, leaving Tuesday the 14th.  CAN’T Wait!!!


Here are some pics of our Northern B.C Stone Sheep hunt. The Kuiu gear was great it rained for 6 days off and on more often then not. The pack did not get wet without a pack cover I was really thankful for this. My wifes pack got wet and some of her gear as well not a kuiu ( not a good thing  lol).

I was in for 10 days and never wore any clothes other than kuiu from base-layers to outershell and I was warm and dry the entire time I was in the mountains. Cant wait for a sleeping system from kuiu:)

I packed in about 65lbs including gun and salt pack never made a peep and handled the weight very well. The Icon was very ajustable! My previous pack was not and rubbed my hips. Coming out with a 100 plus lbs it was still as quiet and VERY comfortable. The pockets for the spotting scope and tripod are a real plus and easy to get at.




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  1. Will Jenkins Reply

    Very Cool! Congrats on an awesome ram!

  2. Chuck Largent Reply

    How were mosquitos ?

  3. Clint moon Reply

    ConGrats to you on the stone , I head out next week

  4. Chris Stagg Reply

    Congrats on the ram!!

    Love the GSMD too! From B.C.? Am looking for one like it!

  5. Page Norton Reply

    Looks like you had a great hunt, congrats on the sheep. Think the Icon is my next Kuiu purchase sounds like a great pack and large enough to handle multi day multi weather hunts.

  6. scott daniels Reply

    i love the dog packing, i run my 3 shepherds that way as well! :thumbsup:

  7. Masoud Yousefi Reply


    Congratulations on a great hunt and good looking Ram. I am leaving in 4 days for my Rocky Mountain Sheep hunt in New Mexico and will take the Icon 5000. I hope I get the same use of my Pack as you did. The heavier the better on the return trip.

  8. Kevin Reply

    Good stuff Waylon, and congrats on a great ram! I like the picture on the stock idea. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Greg Blackburn Reply

    Great hunt and a very nice ram!! Congratulations!

  10. Cody Reply

    Is a new ball cap still in the works???

  11. Waylon Reply

    Thank you everybody ,the pick on the stock is my 6 year old girl. And my dog Sako I
    Got from southern Alberta, crooked creek ventures. This was his first sheep hunt and he did great

    • Chris Stagg Reply

      Thanks for the tip on the breeder Waylon, and congrats again on a great hunt and a nice ram!

  12. Jamie Konnila Reply

    Awesome Waylon , congrats on the ram !

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