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  1. Kevin Reply

    Shitty just purchased the icon 7000 bag and frame a week ago??!! Love the pack!!!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Call us Monday and we will do a price adjustment for you.

      • Kevin Reply

        Great thanks Jason!!!

  2. Jacques Hansen Reply

    Does that apply to preorders?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Just in stock Items

  3. Ryan Reply

    I am trying to pre-order your super down hooded jacket to get the 20% off and cant seem to figure out how to or get a hold of anyone.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Just in stock items.

  4. Jason Hart Reply

    Just bought my Verde set for my promotion gift! Outstanding stuff and I’ve been looking at it for long enough, thanks for doing a Black Friday sale to give me the push to finally buy.

  5. Gordon Reply

    Hey, I have the same question as above, I just received my 7000 & frame (NICE) 3 days ago so will you take care if me also? I had my shopping cart FULL last night waiting for the sale & once it was time I hit “send” at 12:05am. Merry X-mas to me & and BIG thank you to you Jason and every one at KUIU.

  6. Jeff Schaefer Reply

    Just made a large order purchase of all things Camo Verde.
    Love KUIU stuff, but wish I had waited for the sale!

  7. Todd Reply

    Hey Jason,
    Great sale.

    Wondering about the gators though. Not too long ago you posted on the blog that the Yukon Gators are back in stock but I can’t add them to my cart when I go to take advantage of the sale? There is still a “call to preorder” on the webpage. Or did they sell out so fast that they’re gone?


  8. Jerry V Reply

    Thanks, just ordered a set Chugach Rain gear for my fiance. Been using mine lately for grouse & mushroom hunting, awesome stuff !!


  9. Brett Reply

    Ordered the gaiters and 230 on Monday. Hopefully I can get the same deal as the top guy. Also ordered a couple other items today. Thanks KUIU for the black friday sale!!!

  10. Vito Reply

    maybe I missed it. Is this deal good for just today the 23rd

  11. Brant McGee Reply

    Can you advise me as to whether I pre-ordered a superdown jacket and the date of availability?

  12. Tracy Reply

    Why do you not go to the Grand Slam/ Ovis convention? It is a show that definitely needs Kuiu gear.

  13. Tracy Reply

    Why do you not go to the Grand Slam/ Ovis convention? It is a show that definitely needs Kuiu gear.

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