I want to thank you for all the support and loy...

I want to thank you for all the support and loyalty over the past year. A year we have seen KUIU grow at an exponential rate and into a global brand through word-of-mouth marketing from our customers.

For this, all of us at KUIU thank you.

Our team and visionary global partners are pushing our new vertical supply chain to meet the overwhelming demand you have created. This began in the 4th quarter of 2012 and will continue to ramp-up in 2013 to get products in stock and shorten waiting times for out of stock items. 

As many of you know, I LOVE innovation and in 2013 KUIU will push it further than ever before.

We will introduce new fabrics and technologies in series of products that will further reduce weight while increasing performance. Products that truly make “WHAT IF” happen.   

A new light-weight Stretch-Woven fabric that maximizes breathability for hot weather hunting. A New Soft Shell technology that weighs less, breaths better and stretches further. Rain Gear with an unmatched breathability rating of 40,000 MPV. The world’s 1st 4-Way Stretch, Seam Taped, 3-layer shell glove. New Icon Carbon Fiber Frames and Packs that weigh even less and are even more comfortable. The finest binocular harness system ever created. More Super Down Products, plus many others.  

Innovation is why KUIU exists. The future is brighter than ever and I am so excited to have you part of it.  

Thank you for making all of my dreams come true and I truly hope KUIU can be a small part in making yours become reality.




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  1. Will Jenkins Reply

    Very Cool Jason! I’m looking forward to following a long in 2013. You’ve got a great thing going and it’s been a lot of fun to watch it grow.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Will! I appreciate all of your support.


  2. Casey Reply

    I’m anxious to see the bino harness looking forward to all the new releases.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      More to come on the harness

      • Matt Reply

        Will this be a simple harness or a harness with additional pockets and the like? Perhaps two options?


  3. Chuck Largent Reply

    When is bino harness out.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      I do not have a release date set yet. It will be going into production in the spring.

  4. Mark Reply

    Thanks Jason and Happy New Year to you also. Have alot to be thankful for over the last year. Lots more hunting to do next year I hope. Looking forward to more innovations from you.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Mark!

  5. Shane Close Reply

    Looks exciting!
    Another icon frame?! Lol

  6. Tristan Reply

    Sounds great, hope to see these upcoming products in solid colors as well.

  7. Phillip Reply

    Can’t wait. Happy New Years Jason.

  8. eburgsnake Reply

    Wishing you all the success in 2013. Keep pushing forward.

  9. Jerry Gowins Reply

    Looking forward to seeing the new stuff, especially the bino harness. The one I have now SUCKS! 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and the crew,


  10. Greg Reply

    Can we see pictures? I would love to see pictures. I am slightly disappointed because i just bought all new products but i am happy with all of my purchases!

  11. Chris stone Reply

    Sounds great jason! Cant wait for the gloves and bino harness

  12. Ryan Kohatsu Reply

    Great job this past year Jason! Looking forward to the future! And like everyone else … that BINO HARNESS!!

  13. terence Reply

    oh crap, another change to the icon pack and frame?
    are you guys redesigning it again?
    i just purchased the 2012 versions!

    anyways i cant wait for the other new gear to come out. looks like there will be more ordering to do as they become available.

    i notice that there was no mention of the zamberlan/kuiu boots. is that project still going to happen?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Terence,

      We are in a constantly pushing in increase performance and reduce weight. This is a never ending pursuit for KUIU and I hope you can understand. In regards to the boots, I am working with Zamberlan to make a few tweaks on the boot we have developed, suggested by others that have tested it and am waiting to see if these can be implemented before moving forward. Happy New Year and thank you for the comment and support!


      • terence Reply

        sounds great, i hope you have enough interest to make these boots happen!

        what sorts of changes are anticipated for the frame and suspension?
        is it just small changes or another redesign?

  14. Nigel ivy Reply

    Happy new year to you too, Jason! It was been great watching KUIU evolve into what it is today. You have a special business and line of products and I look forward to what you’ll do in the future.

  15. Kevin Dill Reply

    Hot weather gear? I’ll take one Verde tee, a pair of Verde Attack Shorts, and a Verde Boonie Hat….please!


  16. David Reply


    Good luck in 2013 and beyond. I luv the new down gear just spent the last couple evenings in my tree stand tasty warm. One question though, what is the purpose of the Velcro strap on the top of the hooded jacket??
    Am looking forward to the bino strap as well.

    Happy New Year

  17. Ryan Reply

    Hope a down vest is in the mix as well as a pair of light weight non- bulky water proof pair of gloves would be awesome. Always look forward to the quality kuiu puts out.

  18. Brady Miller Reply

    Looking forward to the new products! Keep up the great work.

  19. Ron P Reply

    Happy New Year to you Jaason, all of your friendly, helpful staff at KUIU, and all who read the Blog! Best wishes for 2013!

  20. steve Reply

    Excited to see new products! Will you be making pants in smaller waist size? Good luck in the new year.

