I want you to join me for the LIVE release of our ...

I want you to join me for the LIVE release of our Super Down Sleeping Bag featuring water resistant QuixDown™ by TORAY®. The live product launch will begin at 10:00 AM PST on Tuesday, February 11. I will be giving a complete demonstration of our new Super Down Sleeping Bag product line and showing you why it is the world’s most technically advanced sleeping bag. After this demonstration, I will also be available to answer any questions the viewing audience has about the line.

Registration is required for those who wish to participate and ask questions during the live product launch, please sign up here. Signups begin today, Friday, February 7,  and will continue throughout the live stream.

Three lucky viewers who stay tuned throughout the entire event will be randomly chosen to win a FREE Super Down Sleeping Bag!

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  1. Nigel Ivy Reply

    Looking forward it it! The bags look great!

  2. MIC Reply

    excited to see the demo of the new bags. Any idea how long the live event will last?

    • Jason Hairston Reply

      15 minutes on the demo and then the question period.


  3. Justin Starck Reply

    Good idea. Wish I could tune in.

  4. Steve Faber Reply

    Been a North Face guy for 35 years. Look forward to comparison of Kuiu bag to the competition.

  5. Cresston Reply

    Jason totally off subject but I am dying to know if chinook pant is in the mix for this year. I have to have a pair or 2. See you in SLC.

  6. Colby Kendell Reply

    This was incredible!! Hope to see more informative “KUIU Live” events in the future. Very beneficial!

    Loved the short video clips before the event started of KUIU hunts (bear, dall sheep, etc.) Will these ever be available to watch on the website?

  7. todd Reply

    Cool idea, but the buffering/streaming was terrible! Missed a good portion of the bag details and the sound was off by 2 or 3 seconds. Hopefully they work out the bugs for next time.

  8. Tim Loran Reply

    I have several invites (4) and I registered for 10 PM PST. I had planned to stay up until 12AM our time to take part but guess the time changed on Tues morning to the AM Tues Morning. Could not have been many on line, with the short notice change. This kinda sucks, I would have liked to have seen.

    • todd Reply

      It always said 10am…..

  9. wsquared Reply

    I was wondering if the folks at Kuiu could put the entire broadcast on their YouTube channel. I , like many, had some issues with the broadcast and missed some of it.

  10. Rueben Reply

    Really liked the web intro, neat to see the shop in California.

    Are the questions asked that day going to be posted somewhere to view the Q&As?

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