My journey introducing Nuyarn® technology to KUIU...

My journey introducing Nuyarn® technology to KUIU began September 2013, when The Merino Company approached me with their newest technology.  After hearing of the benefits this yarn exhibits while still maintaining the inherent qualities of wool, I knew KUIU needed to introduce it to the hunting world.  I flew to New Zealand November of 2013 to visit the farms and factories where the yarn is created to gain a deeper understanding of its origins. During this trip I also met with scientists from the IANZ accredited Textile Testing Laboratory at AgResearch where they independently tested the performance of Nuyarn versus traditional ring spun yarn.  Traditional ring spun yarn twists fibers together for strength, which leaves ends poking out. Nuyarn takes the twist out, and instead lays fibers along the same orientation as the rest of the yarn, so the fabrics feel less prickly and more comfortable yet become stronger.



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  1. Josh Wright

    Ultra Merino now one of my favorite pieces of KUIU.

  2. Keith Peter

    Very interesting picture of the factory!!

  3. Cory Benge

    Another great concept comes to fruition.

  4. Mike Williams

    210 needs more of the qualities of 145… They are very different in all aspects… 145 far superior. Main problem with 210 lack of stretch restricts mobility and layering. Still zip-off feature is awesome been waiting for this for 15 years!!

  5. Colby Kendell

    On several of my back country hunts this year, I had a mix of the previous merino wool and the Nuyarn. Extremely impressed with the performance of the latter. Looking forward to using the socks this year!

    Great meeting you at The Sheep Show Jason!


  6. Alex Yeates

    I used the ultra merino 125 and 145 everyday of turkey season this last spring and elk season last fall in eastern Oregon. They are awesome and i don’t usually like wool against my skin especially when i am sweating and carrying a pack. But these shirts are awesome the fabric dries really quick and is pretty warm when layered together. The verde pattern is perfect for spring here and proved itself time and time again.