Thank you to everyone who participated in our seco...

Thank you to everyone who participated in our second live presentation. For those of you who missed it, KUIU’s live broadcast that aired this morning can be viewed here:

Congratulations again to the three lucky winners of an ULTRA pack:

1. Dustin Perry
2. Shannon Heaps
3. Brad Van Koughnett

The entire ULTRA line is now available to preorder . The ULTRA 6000 will begin shipping in April and the rest of the packs will be arriving in June.

11-Ounce Carbon Fiber Frame

The ULTRA pack system introduces a new 11-ounce California made Carbon Fiber frame design that is stronger, lighter, stiffer, and narrower ensuring the highest quality and performance. This frame is packed with more carbon to ensure the highest quality and performance.

The new frame is available in two sizes, the Regular fitting torso lengths 15″ to 17.5″ and the Tall 17.5″ to 22″.

Fully Adjustable Suspension

At a mere 25 ounces, the redesigned suspension in the ULTRA utilizes a new patent pending T-Lock track system design that securely holds the shoulder straps to the frame and allows for easy adjustment and customizable comfort. The next-to-body material and cleaner design of the suspension make it extremely comfortable. The unique hip belt design moves the frame and pack closer to your back, offering the support necessary to carry demanding loads more efficiently. The new adjustable lumbar pad and pivoting hip-belt creates unrestricted mobility and maximum comfort.

The suspension also now comes in two sizes: the S/M fits waist sizes 28″ to 33″ and the L/XL sizes 33″ to 44″.


ULTRA 1800, ULTRA 3000, and ULTRA 6000 Bags

The ULTRA bag design began with seam construction that maximizes strength and reduces seam weight. The bags weigh, 9, 12, and 21 ounces respectively. The ULTRA 6000 comes with a fully functional 500ci lid with one zipper pocket, top loading with an expandable shroud, and a 21-inch vertical single side entry zipper for quick access to your main pack. The ULTRA 1800 and 3000 have very convenient horseshoe zipper entry. All bags have 2 exterior pockets and one oversized stuff-it pocket, making it easy to organize your gear. The bags are made with 160 Denier Textured Cordura® Rip Stop Fabric that is 4 times PU coated on the inside giving the fabric even more durability and abrasion resistance. The line comes with an expandable load sling for added carrying capacity, making the versatility incomparable to anything else in the industry.

The ULTRA line is designed to accept the new KUIU rifle, bow and hydration carrying systems. The KUIU rifle holder and bow holder are also now available for preorder.

The simple design of the ULTRA packs makes changing bags in this modular system extremely fast and easy.

Here is the weight and price break down of the ULTRA line.

ULTRA 1800 ULTRA 3000 ULTRA 6000
ULTRA Bag Size 1800 ci 3000 ci 6000 ci
Bag Weight 9 oz 12 oz 21 oz
Frame Weight (regular) 11 oz 11 oz 11 oz
Suspension (M/L) 25 oz 25 oz 25 oz
Total Weight 2 lbs 13 oz 3 lbs 3 lbs 9oz
Price (full kit) $299.98 $319.98 $349.98

By focusing on reducing weight, we were able to reduce the price to manufacture these packs, and I am passing these savings along to our customers.



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  1. Jeff M Valunas

    Jason and Shaun-
    The LIVE EVENT was an AMAZING watch! I didn’t get all the answers, I hoped for, but- Customer Service and Todd H, helped answer all of those questions!
    I have ONLY ONE request…
    Before you came online, with the LIVE EVENT, there was a 7-10 minute video playing on a (loop).
    I was thinking to myself, while watching that… WOW!!! This must have taken some time, and money to Produce/Edit/Present!
    Would you be so kind, as to add that to the KUIU ‘YouTube’ Channel?!?!?
    I think, many of “us” that have been with you since, before product was available. Would love to see that!
    And, anyone that has yet to know KUIU, and comes across that video-
    Will be undoubtedly, enticed to research further… This Company known as- KUIU!!!
    I ordered, can’t wait to have this system in my hands and ON MY BACK!

    Be Well Fella’s-

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Jeff!

  2. Jason Hairston

    Thanks Jeff! I always appreciate your feed back and support for KUIU. Noted on the video to the youtube channel. Great idea. Take care.


  3. Shane Close

    This system looks sweet! I love how easy the bags are to interchange. Quick question: what are the weights of the L/XL suspension and the tall frame?

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to hearing more about that new Chinook jacket

    • Jason Hairston

      2 ounces heavier.

