The ICON Pro Packs have now been used in the fie...

The ICON Pro Packs have now been used in the field by Professional Guides and Customers for over a year in some of the toughest conditions around the world. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive, proving the ICON Pro Packs live up to the goals of the design: Durable; Light Weight; Modular, Functional and Capable of hauling heavy loads;  All while coming in at a fraction of the cost of the competition. With the 2015 addition of the 3200 cubic inch bag, the ICON Pro line can now be used for any duration; from single day hunts to 10+ day expeditions.

The modularity of the Pro packs is one of the many features that set these packs apart. Only needing one frame and suspension allows you the ability to quickly change bags giving hunters the option to tailor their bag size for their specific hunting needs. For further compatibility the ULTRA bags can also be used on the ICON Pro frame and suspension.

Icon Pro 1850: Our “go to” day pack for any hunting conditions. With the perfect amount of space for single day use, this pack is also load sling capable which adds an additional 2500 cubic inches of space to help haul out the first load of meat. With the capability to be used with out a frame, the 1850 with suspension only (no frame) is a great set up for your short day hunts with minimal equipment.

Icon Pro 3200: This pack is ideal as a large late season day pack for when the weather requires you to carry more gear, or as a 2-3 day pack when the weather is warm and minimal equipment is necessary.

Icon Pro 5200: The 5200 bag has enough space to carry a weeks worth of gear for your backpack hunt.

Icon Pro 7200: KUIU’s largest bag, with enough space to carry your gear for 10+ days with some room to spare.

Sizing and Fit

With a completely customizable fit, the KUIU packs are the only packs in the industry to be built off of a Carbon Fiber Frame. With our two different frame sizes (Tall, Regular) and two waist belt sizes (S/M & L/XL)  our packs can fit torso lengths from 15″- 22″ and waist sizes from 28″ to 44″. Using micro adjustment with the T-Lock track system, the ICON Pro can be adjusted to a perfect fit.  Pictured above is a Tall frame, on the left is the lower setting 17.5″ and the right is the higher at 22″

Regular – 15″ – 17.5

Tall Frame – 17.5″ – 22″

S/M Belt – 28″- 33″

L/XL Belt – 33″ – 44″

With a total of 14 total pockets on the larger packs, the layout of the ICON Pros help you keep your gear organized and well managed. Besides the pocketing, the the ICON Pros come with many features that may be overlooked, but are well thought out and make this pack incredibly versatile.

Internal Lashing System

The 3200, 5200, and 7200 all come with an internal lashing system pictured above. The lashing system is designed to keep heavy gear or meat high and against your back, stopping the weight from falling to the bottom of the pack, and causing an uncomfortable load. An XL roll top dry bag fits into the lashing system perfectly.

Vertical Side Pockets

The 5200 and 7200 have two vertical double zippered side pockets that are not only for extra storage, but can be used to secure and protect your rifle. With top and bottom zippers you can completely encompass your scope and action to keep debris from damaging your weapon and compromising your hunt.

External Flap

When your pack is full and you still have extra gear, the external flap on the lower front of the pack can be a great place to lash one last item. With straps long enough to go around a XL Dry Bag this area has more room than it appears and is a great place for extra storage.

If you want more in-depth information on the ICON Pro Packs, below is a video from last years Brand Live Release with Jason and Shaun.

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  1. joeyp

    My Alaskan moose hunt in September will put the 7200 to the test, I hope. With the addition of the load sling, I am looking forward to the hard work that comes with success.

  2. Kevin M

    I’m getting ready to order a new Icon Pro soon and am wondering about frame sizing. Can you point me to a link that helps determine appropriate sizing?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Hey Kevin, here is a video on how to fit your ICON pack, but the same principals apply to the ICON Pros. At the beginning of the video Jason goes over how to measure your torso length, once you have that measurement, use the sizing in the Blog Post above to order the correct size frame. If you have any questions feel free to call Customer Service, we have a pack specialist on hand every day.
      Pack Fitting

  3. gary

    Need help deciding on a set of base layer clothing between the 125,145. or 210. Would appreciate your advice.


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Gary, when where and what are you hunting?

  4. Mike

    I have questions about the differences in the frames for your ICON PRO VS the ULTRA packs. I have read on (non KUIU)forums that they are a bit different and I will be purchasing a new pack this fall so I want to ensure I get the correct one. Specifically, are the hip belts and shoulder straps the same? Is the additional weight of the ICON Pro from the bag itself or is the frame slightly heavier as well? Can additional external lashing be added to both packs? Lastly are there load securing straps inside the ultra like in the ICON PRO?
    Any other information regarding differences would be greatly appreciated.



