The ULTRA 1800 and 3000 are now avai...


The ULTRA 1800 and 3000 are now available for purchase.

We designed the ULTRA pack system as a simple modular pack concept incorporating an advanced Patent Pending Carbon Fiber frame, suspension and bag that focuses on minimizing weight while optimizing performance, durability & functionality. The ULTRA pack system is made with the highest quality materials in the world and together makes an unmatched list of ingredients. The result of our ULTRA pack system include:

  • An ultra light weight pack that is both versatile and durable in the field
  • An extremely comfortable user experience
  • An easily accessible single main interior compartment
  • The entire line of ULTRA Packs, Frame & Suspension are interchangeable with any of our packs with only a few simple adjustments.
  • Load-sling capable and other light weight modular accessories

The foundation of the ULTRA pack system is a 11 oz., California-made Carbon Fiber frame that is stronger, lighter, and narrower insuring the highest quality and performance while carrying demanding loads. In building this pack system we have pushed innovation further than ever before by reducing the overall weight and functionality of the packs but not compromising the strength or durability.


ULTRA 1800 ULTRA 3000 ULTRA 6000
ULTRA Bag Size 1800 ci 3000 ci 6000 ci
Bag Weight 9 oz 12 oz 21 oz
Frame Weight (regular) 11 oz 11 oz 11 oz
Suspension (M/L) 25 oz 25 oz 25 oz
Total Weight 2 lbs 13 oz 3 lbs 3 lbs 9oz
Price (full kit) $299.98 $319.98 $349.98