This morning on KUIU Live, we introduced the U...

This morning on KUIU Live, we introduced the ULTRA Merino Collection featuring Nuyarn®. We want to thank everyone again for an incredible turnout.  We’d also like to send a special thank you to Andy Wynne, CEO of The Merino Company, who flew in from New Zealand to join us in being the first to launch this new technology to the hunting industry.

Those of you who missed the live broadcast can watch the entire event below:

Congratulations to the three lucky KUIU Live viewers who won a full set of ULTRA Merino:

1. Chad Kucherawy
2. Mark Weston
3. Mike Altermatt

One of the advantages of our unique consumer-direct business model is that it allows KUIU to innovate faster and bring new ideas and technology to the market at an industry leading pace.  The integration of Nuyarn® into our Base Layer program this year is the perfect example of this.

My journey introducing Nuyarn® technology to KUIU began last September, when The Merino Company approached me with their newest technology.  After hearing of the benefits this yarn exhibits while still maintaining the inherent qualities of wool, I knew KUIU needed to introduce it to the hunting world.  I flew to New Zealand last November to visit the farms and factories where the yarn is created to gain a deeper understanding of its origins. During this trip I also met with scientists from the IANZ accredited Textile Testing Laboratory at AgResearch where they independently tested the performance of Nuyarn versus traditional ring spun yarn.  The results proved Nuayrn’s superior performance.  The lab results from this testing can be viewed here. Since my visit to New Zealand last fall, the fabrics and base layer pieces have been extensively field tested.  I can confidently say that ULTRA Merino solves all of the problems of traditional Merino, such as holding moisture and strength issues, while extending the comfort against skin. Nuyarn® introduces a new yarn construction technique with twist free yarn. While classic yarns twist fibers together for strength, Nuyarn® takes the twist out, and instead lays fibers along the same orientation as the rest of the yarn. With use of Nuyarn®, ULTRA Merino has no itch or prickly wool fibers. It reduces the weight of our Merino Wool base layers, while increasing drying speed, loftiness, durability, and resiliency. The result: a stronger, lighter, more comfortable fabric that outperforms heavier traditional ring spun garments. All of the inherent merino features, such as odor resistant, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and naturally anti-microbial have remained unaltered. The ULTRA Merino line also has enhanced design features that allow for improved fit and comfort.

ULTRA Merino 125

Available in Vias, Verde, Ash Brown, Brindle, Forest and Stone

ULTRA Merino 125 SS Crew-T for $59.99 and ULTRA Merino 125 LS Crew-T for $64.99

The ULTRA Merino 125 line features the ULTRA Merino 125 SS Crew-T and ULTRA Merino LS Crew-T. This 125 gm style is made of 85% Merino Wool and 15% Nylon. At 17.5 microns, it will be replacing the previous Merino 145 line for warmer weather hunts or for next to skin layering for colder hunts. The ULTRA Merino 125 and 145 collection have eyelet panel ventilation systems that allow for maximum temperature regulation, air flow, and breathability. The micro eyelets expand and contract with movement: the more aerobic the movement, the wider the eyelets open.

ULTRA Merino 145

Available in Vias, Verde, Ash Brown, Brindle, Forest and Stone

ULTRA Merino 145 LS Crew-T for $74.99 and ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-T for $79.99

The ULTRA Merino 145 line features the ULTRA Merino 145 LS Crew-T ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-T, ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-Off Bottom, ULTRA Merino 145 Beanie, and ULTRA Merino 145 Neck Gaiter. This 145 gm style is made of 90% Merino Wool and 10% Nylon. Also at 17.5 microns, the ULTRA Merino line is to replace the previous Merino 185 line, making it cool enough for warmer weather hunts, or as insulation for colder hunts.

ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-Off Bottom

Available in Ash Brown, Brindle, Forest and Stone for $79.99

The new ULTRA Merino Zip-Off Bottoms have added YKK # 3 side zippers for easy on and off, with an above the boot cut for extended comfort.

ULTRA Merino 210

Available in Vias, Verde, Ash Brown, Brindle, Forest and Stone

ULTRA Merino 210 Zip-T for $89.99 and ULTRA Merino 210 Zip-Off Bottom for $89.99

The ULTRA Merino 210 line features the ULTRA Merino 210 Zip-T, ULTRA Merino 210 Zip-Off Bottom, and ULTRA Merino 210 Glove. This 210 gm style is made of 52% Merino Wool, 42% Polyester, and 6% Nylon. At 19.5 microns, the ULTRA Merino line is to replace the previous Merino 230 line, making it perfect for colder hunts, as a second layer, or next-to-skin as a base layer.

ULTRA Merino Accessories

Available in Vias and Verde

ULTRA Merino 210 Glove for $29.99, ULTRA Merino 145 Beanie for $19.99, and ULTRA Merino 145 Neck Gaiter for $19.99

The ULTRA Merino Accessories have also been redesigned and upgraded to Nuyarn fabrics and are now more durable, comfortable, and lightweight. The new ULTRA Merino 210 Glove has enhanced finger articulation for increased comfort and ease of use. The design of the ULTRA Merino 145 Beanie is identical to the design of the preexisting Merino 185 Beanie, but like all ULTRA Merino is lighter weight and stronger. The ULTRA Merino 145 Neck Gaiter has an increased length of 2 cm and width of 1 cm for a better fit.

ULTRA Merino is now available for preorder and will begin shipping out in June.


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  1. Mike

    It’s was cool to watch it live just wish there hadn’t been any technical difficulties. I’ve placed my order and can’t wait!!

  2. Matt

    I was hoping there would be a hoodie, dang!

  3. Jeff M. Valunas


    This stuff looks and sounds Amazing! I too was bummed that I lost transmission, just about the point you started showing the new design on lower Merino layer. I’ll catch up on that with the YouTube video.

    Thank you for adding a little extra size in the Neck Gaiter!!! That should be just enough to make it a ‘usable’ piece, now. Especially with that apparent increase in stretch, of the NuYarn.

    Looks like a winner, again. Looking forward to trying a few pieces, in this first batch.


  4. Mike Williams

    Jason excellent design move on the zip off bottoms!! I have tried to find anywhere unavailable… I even looked @ putting full zipper in 230 bottoms myself. This is the kind of innovation that make committed lifetime customers! Long Live KUIU!!! :–)

  5. Tim Loran

    Jason, it looks and sounds great. I couldn’t notice you were eyeing up that one sheep, looked like a wall hanger to me also. lol

  6. Dalton Smith

    How about ultra merino boxer shorts…

  7. Vernon

    Love my ultra pieces. Any thoughts on offering an all-in-one design like an ultra balaclava? Or maybe a hat with a small bill (for us with glasses)?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes we have and are working on one now.