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KUIU in Africa

The feedback on hydration was beyond what I expected.  I want to thank you all that took the time to share your insight. After going through all the details in your comments there was not a clear cut solution. I am working on a design that will be a blend of all of the comments.

Who will get a hat?  I think it is only fair to send one to everyone who posted a comment on hydration.  I will send you an email for your address.  These will go out next week.

The Hydration Design concept:

Center Back
Ports on both sides
3 to 4 liter capacity
Flexible drink tube routing over the shoulder and under the arm
Easy access for refill
Clean design

If I am missing anything please let me know.  I appreciate all of the input.

Thank you,


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  1. Mike P


    Another thought would be to design your own hydration system with a filter built into the bladder (similar to the filter bottles some companies make)…have the filter in with the bladder area and a small pump that has a quick release onto the hose for pumping from a creek. This way you would not have to take the bladder out and you wont forget your filter either 🙂

    The other thought would be have the filter so that it filtered the water as you sucked on the straw…

    PS. dont forget water bottle pouches that fit Nalgene bottles…



    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the help. I agree with your bladder design ideas and have rigged up a similar design with an inline filter with a Platypus hydration bag.


  2. Drake Atwood

    Jason, I have always been fearful that the mouthpiece would get tangled up in my bowstring during a shot so I usually just take water bottles when I’m hunting. I was on a backpacking trip over the weekend and a friend was telling me of a pack that had some type of retractor to retract the hose back to your shoulder and get it out of the way after you take a drink. I believe the pack was a Nimrod. I’m not sure how it works but something like this would be very appealing to me.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Drake,

      I run my tube under my shoulder to keep this from being an issue and it works better for me than on my shoulder strap. I will check out Nimrod’s designs. They make some great stuff.


  3. Matt

    As I mentioned in your early hydration post having the ability to pull the hose off and still use the bladder, either to drink out of or fill other containers is critical for me.

    I think that the MSR DromLite series of bladders gives you that flexibility. You can leave them as they come with the valve or add a hose kit and have a quasi Camelbak setup.

    With that said, the series could use the KUIU tweak as putting on the hydration kit requires removing the top of the MSR valve, increasing the chances one could loose this piece.

    If you check it out you will see what I mean. Easy fix would be to attach a “tether” of some sort. ??