Back in July of 2014, you may remember me talking ...

Back in July of 2014, you may remember me talking about and explaining why I supported them. Now, almost a year later my support for them has grown. We are proudly partnering with goHUNT and endorsing their ground breaking new membership called INSIDER. To show support, anyone who signs up for INSIDER at $149/yr will receive a $50 KUIU gift certificate. View more details

For those not familiar with goHUNT INSIDER, it is a powerful online tool to have on your side when it comes to planning hunts in the West. They have successfully put quality information in a user-friendly format: all in one spot, accessible anytime with the click of a mouse. At KUIU, I pride myself on constantly innovating and delivering more and more value to our customers. The goHUNT team does the exact same thing with their business, which is what makes this partnership a natural fit. Their goal is to help hunters spend less time researching and more time in the field — Mission accomplished.

Here at KUIU, we are always discussing the upcoming hunting seasons and the specific hunts we’d like to go on. Lately, the conversation has shifted to include what we’ve found on INSIDER and how it’s helped us narrow down our potential hunt choices. We are now finding new trophy hunts and areas that we were unaware of.  goHUNT INSIDER has simplified the research process and made finding information easier.  If you aren’t familiar with INSIDER yet, I strongly recommend checking it out. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up winning the Dall Sheep hunt they are giving away next month! View more details


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  1. Mike

    Lorenzo and the crew at GoHunt have a great thing going!!! I’m an Insider and love it!!

  2. Armosino

    Well, you put me and my sheep on the Dall Sheep giveaway page so I had to join! Wow, very informative, I have been targeting Nevada recently and am impressed with the info GoHunt offers, thank you for bringing us this opportunity.