  4. Alvaro from Spain

    These Ultras look superb, Jason!
    Wearing trousers of a 33 waist size, which waist belt size should I choose? Being just there I am worried the small to medium is a bit tight when wearing the full clothing system, and that the large to extra large will be a too lousy fit…
    I will miss the exterior side pockets and would have been happy carrying whatever extra ozs they weigh, as I can’t think of a better place to carry the tripod, sometimes even with the spotter attatched, and my broken down kipplauf once the hunt is over.
    Will the hip Ultra Hip belt have adaptable pouches like the former Icon’s?
    Best regards,

    • Jason Hairston

      I would recommend the s/m for you on the hip belt. Yes the hip belt is designed to accept our hip belt pouches.


  5. Alvaro from Spain

    Reviewing the presentation I notice there is one stuff pocket on the left side of the bag, sorry.

    • Jason Hairston

      The other side is designed for the bow and rifle holders.

  6. David


    I will down in Roseville this Friday and will be stopping by KUIU. Will the Ultra be there so I can take a look and put it on with some weight in it? Love what I see so far.

    Thanks in advance


    • Jason Hairston


      Yes it will. Ask for Todd or Shaun to help you with it.


  7. Rob Tanner from Oregon

    Love the KUIU products. Watched the live presentation on the Ultra Packs yesterday, great job! Question, do you sell the Ultra 1800 Pack with suspension only (i.e. minus the frame)?

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Rob,

      No it is not designed to be run without the frame. To make this possible it adds too much the build and weight. Our 1850 can be worn without the frame.


  8. Adam Doll

    These look great. Wasn’t able to make the live stream unfortunately.
    Is the Ultra line replacing the Icon line, or will both be offered going forward?

    I bought the 1850 while everything was on sale around Christmas, and was planning on adding the 5200 or 7200 later on this year. Will they still be available?

    I guess a 6000 on it’s own frame would work pretty well too!

    • Shane Close

      They said both lines will be available going forward.

      • Adam Doll

        Awesome! Thanks Shane

  9. Mike P


    great looking pack, was hoping to see how much the 6000 would compress in daypack mode? I’m guessing its similar to the Icon but was hoping to see a pack sucked down in the live feed.

    Looks like a winner!


    • Jason Hairston

      It compresses even smaller than the Icons because there is less fabric and build.

  10. Warren Woodcock

    Wondering how the rifle holder fits on the Icon 7200, without losing some functionality of the side pockets, or riding against your shoulder/upper arm? Posted photos or video on the Kuiu YouTube channel would be helpful.

    • Jason Hairston

      They work the same as the on the Ultra 6000

  11. Justin Wickline


    I am going to be purchasing a back country hunting pack soon. I planned on ordering a pack from another manufacturer tomorrow when I stumbled accross the new Ultra 3000 pack and you have my attention. Do you have any more videos, pictures or anything that will help me see the 3000 bag features. I understand the frame and suspension, but not the available pockets, compression straps and internals of the bag. When will you be shipping these packs?

    Thank you,
    Justin Wickline

    • Jason Hairston

      The pocketing is pretty well covered in the Video of you have not seen it. On the inside of the main compartment it is set up to take our detachable hydration holder and has a clip to hang a bladder from and a hydration port. This pack is designed to pull away from the frame allowing it to carry elk quarters or boned out deer or sheep. I spent a lot of time this past fall and could not be happier with this set up for full day hunts or even overnight or 3 day trips.

  12. JR

    Same question, do the new rifle/bow holders fit the Icon’s? Thanks!

    • Jason Hairston


  13. SR

    Is the lid compatible on the Ultra 3000?

    • Jason Hairston

      No it is not.

  14. Jason Potter

    With this new pack setup did I read this right? You get the 1800 bag & the ultra frame and the suspension setup all 3 for $299?? If so I’ll preorder ASAP!

  15. Jason Potter

    I tried to preorder the ultra1800 and wasn’t able to ? Is it available to preorder and approximately how long til I’ll receive it?

  16. Paul

    What you have done with these packs is revolutionary. You have pushed the envelope and these packs are the clear choice for lightweight hunting and even backpacking. Well done.

  17. bob roche

    I live in St Helena would like to to come and see packs. My buddy and I are very interested Were interested in if the 6000 can also can be used as a day pack after you set your camp up. our do you need to buy an 1800 great video. Great price and weight. have done a lot of resourch

  18. rick kroner

    Will the 6000ultra bag fit on the icon frame????

  19. justin navarro

    What is the ci volume of the lid for the ultra 6000 pack? Can it be detached for more weight savings?