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  1. Mike

    they sound very very good Jason

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Mike! You will love this sock!

  2. Mike

    will you have them at the sheep show?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes we will.

  3. Ryan

    Do you recommend wearing a thin layered sock underneath these still to prevent blistering or are these good enough by themselves. I am walking 7-10 miles a day on steep slopes hunting the dark timber while elk hunting..

    • Jason Hairston

      I do not for these socks. The Nu Yarn dries fast and wears well against your feet and will help prevent blisters unlike any sock you have worn. Every person who tested these socks all strongly felt they were the finest sock they have ever worn.


  4. Brady Miller

    Great looking sock. Love the attention to detail.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Brady!!

  5. Mike

    Thanks for coming out with some socks, I was hoping you would eventually. That said, probably won’t be getting any, especially for the price… They look WAY over engineered, simple seems much better and less likely to cause blistering.

    • Jason Hairston

      Just the opposite. Our technology of putting high yarn counts where your foot needs them prevents blisters on your feet and makes for a much more efficient sock.

  6. Jeremy Docken


    What’s the warmth like on these socks? Is this a sock that can be worn on it’s own from Sept when the weather is in the 80’s down to below freezing temps in Nov? I have a really hard time finding a good sock that prevents blisters but isn’t too thick for warm weather hunting.

    • Jason Hairston

      This is a very versatile sock. I do not use socks for insulation but to keep my feet dry and blister free which this sock does very well. I used it this year on my August Sheep hunt, September Elk hunt and October Grizzly hunt in AK. It excelled in all these conditions for me.

  7. Austin

    Curious to know the answers to Jeremy’s questions, as well as what the durability of these socks is. My feet sweat…a lot…and I can burn through some socks. Most of the time I get holes underneath the ball of my foot or just below my achilles (which appears to be addressed by adding extra padding). I’ve been anticipating Kuiu’s sock release, so I’ll definitely buy a pair, but would still like to hear Jason’s thoughts on warmth and durability.

    • Jason Hairston

      These socks are incredibly durable and dry because the use of NuYarn. Drier feet are warmer feet and dry feet get less blisters.

  8. Jonah

    Why is the sock 20% Spandex/Lycra (elastane) when Nuyarn is inherently, mechanically stretchy? That’s quite high for a sock (my socks all happen to be less than 5% elastane), and Jason has touted reduced usage of elastane as a benefit of using Nuyarn, which has more elasticity than ringspun merino wool (for example, in the Nuyarn presentation video on KUIU’s YouTube channel he explicitly says—at 17:17—that elastane is relatively heavy, holds moisture, and wears out sooner). I would have guessed there would be minimal use of elastane or even none at all. I expect there was a design reason to use it so much, and I’d like to hear and understand it.

    Regardless of the answer to my question, I’m in for a pair! I’ve been waiting for these socks ever since watching the Nuyarn video with Jason and The Merino Company CEO Andy Wynne in May. I’ve just placed an order for a pair for myself, and if my first impressions are good I’ll order another pair as a gift next week. I have a friend who wears cotton socks in the winter, so I think I’ll gift him a pair of these when I see him after the new year and “knock his socks off”, replacing them with these. I thought I’d get him several pairs of standard merino wool socks, including liners which I find necessary for wicking sweat when wearing thick merino wool socks, but liners are probably not necessary underneath this sock. I would rarely give a gift like this I hadn’t thoroughly evaluated, especially the first socks from a company, but I am willing to take leaps of faith with KUIU and Nuyarn because they have never let me down. I was worrying I’d have to gift my friend Smartwool or Darn Tough socks this year because the KUIU Ultra Merino socks I’ve been waiting for wouldn’t be available yet. I’m glad that these have come out just in the nick of time for the holiday season.

    I expect this KUIU sock will be an excellent and versatile sock I will use throughout fall, winter, and spring. I utilize a variety of different sock throughout the year. I will probably use this sock by itself in spring and fall. In the summer I typically use a thin Coolmax sock, sometimes no socks with sandals. In the winter I have several thicknesses of socks (medium, thick, extra-thick/”mountaineering”) I wear over a thin good polyester or merino sock, and I think this KUIU sock will probably make an excellent winter liner. My thin socks are mostly Injinji and a few Smartwool, and my thick socks which I wear over the thin ones are all Smartwool although I’d like to try Darn Tough before I buy another Smartwool sock for myself. I wear a lot of merino wool: Icebreaker, KUIU Ultra Merino (Nuyarn), Smartwool, Minus33, etc. I just bought a pair of “The Ultimate American Sock” by United By Blue (the company is a little urbane for my taste) on Kickstarter: 56% merino, 24% bison inner wool, 18% nylon, 2% spandex. I’m hoping the bison inner wool has properties similar to qiviut and other very expensive high-end fine natural fibers, and the sock is more durable than other more exotic merino-blends like PossumDown (which is wonderfully soft and warm for the weight, but not very durable or resistant to abrasion). I would try more exotic wools if they were more affordable and available in clothing that met my standards for modern practical design. I expect a favorite sock, but that sock is not as technically advanced or well-designed as the new KUIU Ultra Merino Crew Sock and I think the KUIU sock will be a much more versatile and a generally superior sock. However, the design intention is different and I’ll probably use the KUIU sock as a liner inside a thicker merino wool based sock (perhaps that one with the buffalo wool blended in, or a thicker Smartwool or Darn Tough). I prefer to size up my winter boots and use warm socks rather than use heavier insulated boots or mukluks (like Steger mukluks or Camuks) which are usually overkill for my environment. Especially as I buy lightweight, flexible and thin-soled boots made with “minimalist” design principles, as I enjoy feeling the ground and find it is quite helpful in aiding me to quickly determine sure footing when hiking.

    OK, I don’t know if my rambling is useful to anyone, but the new sock looks great and my expectation is that it will the best sock I have ever purchased. This is actually the most I’ve ever paid for a pair of socks, but to me it was not a difficult decision because I am confident that I will get a good return on my investment. Remember Nuyarn dries up to 5x faster than regular ringspun merino, fellas. If KUIU comes out with a varied line of socks I will probably replace other socks I own if the KUIU Nuyarn socks fit the role. A thick heavy-duty winter sock would be nice. I, like many others, would also like to see the KUIU underwear (along the lines of the best of Icebreaker and ExOfficio). I’d also like to see KUIU offer it’s clothing in more size and color options, which would make me buy more. That is all for now.

    • Jason Hairston

      The Spandex in our sock is because of the articulation and we use the Spandex to hold the sock in the correct position on the foot. Without it we would have a baggy fitting sock. The NuYarn is amazing in socks, I look forward to you trying them and hearing your opinion. You sound like a sock expert!


  9. JR

    Any chance of an ankle sock? I wear an ankle sock far more than a crew sock, even when hunting.