Welcome to KUIU and our vision in developing techn...

Welcome to KUIU and our vision in developing technical hunting gear. Our hope is to give you an inside perspective in the development of a brand and a product line.  As our vision takes shape we will take you through the exciting highs and challenging lows.

Reader comments are encouraged. Anyone who has spent time in the field has opinions on what works best. We want to know about it. Help us build what you need to be succesful.

All the best in 2010 and let’s get to work.

Jason Hairston

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This article has 10 comment(s)

  1. Neil Muller

    Why launch KUIU? Is Sitka no longer in your control? Or is this supposed to be a completed different line? Maybe I missed something, but trying to figure out why you are starting over.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Neil,

      Thank you for your great questions. I resigned from Sitka in August to begin KUIU. Why start over? I believe when we launch the line you will understand why. I know I am a bit vague here, but it is a bit early to give all the details of the KUIU products and brand. Stay tuned to the blog.


  2. Tom


    If you’re open to getting some critical/technical feedback under NDA, feel free to contact me anytime. I’m a gear junkie, highly opinionated with regard to the fine details that make or break otherwise great products, and have many years of experience in product development and (more importantly) bowhunting far and wide.

    An open offer to help you out.

    All the best,

    • Jason Hairston

      Hello Tom;

      Thanks for the support and opinions on what works and what doesn’t. I have sent you a private message and we will discuss in greater detail.

      All the best.


  3. Brian Uthmann

    Hi Jason, Found this thread on Washington’s hunting forum. I am very interested in the new product line you are launching. I myself have purchased many Sitka products in the past, love the gear, but not necessarily the price that comes with it. That being said and being a business owner myself I truely understand the costs and the over head involved. This new product that you are progressing forward with I hope you take a few considerations if possible: The light weight, articulation, and not just DWR finish but a pure water resistant/ non-pentrating outer layer with the breathe ability. Some of the Sitka I do own and use regularly in alot of hunting situations, performs well until that intial rain shower, then it soaks thru quite quickly. I know Sitka came out with the Storm Lite Products, that being said not very durable in my opinion. Some of the winter skiing clothes I have are North Face and Mountain Hardwear soft shells and gore-tex, very water resistant. A product like Sitka, but has the quietness and water repellant qualities will have alot of us hunters buying your new product. Good luck and best wishes, keep us posted on the progress, looking forward in trying some of your products in the Wyoming BackCountry. See ya on the Mountain, Brian.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hello Brian;

      Thanks for the comments and I am glad you found our blog. I like the hunting washington forum.

      You have hit the nail on the head when it comes to what we are looking to get out of our new line. The issue is tradeoffs and finding a fabric that can do multiple things well. For example, the most waterproof material is heavy, noisy and not breathable. Decrease the weight and you sacrifice durability. So, we are still vetting fabrics and love input from folks like you who spend tons of time in the field.

      If you happen to find something you think would work we would love the hear about it. Input from our core user is extremely important and will steer our design direction.

      Best of luck this year and please keep the comments coming.


  4. Doc

    Hey Jason,

    Today, I stumbled upon your website. I wish I would have heard about this new line when you first launch the site. As I am getting caught up with all the post, I keep saying to myself, “Finally a company that is bridging the gap between customer opinions and what they develop for their products.” If you ever wanted some opinions on marketing and advertising your new line. I would more then willing to give you some of my advice as an Affiliate Marketer and a avid hunter in Bozeman, MT.

    Good Luck on your new line and I can’t wait to see what see you develop!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Doc,

      Thank you for the comment and nice words. Sure I love to talk marketing. Shoot me an email jasonh@kuiu.com and schedule a time this week.


  5. Shane Close

    Hey Jason,
    I found your website from a guy who came into the store I work a wearing a Kuiu hat. I was interested at first and then the more time I’ve spent looking at your products and how you run this business the more sold in am on Kuiu. I get to deal with a lot of business owners where I work. I get to see their mistakes and accomplishments and I think that you are doing it perfectly. You let the customer in on all the little details of what goes on, from the fabrics to the camo. People like knowing what’s going on and like to be a part of the process. I just picked hunting up a couple years ago when I moved to Bozeman, MT. I love it and I’ve been jumping in head first (you can ask my wife). The more time I spending outside hunting the more I want to spend more. I hope to get out this year in some new Kuiu gear and I hope I can let as many people know about your business as I can! Best of luck!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Shane,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and pass along the nice words. Comments like yours make this all so worthwhile. I could not do this without customers and I feel we all deserve a company who will listen and respect the people who make it happen. Good luck this season.