Check out these new binoculars our fri...

Check out these new binoculars our friends at Maven Optics sent me. Maven provides a high quality glass that’s manufactured in Japan and displays quality low-light performance, tack-sharp edge-to-edge clarity, and a generous depth of field.

Maven contacted me several months ago with a new concept that allows you to customize their binoculars with specific camo patterns, including KUIU’s Vias and Verde.

Visit to customize your own Maven binoculars in KUIU’s Vias or Verde.



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  1. Cory Benge

    Those are sweet!

  2. Tom

    Pretty cool, but I would not want to put them down on the ground, as you would never find them again.

  3. Tirel Gowans

    Fine looking optics there! I shall look into these binos a little further. Perhaps twist my own arm into getting a pair to hang out in the bino harness I ordered from kuiu a couple days ago

  4. Michael Wunnicke

    Hey Jason, Do you offer vinyl wraps of your camo patterns that can be applied to trucks?