My vision when I founded KUIU was to constantly ...

My vision when I founded KUIU was to constantly strive to make our products the best and most versatile on the market for every caliber of hunter. Our most recent innovation, the ICON PRO is the next step in the continued evolution of our packs. We designed the ICON PRO Series for mountain hunting guides and expedition hunters that demand high durability and carry massive weight loads. The ICON PRO pack gets its strength from a new carbon fiber frame that is stiffer and stronger, and works in concert with our newly designed suspension system to create the most comfortable user experience possible, especially when carrying heavy weight.

The ICON PRO is a full-feature pack with extensive internal and external pocketing so you can organize your gear safely, quietly and conveniently. The ICON PRO gives you a full horseshoe-zip opening that allows complete access to your main storage compartment, several interior pockets and your hydration system. It has large exterior front and side pockets perfect for carrying optics and gear that needs to be accessed quickly. We’ve also incorporated a new system of internal lashing points and removable straps to allow better interior organization and make it easier to carry heavy internal loads high and close to your back.

The ICON PRO weighs incredibly little for a pack designed for guide-caliber durability and load-carrying requirements. The ICON PRO packs are made with the finest materials available, including Toray Carbon Fiber, 500 Denier CORDURA® Brand Rip-Stop, YKK Zippers, and Duraflex® Hardware. The ICON PRO features a new, larger hip belt structure for improved comfort when carrying heavy loads. A new removable side-of-hip-belt webbing system allows you to run your hip belt clean of any side straps, or attach accessories such as a gun, bear spray, or a rangefinder.

The ICON PRO pack system is designed to fit all body types and sizes. The frame and hip belt are available in two sizes and the easily adjustable track system allows for a quick, perfect fit. Hip belt pouches are available separately and attach securely to the hip belt, allowing for easy access to the smaller items you need on the trail.



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  1. Eric Johnson

    Looks nice, but no mention of backward compatibility with Icon bags
    on the Icon Pro frame? Will the old 1850 bag work with the Icon Pro frame and suspension? Same with 7200 bag? How long will the 2013 frame/suspension be available?

  2. Tim Loran

    Jason, great looking pack, thanks for the video.
    still would like to see an after production option / add-on suspension lashing integrated load sling meat bag.

    was also thinking how sharp a branded kuiu golf shirt would look.

  3. Brett

    Great to see. I love the weight of the ultra, but I’m a little nutty when it comes to gadgets and organization. So I was leaning towards the Icon. I assume the Icon Pro and Ultra are interchangeable since they use the same frame, but wanted to confirm. i.e. if I bought the ultra in the 1850 size and the icon in 5200. Is it just a matter of choseing which belt to use as the base?

  4. Shaun Allison

    Looks like some great improvements there Guys! This increased durability will help with guiding in New Zealand mountains and also when I’m doing the North-American season. Love your work.

  5. Kevin Soley

    Looks like a great improvement!!!!! Do you take trade ins!!!!!!!!!!!!! A icon 7000!!! Great looking product!!!

  6. Nathan Sanet

    Wish I had a heads up 2 weeks ago so I could have saved the shipping & return shipping costs on the old Icons.

  7. Aaron Tubbs

    I’ve been waiting for this. Very excited about 1) new frame and 2) new fabric.

  8. Matt

    Looks great! Can the ultra bags be attached to this hip belt and frame?

  9. Scott

    Will the new hip belt and shoulder straps be compatible and available for the ultra packs?

  10. Mathew D’Ath

    Looks great, time to up grade, When are you doing the Ultra line?

  11. Andy Bacigalupo

    I wonder if the new Belt will fit the old icon 5200 frame, and if it will be available to buy separately?

  12. Justin Starck

    Some nice improvements; I like the revised lid attachment and the ability to compress gear within the bag. Are there tabs/loops inside the bag near the top that could be used to hang a meat cell? The only thing I am gun shy about is the comfort of the waist belt, is there much of an improvement over the Ultra?

    • Justin Starck

      I was hoping you would go back to the double zipper pulls on the horseshoe zipper (4 total zipper pulls).

  13. Heath

    Jason, is the Icon Pro suspension and hip belt going to be offered separate at some point for those of us that have Ultra packs that want to upgrade?

  14. Jeff M. Valunas


    Nice! I had a feeling you would be “upgrading” the ICON Bags, but I just could not turn down the ULTRA 1800 & 3000. 🙂 For weight!

    I am sure this will make many people happy. They can now start the “experimental phase” of “cross-pack-integration”! 🙂
    Using the NEW Carbon Fiber Frame.

    Well done, but-
    I Love my ULTRA Bags, for my style of hunting.
    The ‘Load Sling and XXL Dry-bags’, have allowed a new configuration, that seemingly is endless, and was IMPOSSIBLE before.


  15. Scott

    Nice to see the bigger redesigned pack. Based on the blog on the Ultra (I had commented that the 6000 was too small for an Alaskan sheep hunt) it didn’t sound like a bigger pack was in the works, so I bought a Stone Glacier pack the week before the Icon Pro came out.

  16. Jack

    Will the new 1850 be a pack I can use horseback with my bow on it?

  17. scott

    Are the hip belt s interchangeable with the ultra. If so are they available for purchace?