Congratulations to Dusty McGorty from Canyonvill...

Congratulations to Dusty McGorty from Canyonville, Oregon on the NEW Oregon State Archery Record Goat and being chosen for the next KUIU Advertisement in Eastman’s.

As a token of my appreciation for submitting your photos to the album, on October 3rd 2013, the final entry will be selected for the last Eastmans’ issue of the year. At that time, all 12 featured entries will be posted to an album onto KUIU’s Facebook Page to be voted on.

The photo with the most “LIKES” will win an all expense paid Trophy Couse Deer Hunt with Colburn and Scott Outfitters and myself in Sonora Mexico, January 4th through 11th 2014.

Jay Scott and Darr Colburn run one of the the finest Guiding operations in Arizona and Northern Mexico for GIANT elk, Desert Sheep, Coues Deer and Turkey. Their Coues deer hunts are second to none!


The hunt will be professionally photographed by the award winning outdoor photographer Paul Bride and will featured on the blog.

Photos we like:

  • Tastefully Shot (no back of the truck photos)
  • Little or no blood
  • Animal position
  • KUIU well represented in the photo
  • Beautiful backdrop helps
  • High Resolution

If selected you will need to submit a 150 to 200 word testimonial. I believe customers represent KUIU with more passion and credibility than any “prostaff” spokesperson ever could.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You may submit your entries via email to or directly to In the Field.  Good luck!


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  1. Joel Biltz Reply

    Congrats on a beautiful goat. What a great picture. I hope to have a great goat this September in SE Alaska

  2. Brady Miller Reply

    Awesome goat!!! Congrats on the great bowhunt.

  3. Mike P Reply

    Great goat and great pic 🙂


    Mike P

  4. Justin Starck Reply

    Nice! Congratulations!

  5. Justin Starck Reply

    Ed F has some nice ones on the album, I’d “like” one of them.

  6. Janis Putelis Reply

    Sweet pic! Great to see something other than the traditional grip and grin.

  7. Gregory S. Jackson Reply

    Congrats, of course, to Dusty – great goat and a tremendous accomplishment.

    But, also, congrats to Jason for the great endorsement – it doesn’t get much better than that, Jason. An ex-NFL player, doing a tough hunt, harvesting a new OR state P&Y record, giving cudos to your support staff, photo positioned just like you like it (see above) – all the while wearing your clothes! I mean you could not write a better “script”. And if we can all get a little “osmosis” from Dusty’s success because he was wearing the best stuff – well, you won’t be able to make your gear fast enough!

    Congrats to all “involved” – great story.

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Greg for the nice comment!

  8. Craig Germond Reply

    Congrats on a super goat and looking forward to your story in Eastmans!

  9. Cory Benge Reply

    Congrats Dusty!!

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