    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Mike, The ULTRA and ICON Pro frames are exactly the same and make both lines a completely modular system. The differences in the Packs are going to be the bags and suspension. The ICON Pro’s are our more durable and robust pack line, where the ULTRA’s are our minimalist and incredibly light weight pack line. For any other information we have pack specialists on hand in Customer Service everyday that can answer any questions that you have.

  5. Patrick

    My question is about the interior fastening system. What fabric is it made out of? Is it stretchy like in luggage, 500D. I ask because it seems that on the off chance it is stretchy that it would stretch itself out under a heavy enough meat load becoming ineffective for future use.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Great question, there are no elastics used in any of our apparel and equipment, so there will be no stretch.

  6. Ryan

    I just recently purchased an Icon pro 3200 and there is no sling in the bottom of the back. Is this something that I am missing or need to purchase for the load sling capability?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      We removed the Cordura fabric from the load sling on the ICON Pro and ULTRA Packs. Doing that allowed us to have a full length load sling and added an extra 700 cubic inches. Items in the load sling are now supported at the bottom by the load sling straps that connect the bottom of the hip belt to the bag.

  7. Colton

    Hi I’m looking into buying either the Icon Pro 5200 or the 7200. I was wondering if the 5200 has enough room for all my gear on a 5-7 day hunt plus the room to pack out a deboned deer. Would it be smarter to purchase the 7200 instead?

    Thank you

    • Jason Hairston

      It is designed for a 5 to 7 day hunt. If you have no food when you are packing your camp out you should be able to get a boned out deer in the pack if you pack light. The bag can be load-slinged as well for your boned out deer and the XL dry bags are designed to fit between the bag and frame. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  8. Jeff

    I am looking at buying a pack this year. I like the 1800 for simple day-trips, but was also considering a larger pack. I really like the idea of the 5200 with the outside pockets that can protect the rifle, while hiking through harsh environments. Would the 5200 be overkill for 1-2 day California hunting?


    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      I wouldn’t consider it over kill at all. With the amount of compression straps that the packs have, they can compress down pretty small. Also you will have enough room for meat when you get something on the ground.

  9. Ben

    Can you machine wash the the bags when removed from the frame?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Yes you can machine wash the Pack bags once removed from the frame. You may want to turn them inside-out when washing so the straps don’t get caught on anything inside the washing machine. Hang dry is best.

  10. Sam

    I am using an icon pro 5200 as my day pack to take as much meat out as I can on my first trip back to my rig. If I’m throwing quarters that are in game bags in my pack what do you guys recommend doing to keep my gear and the pack clean? Thought about using garbage bags or dry bags but, seems like that would be bad for the meat.



    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Sam,

      I use our L & XL Dry bags but I bone everything out. You can use heavy duty garbage bags for quarters. I have never had a problem with meat spoilage using either of these. You need to get them out of these types of bags as soon as you remove them from your pack. One of the great things about our pack system is you can take our bags off very easily and throw them in your washing machine as well.


  11. Kory

    I recently purchased two Kuiu packs (Icon Pro 1850 & Ultra 6000) and I absolutely love them! The designs are great, the materials are top-of-the-line and the prices are fair. I would like to make one recommendation. I would love to see a magnetic closure option for the #86011 hip belt pouches. If you ever design those I would be willing to test them out for you.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Thank you for the email. We will provide this feedback to our Product Development team.

  12. Tyler

    squeaky pack:

    I work as a guide in southern Idaho and gave the icon pro 3200 a try this past season. I loved the pack, very comfortable and it holds a lot of weight well. My only issue with it was that if the pack was not fully loaded and I had my hydration system hanging from the hanger strap, every time I would take a step it would make an awful squeaking noise. Any suggestions??

  13. Kody

    I have been slowly acquiring the straps and bag sections of the Icon pro 3200. Everything looks great but I realize there may be problems packing out meat without a frame. Is there anywhere I can purchase the frame alone? If not, would you consider adding an option for frame only purchase in the future?

    Thanks, Kody

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Kody,

      Contact Customer Service.


  14. Conner Shore

    2 questions! Going on a 5-7 day colorado bull elk hunt. 3rd rifle season November 5th. Would the 5200 be enough bag assuming I take an elk, or would I need the 7200? Also, would the guide series pants and jacket be okay for the hunt?

    Thanks guys!

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes. The 5200 is a perfect choice for a 5-7 day hunt. The Guide Pants and Jacket are what I would recommend. Do not forget to include insulation, either the Super Down, Kenai or Teton.


  15. Adam Hartwell

    I am going to purchase the Icon Pro this spring, but am torn between the 5200 and the 7200. I have read the previous posts which leads to think the 5200 is probably a good fit as I will take several 3-4 day trips with a couple 7 day trips. My current pack is 75 liters but is definitely to small for me. I guess I’m wondering for another $15 more and couple oz. maybe the 7200 is the better option although I probably will never be on a trip more then 7 days at a time.