  21. Max Close Reply

    I have really enjoyed the gear that I have purched from KUIU. Your definition of quality is real quality and that means a lot in todays markets.
    Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2013.
    Max Close

  22. Jeff in WI Reply

    Happy New Year! I was actually showing off my new Super Down hooded jacket and Merino 230 shirt at our New Years Eve party last night…

  23. Matt Michaels Reply

    Happy New year!!! I too was showing off my Kuiu longsleeve and trucker cap last night.

  24. Rod Billett Reply

    Awesome and glad to be a part of this.

    Cant wait to see the Bino harness and hot weather fabrics…

  25. Edwin Gordon Reply

    Happy new year to you your family and your Team, Jason. Thanks leading the way, looking forward to the next level of evolution of Kuiu.

  26. mike Reply

    best wishes to all,keep going forward…..how about sleeping bags

  27. Eric Johnson Reply

    Look forward to seeing all of these at the sheep show. Hope u will have samples and
    Be able to get all the details. Happy New Year.

  28. F2 Outfitter Reply

    As an engineer I too am fixated on innovation and your company is setting itself a part from the masses.

  29. Jeff M Valunas Reply

    Innovation in any field, is interesting to me! Ever since I found out about KUIU, even before there was product available; I enjoyed your direction and the way, you were presenting it. We as hunters and consumers, have been given a GREAT PRIVILEGE, to be able to converse with you, and have you listen to us, and ‘our’ suggestions. I personally hope- WE NEVER LOSE THAT PRIVILEGE!
    I look forward to seeing what KUIU comes up with next. It sounds like it is going to be another fantastic year.
    Best of Wishes, to You/ Your Family/ and KUIU, my Friend-

  30. w.b. Reply

    I had the same thought as Terence.. another frame??? I’m confused.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi w.b.,

      We will have new advancements every year at KUIU in the never ending search to reduce weight and increase performance.


  31. Kevin Reply

    That’s the way I feel. Have bought 1500 dollars worth of kuiu gear and every year you change it?? People are going to get tired of paying good money for decent gear only to have the equipment be changed again each year. It devalues the gear you have purchased. There is never any resale value in it. Ie: icon pack. Average people who are not getting your kuiu gear for free try it out end up being scape goats. This said you have great gear!! But I won’t purchase anything else for 5 yrs till you get the bugs out!! Have a great me years!!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Kevin,

      I can totally understand how you feel and I hate to tell you this because I do not want to loose you as a customer but, KUIU may not be the best brand for you if you do not like change. As new technology, processes and innovation is presented to us we will find a way to implement them. This will never stop at KUIU, I am always searching for ways to reduce weight and increase performance. I hope you can understand at some level.


  32. Romo Reply

    How will the New Soft Shell technology that weighs less, breaths better and stretches further be different from the material used in the current soft-shell products? Does mean new Attack Pants and Guide Jacket? How will the new Rain Gear with a breathability rating of 40,000 MPV be different from the Chugach technology? What’s the anticipate release date? I was getting ready to pull the trigger on so e pre-order but may wait.

  33. Jason Hairston Reply

    The new soft shell is a different type of fabric and material combination that is better suited to warmer weather hunting. The Attack Pants are a Stretch Woven material, not soft shell. The Guide Jacket will not change. We are introducing a new “commercial grade” rain gear for professional guides and hunters who spend weeks on end in their rain gear. I would not wait if I were you.


  34. Kevin Reply

    Hello I understand about new technology!! I hike miles every year and am always looking for new better quality and lighter gear as I get older!! That’s what has led me to you and KUIU!! Great gear and the best customer service!! But I truly think that there is a difference between changing something that Doesn’t work properly each year and changing something due to new technology and innovations???? It keeps me from wanting to purchase some of your gear incase you make it better next year or there is problems with the gear.. Thanks again. Kevin

    • Jason Hairston Reply


      Thank you so much for your comments. KUIU is no different than Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Arcteryx, BMW, etc. From year to year our products will continue to evolve/improve. It does not mean the 2012 or 2011 model is broken, it is just the evolution of technology and design and innovation. If you wait for me to be finished with a product you may never get to experience the great products KUIU has to offer. I am never totally satisfied.


  35. Shane Close Reply

    So, to be honest, I was a little frustrated with the new message about all the new gear and especially the new frame. That being said, it’s kind of hypocritical of me because the reasons that I’m frustrated are the same reasons why I was drawn to your company in the first place. You want to push the envelope and make the best mountain hunting gear period. Just because there is newer and better gear that is going to be available doesn’t make our current worse. It’s still better than anything else on the market. I think anyone who wants to wait for you guys to “work out the kinks” will never be happy, nor will the person who wants to always have the newest stuff, because you guys will always be innovating and improving.

