Introducing the new Chinook Pant to the KUIU s...

Introducing the new Chinook Pant to the KUIU soft shell product line. At a mere 17.5 ounces, Chinook Pant are made with 30 Denier Toray® Stunner Stretch face fabric that’s bonded to a brushed polyester micro check fleece backer treated with Kudos DWR® to make the Chinook Pant extremely durable, breathable and water resistant. These pants also include a darted Primeflex® kneepad insert that effortlessly molds to the knee and has a three-layer Dermizax® NX membrane that makes the kneepad waterproof while using the pants in the field.



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  1. John Kelly

    What is difference between Attack, Tiburon and Chinook pants?
    I already own Attack and Tiburon. Why get Chinook?

  2. Cresston

    Jason so excited I have been waiting for these pants since I heard about the proto. Can’t wait !!!

  3. Jerry V

    Are the kneepads removable ?

    • Jason Hairston

      The knee pads aren’t removable but with the darted pad design it will form to your knee for an extremely comfortable fit, even when you’re walking and not using the knee pad.

  4. Kevin

    I’m sure there will be more information or a video in the near future, but how would you compare these to the Attack pant? Obviously the knee padding is a difference and the weight is an ounce less than the Attack. How does the Stunner Stretch compare to the Primeflex? Thanks!

  5. Jeff W

    How well will these stand up to the brush. I hunt in some rough stuff and bushes tear the heck out of my gear. The Kuiu guide pant and jacket do well but they are a little to warm. Will this be just as tough and cooler. Black berries can destroy gear fast.

  6. alexander

    Mr,Jason thank you for making the best hunting equipment.whether there is a chance that u add more color options(black)?

  7. Jerry V

    That’s too bad, really like the jacket, sorry but the pads are a deal breaker for me.

  8. Dennis J

    Seems like these pants are more of a early season pant. Is this correct? Also how does the out shell compare to Attack pants as far as noise? Thanks

  9. Chad D

    Hey Jason, I’m curious how these fit in with the Tiburon, Attack and Guide pants.

  10. Ron P

    Hi Jason, just want to give you a heads up on conflicting specifications for the Chinook pant. The blog lists the weight as 17.5 oz. but the specs pulldown on the order page says 16 oz. Guess you will want to clarify the actual weight.

  11. Mark

    Yeah, I’m also curious how these compare to the Attack pants, especially noise, fit and durability. I want to get a Chinook jacket but not sure about which pants, are the Chinooks really worth the extra $70? Knee pads are not that important to me.

    I don’t have Attack pants but tried them on when they first came out and they seemed good.

  12. Derek

    I am a big guy. former college football lineman and I love your equipment but none of it fits me. Your pants only go to a size 40 waist and I am a 44-46. I do a lot of backpacking in the Utah mountains bow hunting for elk, deer, moose and about everything else during the year. I know in the US people are larger than in the rest of the world and I know it would be worth your time to make a BIG MAN clothing line. I have a lot of friends that are my size or larger that also want your clothing but can’t fit into any of it. Please make a larger man size and you will get a lot of new customers.