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  1. Wayne McWhorter

    I used the 0 degree bag recently while hunting Dall sheep in the Brooks Range of Alaska. This bag was the envy of the hunting camp (hunters and guides included). I was warm and comfortable on a few cold nights when others were complaining about their heavy cold bags. I also tested the water repellancy of the bag and feathers when our mule went floating down the river with my bag exposed to the water — it stayed dry.

  2. Jason G

    I recently discovered Kuiu and am excited to test some of the clothing I purchased at the showroom with Dalles’ help. He was very patient! I was wondering however why the clothing can’t be rated for coldness like the sleeping bags? So many manufactures apply a temperature rating that helps give an idea of whether a garment may be appropriate for various situations. I admit that I’m a little nervous to see how comfortable I am hunting back in my old haunts along the eastern slope of the Rockies in MT. Can’t wait to see if the Kuiu Team has the opportunity to hunt and test the newer clothing in some really cold temperatures.