This morning we introduced the Mountain Star Tent ...
This morning we introduced the Mountain Star Tent on KUIU Live and we want to thank everyone who viewed the live presentation. We again had an incredible turnout to view the presentation, with registered viewers logged in and watching from all over the world. For those of you who missed the live broadcast the entire video is below:

Congratulations to the two lucky KUIU Live Mountain Star Tent winners:

1. Bill Connell

2. Brad Helzer

The Mountain Star Tent is now available for preorder and will begin shipping mid to late May.

KUIU has developed the most advanced high performance tent in the mountain hunting industry. The ultralight Mountain Star Tent line features a combination of advanced fabric, hardware, and pole technology creating a high performance tent that is light, durable, and storm worthy.  The easy-to-pitch, double walled, robust 3 season tent is offered in a 1 Person or 2 Person capacity option weighing in at a remarkable 2 lbs. 10 oz. and 3 lbs. 5 oz. respectively. Both options have large vestibules allowing ample space for food preparation, and to store, protect, and dry your gear during storms. The Mountain Star Tent is made exclusively by Tai Chung Canvas, in Vietnam, the industry leading technical tent manufacture since 1956.

Stronger Design and Faster Setup

The Mountain Star Tent features a double intersection pole design with a horizontal roof truss that when combined maximize stability and increase structural integrity in the wind. Placing the poles on the exterior of the tent fly allows for faster setup and takedown, saving precious time on the mountain. Having the tent fly and body remain connected also eliminates the classic struggle of attaching the fly in high wind and rain, keeping the dust and moisture out. Depending on trial weight needs, the tent body can be removed for fly only or fly and footprint pitch.

Adjustable vents for increased air circulation and reduced condensation

Durable Ultralight Waterproof Fabric  

The Mountain Star Tent is constructed from Toray Airtastic 100% ripstop nylon that is durable, extremely light, and has a high tear strength. An application of Toray Kudos DWR and a PU waterproof coating ensure that your tent stays dry.

Four guyline attachments add stability

Lighter and Stronger Poles

The Mountain Star Tent features industry leading Easton Carbon Fiber poles and a unique exoskeleton pole design that minimize overall weight and increase performance. Easton Carbon Fiber has a much higher strength-to-weight ratio than even the finest aluminum poles making it the strongest, lightest weight, tent support system in the world.

Symmetrical pole design for maximized interior space and increased stability

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  1. errol

    Tasty !

    The “Moutain Star Tent” still appears to be very successful and ergonomic.

    Congratulations for a completed job !

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Errol!!

  2. Mikael Charbonneau

    Great demo and your two tents appear to be solid. Any plans to make a 3 person tent eventually?

    • Jason Hairston

      If we get enough requests.

      • Mikael Charbonneau

        I’m glad you’re open to the idea. I would buy one tomorrow if I could and I’ll ask around in my neck of the woods.

  3. Jeff M Valunas

    J and S-
    Enjoyed the LIVE Event. Many questions still exist, in my mind…
    But, I will wait and see, what everyone has to say. I’m not currently in the market for a tent, but am always interested in your innovation/design. Absolute “worst-case scenerio”, your off to a GREAT start on this project.
    I do like the weight saving!
    Does that NEW ‘AIRTASTIC’ fabric, have a “rip-stop” thread in it?
    Looks Nice, good job-

    • Jeff M Valunas

      My apologizies!!!
      I just noticed “rip-stop” is indeed in the New ‘Airtastic’ fabric, via the KUIU Store. I didn’t see that the first time!
      My bad!!!! I would delete that part of the above comment, if I could.
      (Lesson Learned)- Pay attention, JEFF!

  4. Mountain Man

    Windows??? It gets hot here in Nevada.

    • Jason Hairston

      Sure, zip open the vestibules.

  5. Chris Miley

    Could you do a set up demo. Does the fly go up with the tent underneath. It helps to keep things dry during wet set up.

  6. Jerry V

    The carbon poles and quick setup convinced me that this is the tent we’ve been looking for – had it ordered before the live presentation was over.

    The only question is I didn’t get the free shipping, should I had called the order in rather than online ?


  7. Justin Starck

    Great design. They have everything I would want in a free standing tent. I hope you are still selling them when I need a replacement.

  8. Jordan Rachar

    with an external pole design, what separates the fly from the tent body (mesh/bathtub part)? some pictures showing that would be great. also would like to see pictures of the body separate from the fly to see how its put together.

    looks like a great tent! very well priced too!

    • Jason Hairston

      We use quick clip attachments to connect the fly to the mesh and floor. If you watch the video you will see how this is set up.


  9. Robert Rajotte

    I know that you are sold out of tents currently. Do you have a estimated time when they will become available again.


  10. Drew

    What happened to these tents? did the ever hit the market?

  11. Michael Glunk

    How about a 3 man tent? I see you mentioned you would if you get enough requests. So I’m just putting in my vote.