Join me for the second KUIU Live presentation as w...

Join me for the second KUIU Live presentation as we release our new ULTRA Pack System. The live product launch will begin at 10:00 AM PST on Tuesday, March 11th. I will be giving a complete demonstration of our ULTRA Pack System and showing how our new modular pack concept focuses on minimizing weight, while maintaining performance and durability.  At a mere 3lbs 9oz, the largest pack in the system, the ULTRA 6000, allows hunters to save tremendous weight without sacrificing functionality. During the live demonstration we will also be taking questions from the audience has about the system.

Registration is required for those who wish to participate and ask questions during the live product launch, please sign up here. Signups begin today, Wednesday, March 5, and will continue through the live stream. The ULTRA Pack System will be available to preorder during the live event and as an incentive to preorder, shipping charges will be waived.

Three lucky viewers who watch the complete event will be chosen at random to win a FREE ULTRA Pack.


Event: Tuesday, March 11th at 10:00am

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  1. Shaun Owens

    How does this backpack differ from your other packpack as far as features?

    • Jason Hairston

      You will learn all of these details on March 11th at 10am at the live launch.


  2. Errol

    The design is a clear success.
    This made me want to go to bow hunting in the mountain.

    • Jason Hairston

      Ha Ha! Me too!

  3. Mike M

    Three years, three different pack systems? Come on man, how am I supposed to keep up with the Jonses’ when you do that?

    • Broncolt

      The Ultimate Q

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Mike,

      Actually it is four in four years. Innovation never rests and I will continue to evolve our products at KUIU at a very fast pace compared to any other brand in this market. This is exactly why I created the KUIU business model.


  4. Errol

    Three years, three different pack systems !
    I am pleased to see the possibilities offered by new technologies to be exploited.

    • Jason Hairston

      Four in Four years, and I expect it to continue.

  5. Aaron Tubbs

    I for one am glad to see continued innovation and evolution. Not that I want to see things become obsolete…but I appreciate the continual press to be better.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Aaron!

  6. Ted Kruzan


    Anxious to learn more – I have several other ICON’s now. Does it use the ICON frame?


  7. Derek B

    Not able to join in Tuesday, but are these pack going to be better for the short torso guy?

    Thanks and keep the great products coming.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes, 2 frame sizes.

  8. Brett Crawford

    It looks like the 1800 and 3000 have a clam shell zip like the Icon series, is this true? and is the lid compatible with the 1800 and 3000? I am so close to buying an Icon 1850 and this announcement has thrown a wrench into the mix 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Brett,

      We will answer all of these types of questions at the launch. Please tune in.


      • Brett Crawford

        I’ll be there mane!

        I previously used a Mystery Ranch Longbow (2400 cu. in.) and it was almost maxed out with my tree harness, layering kit, bino bivy, etc. I sold it and was going to replace it with the Icon 1850 (knowing I was going to lose some space) but the pockets and accessibility made it attractive. I really like the look of the Ultra series and I am hoping you put this nifty pockets on the inside of them. Do you think the Ultra 1800 or 3000 would be a better replacement for the MR Longbow?

        • Jason Hairston

          You will learn all of these details on March 11th at 10am at the live launch. Please join us on Tuesday.


  9. Brian Brockette

    I saw the 6000 and suspension at SCI I would have bought all three sizes…the disappointment was that both sides do not have stuff pockets. Sounds like a small omission but for me I use these all the time and put longer items on both sides and use the compression
    straps to secure and balance the load outside on BOTH sides…Otherwise good job…But for me I am out until this gets corrected. Could not be that much addition to weight…but a real loss in functional flexibility of use.

    • Jason Hairston

      If you need 2 side stuff it’s, I recommend the Icon Series bags, which are fully featured. The Ultra line minimizes features to limit weight.


      • Kody

        I like the sounds of Jason’s comment about needing the Icon bags….perhaps they can be used with the ultra frame?!

  10. Jeff M Valunas

    Registered, and have the morning scheduled off.
    I am looking forward to this, as much as I was, when the Original ICON came out.
    I HOPE, some of my “theories” are correct, that have been discussed on the Forum.

    Very much looking forward to this “Live KUIU Product Release”!

    Until then, be WELL!

    • Jeff M Valunas

      Thanks for the pictures!
      Further inspection, shows some (fantastic user friendly) additions,
      that were never apparent before.

      Loving what I am seeing!!!

  11. chris stone


  12. Cresston

    Can’t wait Jason!!

  13. Brett

    Already have it on pre-order. Do I still get shipping free or do I need to cancel and pre-order during the event?

  14. Jerry


    Will there be a beefed up version of the icon frame for 2014?

  15. Robert Hartley

    Wish you would have done this on a Saturday so that those of use that are working could participate.

  16. Mike Moore

    Gen I ICON here. Hope something is salvageable off it, being the Gen III is “Modular”.

  17. M

    Is this EST or PST? Need the time zone, please.

    • Jason Hairston


  18. Jerry

    Perfect timing on broadcast, i’ll just be getting off work that morning and catch it at the end of shift.

  19. Vladimir

    Checked the link, but my message is not visible! What am I doing wrong?

  20. Chris

    Wasn’t able to watch the launch presentation. Was it recorded for viewing again? Thanks –

  21. Chris Beatty

    When will the 300 ultra be available for order and shipping?

    • Jason Hairston

      It is available now to preorder and it will ship in June.

  22. Chris Beatty

    Sorry 3000 ultra is what I meant.

  23. Samer A. Massih

    Any chance that the Ultra 6000 might be available in brown solid color in the near future?