    As a side question, will the new day packs work on the 2012 frame still and when are those coming?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Shane,

      Thank you for your comment. Making changes is not “working the kinks out” it is just the continuous evolution of design, innovation and technology. I am never totally satisfied and will always push to improve our products and this is why I created the KUIU business model and why KUIU will lead this industry in technology and design. Yes the day packs will work with the 2012 frame.


    • Kevin Reply

      Hello Shane is that not you in the kuiu forum telling a few guys you would wait to see what the 2013 model icon pack looks like or to see if the frame and bags will work for the 2012 frame?? Then you can purchase the 2012 model cheaper?? Looks like we share the same thoughts?? Maybe you are not totally happy either??

  36. Shane Close Reply

    Thanks Jason. Again, that is why I was first interested in Kuiu and why I will continue to have Kuiu as my go to brand.
    Kevin, I am that same guy on the forum. As mentioned in my previous comment, I was a little frustrated but then I realized that this is what Kuiu does: continually improves. That said, I also stand by what I said on the forum. I would wait and see what the 2013 pack is like and either pick that one up or try to get the 2012 model discounted. Kuiu discounted the 2011 pack when the 2012 came out, I would assume that will happen again. This has been pretty consistent with Kuiu when they are replacing an item: spindrift, guide jacket, guide vest, and 2011 frame and bags.

    • Kevin Reply

      I agree with you Shane. Kuiu is great gear I have no regrets about any purchases!! I just regret I can’t afford all the newest and improved gear every year!! That’s probably my thing!! I just thought I purchased the best icon pack for the second time. And I do like it !!! Now I have to dream about the icon 3!!!! Have a great new year!! And I guess keep dreaming about new icon packs!!! Kevin

  37. Eric Bergey Reply

    I have to admit I was a little frustrated with the announcement of a new Icon frame, only because I just got the 2012 frame and pack for Christmas. (Thanks Hun!!) It is hard to imagine a lot of improvement over the 2012 frame, it is much better than the 2011 design! That being said, kudos to you for constantly pushing the envelope with new innovations. I want to make sure that my money is buying the most advanced gear possible for hunting. I never have to worry about that with KUIU. Whether it is older model gear, or the newest version, I can always count on it being the best available. The worst part for me is waiting for the new gear to come out! Great job! I wish you, your family and your employees the best of wishes for the new year!

  38. Ron P Reply

    I applaud you for sharing your vision for the company and the evolution of the gear … up to us to decide to go along for the ride as a customer or not. I had a little frustration, but quickly got over it. We are torn between our desire for the “latest greatest” and wish for it to be long lasting and remain technically relevant. Most of us are not professionals that will thoroughly trash and wear out the gear in just a season or 2, and move on to the newest stuff. While I don’t expect the synthetics to last for decades like the wool gear I am replacing, it will be nice to feel like it remains “near state of the art” for awhile. In end I think we all want to feel like we made a good investment.

  39. Ron P Reply

    Bloggers, I should add that (coming from an R&D background), you can not hold up the pace or rate of change and innovation. And it is always going to increase. If Jason does not lead and welcome it, someone else will and KUIU will lose the business base.

  40. Tim Loran Reply

    Jason, firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR, I don’t see why there is no reason you can’t keep some of the tested and true styles and move forward with technology like we would expect and want you to. I love seeing new stuff and improvements but also like to see my stands bys avaliable. Still looking forward to a quite, light weight, warm, wind proof fleece from you in Vias. Jason I still challange you to come up with a great fleece product that kuiu would be proud to brand.


  41. Matthew Tezak Reply

    I have to be honest, I just recently bought your gear and I’m very impressed! The quality of materials, fit and pattern is fantastic. As a guide, outdoorsman and gear head, I have Kuiu in my line up of go to gear. I have lived and hunted in Colorado all my life and always have been searching for gear that fits our ever changing environment. Thank you for bringing new and innovative gear to us!

  42. Bryant Reply

    Jason, it has been brought up on several forums, including the KUIU forum that the sizing of several articles of clothing from the new cut and sew house are much different than the original from Canada. I understand the need to move to a location to where you can get product out in a timely manner and keep up with demand, but I think as your customers something should be done to address the problems with the different sizing other than saying it should not be that way. I have at least a couple thousand dollars worth of KUIU gear that was made in Canada and I absolutely love it. I would like to add some Verde to my hunting wardrobe, but I am apprehensive to do so due to several people complaining of the different and uncomfortable fit. I will probably not purchase a pair of Guide pants, as I had intended to do until this problem has been addressed. Thank you.

  43. Zach Whitt Reply

    Change is a good thing. Period. I’m excited to see what comes out in 2013 and I appreciate the desire to innovate and improve.

  44. Monte G Reply

    Hi Jason,
    Glad to hear you will keep pushing the envelope. These are the two things I hope to see you develop/offer this year: a set of super down quilt-style sleeping bags (22oz or less for 20 degree rated) and smaller sizes for those of us who are under 5’10” (30″ waist).

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