The results are in! Congratulations to our KUIU Ad...

The results are in! Congratulations to our KUIU Advertisement Finalist Contest winner, Brady Miller whose photo won with 1218 votes! Brady won an all expense paid Trophy Coues Deer Hunt with Colburn and Scott Outfitters and myself in Sonora, Mexico, January 4th through 11th, 2014. I’m really looking forward to sharing a hunt with Brady.

Jay Scott and Darr Colburn run one of the the finest Guiding operations in Arizona and Northern Mexico for GIANT elk, Desert Sheep, Coues Deer and Turkey. Their Coues deer hunts are second to none!


Five lucky random voters were also selected to win a $100 KUIU Gift Card. The five winners are:

1. Gwen Lindsey
2. Liz Babineaux
3. Tyler Fox
4. Donald Hooper
5. Brian Tenbusch

Congratulations to all of the contest winners and thank you to everyone that participated!


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  1. Shane Close Reply

    Awesome! This was definitely my favorite

  2. Jeff M. Valunas Reply

    Congrats Brady!!!
    I would have voted for ya, but I don’t do ‘Facebook’.
    I loved this picture, as it was a different and unique angle. Your KUIU Camo looks sweet in that environment. Looking forward to see what you get in Ol’ Mexico. Congrats to the other winners as well, all fine animals and pictures.

  3. matthew mills Reply

    well done indeed!!
    a truly honest “trophy” photo…
    makes one stop and think about the enormity of the issues we take on as hunters…
    may the hunting gods smile on your coues deer adventure with Jason…

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