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I have been traveling in Asia this week working on product development and meeting with suppliers.  This photo is the front door of one of KUIU’s key supply partners.  They said Patagonia and Arc’teryx are excited to be working with a KUIU supplier.

I am going to send a free sticker to everyone who is a subscriber to the blog by July 1st.  If you follow the “Building KUIU” blog and have not signed up I hope this will encourage you to do so.  There is a subscribe button in the upper right part of the home page.

Thank you to everyone for all the great words of encouragement, help, comments and support.  I look forward to getting these out to you and please snap a photo of it and we will post them up on flicker.


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  1. Brandon Hammonds Reply

    That must have made you smile! Logo on the front door is pretty dang awesome!

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Thanks Brandon.


  2. Luke Reply


    Congratulations. It is indeed an honor to be mentioned in the same breath as those time honored, quality outdoor clothing companies. However, don’t be fooled. There is no love lost between Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and any company whose main customer will be hunters. Neither of those companies denies nor makes any apologies for their disdain of hunting or hunters. For example, Patagonia, a few years ago, sabotaged the Montana DNR’s attempt at a lottery to draw for Buffalo tags. Unfortunately, the hunting community and the “environmentally conscious” community really are or should be one in the same. We have very similar goals of conservation, healthy game herds, and clean ecosystems. However they continue to neglect the importance of revenues that hunting liscenses and stamps and taxes places on hunting accessories (i.e. ammunition) etc have on the environment. These funds provide some of the very core revenues that fund our DFWs, forestery divisions, biologic research, and countless other organizations to exist.

    The dividedness of the two communities is quite unfortunate, as together we could really accomplish levels of conservation not previously known. Perhaps KUIU, as a mountaineering/hunting/hiking hybrid company can be a liason between the two. Perhaps, while still recognizing our differences, we can understand that in the end, we all still strive for and desire the same thing.


    • Jason Hairston Reply

      Hi Luke,

      Your statement is very well taken and could not be better said. I agree KUIU can be a bridge between the outdoor and hunting communities. Our goals are aligned but looked at through different lenses.



    • Darryn Reply

      Well said Luke! It is a mystery to something that seems so elementary. Extremist tunnel vision.


  3. Kendall Reply

    Luke – I agree with your comment 100%. I worked in the Outdoor Retailer industry for most of the past 10 years in one way or another. While backcountry skiing this winter with a few guys from Black Diamond and Gregory the topic of hunting and wilderness areas came up and despite a little ribbing from those guys about my love for elk hunting, a reasonable and healthy discussion ensued, ending with my friends realizing that my goals for wilderness and habitat preservation were the same end goals they have as well.

    Open mindedness goes both ways.

    Back on topic, great to see you’ve nailed down a factory with solid reputation and quality.

  4. Mike R. Reply

    Can’t wait to get my sticker!

  5. George Reply

    i just found your site and blog (signed up for the blog too, where’s my sticker? lol)

    wanted to say thank you – my son and I are going to do some backpack hunting this year and I am all about going as light as i can, ie., SPARTAN

    i have printed off the gear list to use in getting us ready this fall


  6. chad st.amand Reply

    Know that i see you got arc-teryx on board where can i buy you gear. ive had and arc teryx bag 12 years and have been using there climbing harnesses for almost 20. I always have said if they got invovled in the hunting world i would go out of my way for there stuff! keep at it!

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