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  1. Aaron

    I’m super impressed with the Kenai jacket. Are there any thoughts or plans for Kenai pants?

  2. Robbie B

    Will the Kenai be available in solid? Keep up the good work.

  3. Jon U

    I’m looking to find more specs on the KUIU Superdown Hooded Jacket. First, I’m looking for the fill weight on this jacket. Additionally, I can’t find any published specifications on the Stunner Stretch fabic, like g/m^2 for example. Thanks.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Jon – The Super Down Hooded Jacket has 2.5 ounces of fill and the non-hooded jacket has 2.25 ounces of fill. The stunner stretch face fabric is 26 grams/M2.

    • rainwater

      2.5 oz fill 850+

  4. Jay Thompson


    I love my super down hooded jacket. One comment I would like to make as my jacket tends to ride up a bit when both arms are raised to shoot my bow. I am a bit longer in the middle, and normally need a XLTall to fit properly. I went with an XXL due to arm length. I like the stretch material you designed into the cuff, have you considered adding something similar under the arm pits of the jacket? This might allow the sleeves more freedom of movement without riding up as much.

    Thank you for an awesome product!

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Thank you for your feedback, Jay–I appreciate your support for KUIU!