Long time KUIU supporter and great personal friend...

Long time KUIU supporter and great personal friend, Lance Kronberger had the incredible opportunity to take his 9 year old son Stryder on his first Grizzly Bear hunt, one that most of us will only get to dream of. Accompanied by his whole family (wife Nikki and 7 year old daughter Keelie), this was a hunt that they will never forget. Below is Lances story of the Hunt.

“We hunted in the cold, wind and rain.  On the third day we spotted this bear on a big flat below our glassing knob.  The whole family was together as we bailed off the mountain to cut the distance on the bear.  Excitement, intensity and the unknown were all emotions that I could see the kids were having.  However, I could also tell that they wanted success!  Once we relocated the bear, we moved into 155 yards and got Stryder set up prone over my backpack, with Nikki ready to back him up.  The bear was digging, eating roots, and had no idea what was about to happen.  The bear turned straight away and I told Stryder to shoot it right up the butt; which is a great shot on a bear.  Stryder made a great shot and after a couple of follow up shots he had his first Grizzly.  This was an experience the whole family will remember forever!” ~ Lance Kronberger

Lance and Nikki are the owners of Freelance Outdoor Adventures, one of the top Sheep, Goat, Moose, and Bear outfitters in Alaska. I have had the opportunity to hunt with Lance on many occasions and consider him a close friend. Congratulations on the beautiful bear Stryder.


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  1. Jerry Gowins

    Great pics! Congrats!

  2. Jim Crawford

    Congratulations Lance and family

  3. Armosino

    The joy of being raised in a hunting family, some of my best memories are being a young man hunting with my dad and uncle.
    Great story.

  4. Tim Aydt

    Congrats Stryder. An awesome family affair! Tim

  5. Cory Benge

    Congrats Stryder!

  6. Craig Germond

    That is awesome! Great pictures!