Hi Everyone, I really appreciate all the intere...

Hi Everyone,

I really appreciate all the interest in our new Carbon Fiber Frame and ULTRA Pack System. It has been quite overwhelming. Thank you.

We have extensively tested the new frame via computer simulated stress tests, laboratory tests, strength tests, and stress tests under heavy loads.

To help give everyone a better visual understanding of the durability of the new frame, we will be conducting and videoing several new unorthodox tests and posting the videos up for you to review.

We have never done these test and do not know the outcome but we will post them regardless. It will be interesting to capture what a 10.75 ounce Carbon Fiber frame can endure.

Today we ran over the ULTRA with a TUNDRA, click on the video below to view.

More tests to come soon.


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  1. Scott

    Any plans for a bigger ultra bag? 6000 is just.too small for a do it yourself dall sheep hunt.

    • Jason Hairston

      I did a 12 day sheep hunt last year in the ULTRA 6000 and is was perfect. With the load sling it gives you as much space as you will ever need making it really versatile.


  2. Josh Wright

    Looks good to me. Nice response. I have an Icon 1850 with the 2013 frame. It does great. I want the the new frame, but am holding out for a bag with more pockets.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Josh!

  3. Justin R

    Is the first run of the 6000 sold out? If so, did I miss the boat for getting one by this fall?


    • Jason Hairston

      Nope. They should arrive very soon. Place your order though. They will not last long.


  4. Jerry V

    Love it !!

    Throwing it back at them and having fun doing it – Classic 🙂

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jerry! I appreciate it.


  5. Jeff M Valunas

    This is INSANE, that you have to prove this frames durability. I cringed watching that! What a waste of a perfectly good frame. No matter what happens in any of the other tests, I’m keeping my pre-order.
    It’s a shame it had to come to this, with so much neg. speculation. I mean, if you hunting in a place where you “might” get “cliffed out”; Shouldn’t you be packing 100-200 feet of 550 paracord, to lower it down??? It’s not that much weight/cost!!!
    As opposed to throwing your loaded pack off a cliff.
    Hate to see good frames go to waste, but your handling, this NON-SENSE with CLASS, as usual.
    My Respect-

    • Jason Hairston

      Cost of doing business Jeff! I look forward to the cliff test tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what happens.


  6. Michael P

    Frickin. AMAZING.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Michael!

  7. Matt

    Fantastic!! Doesn’t prove a thing, who is going to be run over by a Tundra wearing a pack? Entertainment value is unmatched I have to say. I think of Ike and Doc Holliday, “I know Ike, let’s have a spelling contest.” People pushing buttons to have them do dumb things. I know the next test, Spain, bulls, some ding dong can test the effectiveness of camo patterns of KUIU vs Kryptec by standing in line of fire to see who is not seen my pissed off ungulates. I suppose we need a whole box of ding dongs because of the multiple color choices of the two companies. Anyone know some volunteers?? Twinkies work too in a pinch.

    Having some fun here. Done now. Good night.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Matt!

  8. Jason Potter

    Since I saw the live demo on the ultra pack I have sold 3 of my other hunting packs- 1 badlands 2200 – and 2 cabelas packs- because that pack looks awesome- can’t wait to get mine!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Jason, you are going to love this pack system. I appreciate the support.


  9. jason

    Hey Jason. Sorry about all this bs that’s being thrown out at you. People like to tear down others who are having success. I own the backpack all these haters use and it works great. But I also recognize when someone makes another that is impressive like the ultra. Got Mine pre ordered. Can’t wait to use it. Thinking it will be my go to. Congrats

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Jason. The ULTRA is a fantastic pack. I appreciate the kind words and support. It will be interesting to read what they will complain or theorize about next.


  10. Montanafreak

    I said it before, I’m a loyal customer and fan. I’m proud to be supporting such a great team. This is exactly the kind if “out of the box” thinking that has put KUIU on top and inspired us all. Keep up the great work.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you for the comment! I appreciate the support.


  11. Montanafreak

    Ps– I pre ordered mine the first 5 minutes if the launch and haven’t had a second thought about doing so. All the gear I own from KUIU is top notch.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you!

  12. Cody Bell

    I’m very impressed thus far with the frame. Well done at feeling secure enough to put your products through such rigorous testing.

    I am very much a believer in what you guys do at KUIU. Please continue with your integrity and providing innovative helpful products at prices that beat the competition.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Cody! I appreciate your support for KUIU.

  13. Justin Starck

    It performed even better than I thought it would. That was impressive. Even as impressive as it is, the comments and accusations that prompted this are never going to end; they are always going to have something to say. Still, it shows that the Rokslide pack testing is not a root of all this.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Justin! I always appreciate your input.


  14. Kevin M

    Jason – I’m clearly not the only one standing pat in your corner. I’ve supported Kuiu from the begining and will continue to do so as long as you continue to conduct yourself in manner we’ve become accustom. I can’t wait to wear out my Icon so I can try out the Ultra eventually (but is that really possible???).

    Keep up the great work.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Kevin!!

  15. Chris stone

    Awesome test jason! Cant wait to get my ultra 1800 as i have an az and mt bull needing a packout in september! 🙂

  16. Jason Hairston

    AZ! Congrats!

  17. Armosino

    Dare I say, that test ‘ROK’ed’!
    Nice job!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you. We do a lot of testing on these packs, but running them over with a truck is not one of them, so I was somewhat surprised it could flex that much, with that much weight without breaking. W


  18. Justin

    Sounds like you are back from test2,3,4etc. Hope today went well. Post the video!! LOL okay I can wait.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes I am back and we are up loading the video. Just wait till you see this one!


  19. errol

    It was really a challenge to dare !

  20. Otto Van De Steene

    As carbon fibre has a bad name in cold conditions I would love to see a stress test at -50°C. If this backpack can handle this, I’m in, even though I’m not a hunter…

  21. Scott

    Jason, regarding my comment on 6000cuin being too small… On your 12 day sheep hunt, were you carring all your own gear, or did you have a guide or others carring other gear you needed? i.e. were you self sufficient with what you had in your pack? I’ve hunted sheep in Alaska for years. I like the features of the ultra, but not the size. I’d be willing to demo/try a pack and see if I can fit all my sheep gear, if so I’d buy one if it fit well. A few of my friends who are also experienced sheep hunters have the same comment…too small.

    • Jason Hairston

      I carry everything on my hunts, including tent, sleeping bag, all my own food, fuel for the stove, optics, tripod, rifle. I am totally self contained. I used the 7200 the year before but never came close to filling it. 6000ci is the perfect size if you pack smart and bring quality equipment. Even packing out meat with camp it was large enough.