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  1. Doug

    Where’s the pants 😉

  2. Keith Peter

    Yea pants please

  3. JWH

    Jason, hoping to see a Kenai pant styled after the Arcteryx Atom LT puffy pant. The Atom LT is the ultimate in light and fast insulation but the pocket layout flat out sucks, designed for hikers not for hunters. A Kenai pant similar to the Atom LT pant but with halfway decent slim design pockets would be a nice pant to have. Bring em’ on before summer so us sheep hunters can test them out during sheep season.

    Also, what gives with the chatter on the forum about the Kenai series shrinking after laundering?

  4. Matt

    Backpacker Magazine just selected the Mountain Hardware HyperLamina Spark for an editors choice award and I couldn’t help but thinking that their laminated synthetic is very similar to the Kenai tech, so how about a Kenai sleeping bag? Should be able to hit a 30 degree rating for under 2.5lbs and under $300.