    Question 2: if I’m running both hip pouches is there still room for side arm or bear spray? As always keep up the good work and making real products that make a difference in the outdoors.


    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Adam,

      Up to 7 days, the 5200 is the right pack for you. There is room for bear spray and depending on the holster there is room for a side arm with the hip belt pouches on. They are removable if you need more space on your hip belt.


  16. Thomas Miller

    How do I remove the hip web belt from the 1850 icon pack.

    • Jason Hairston

      release the velcro and slide it off.

  17. Thomas Miller

    I got it thanks

  18. Landon

    Quick question… Is the new Icon 7200 made entirely out of 500d Cordura, or is it 160d with reinforced sections? Thanks!

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it is.

  19. Chad

    Will the icon pro 7200 attach to my ultra frame and suspension?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes. You will need new quick clips. Contact Customer Service and they can help you with this.


  20. Jimmy

    On the Icon Pro 5200, is the top of the pack (lid) removable for shorter hunts where you dont need the storage?

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes it is!

  21. Jack

    I just bought An ICON PRO 5200 full kit and an 1850 bag. I’d plan on loading the 5200 up and hiking with it to train for Sept. I see that you can wash the bags, but was wondering if you can wash the suspension after you’ve gotten it all sweaty and smelly?

  22. Jack

    Thought of another question: If we don’t draw New Mexico, which we probably won’t, we are going to Montana in Sept. What clothes would you recommend for a week long backpack hunt? I figured one pair of pants (attack?) and about 3 shirts? recommendations?
    Thank you in advance!

  23. David

    I understand that the Ultra and Icon pro lines use the same frames, but is it possible to use an Ultra bag on an Icon suspension? The Icon pro 1850 fits my needs better for a day pack and I would like be able to use the ultra 6000 for a “pack in” bag. Thanks.

    • Jason Hairston

      yes it is. I apologize for the delayed response. I have been on vacation the past 10 days.

  24. Brady


    I recently purchased a both the Icon PRO 3500 and 7200 packs. I have noticed that both of the packs squeak/make a rubbing noise somewhere around (I believe) where the frame slides into the pocket/holder of the pack when I take steps. I have particular noticed it when I am going uphill with decent weight on the pack. The more weight, the louder and more common the noise. I have tried adjusting the load straps to eliminate the noise, but the tradeoff when it goes away is that it is not comfortable. This will not work for me as I am an archery hunter, so I am looking for any advice you have. Have you heard of this issue before? If so, how can I fix it? I was thinking about trying teflon or felt around the frame’s point of contact with the pack, but don’t want to waste my time in testing it if you have any better ideas. Please advise.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Brady,

      As with all packs, not just KUIU’s Dust and dirt will cause squeaking. One of the benefits to our system is you can take your bags and suspension off the frame to clean them. The bag can be thrown in your washing machine and hung to dry. Spray down the suspension and frame with a hose and wipe away any dirt and dust and re-assemble. This typically eliminates any squeaking that has arisen. We see this a lot with guys who throw their packs on the back an ATV and they get covered in dust. I throw mine in a trash bag so this does not happen. If this does not solve the problem please send it back to us and we will address the issue.


  25. Mark

    I’m potentially new to Kuiu. looking at the pro 7200 vs ultra 6000. Where can I see the differences?

  26. Kolby Hough

    I do alot of shed hunting and need to be able to strap antlers to the pack would I able to with the icon 3200 thanks

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Hi Kolby,
      With all of the external pack compression straps and the 14 additional external webbing loops, the ICON PRO 3200 should provide plenty of options for attaching antlers to the outside of the pack. Good luck!

  27. Adam Campbell

    I recently purchased a 5200 icon pro in the vias for here in Kodiak, AK. I have a Goat hunt coming up in the next few weeks and just this past weekend went scouting for goat/ hunting for black tail. I wanted to test it out with a full load of gear before hiking up 2800 feet for my hunt. All I can say is this pack was amazing! The design of the pack as well as the frame was designed just for this kind of hunt. I am 6’1 200 lbs and ordered the Large/Reg frame and it fits perfect. The only part of the pack that was a little annoying was the top pouch that is over the pack. Im sure Kuiu was thinking of this because of why it is detachable. On my trip, I took it off and placed it in side my pack for another storage bag. Overall, I am very pleased and highly recommend this pack to other customers.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Thank you for the feedback on how your ICON PRO 5200 is working well for you–it’s a great pack. Good luck on your goat hunt!

  28. Tyler Farney


    I’m looking to build up my collection of clothing in both camo patterns, that way I’m prepared for whatever terrain I’m in. I’m also at looking to get the ultra packs in both the 1850 & 5200/7200 (haven’t decided which of the larger packs yet). But, my question is, which camo pattern for the packs should I try to match with if I plan on having both camo patterns for clothing? Or is packs something that doesn’t matter on coloring? Love your company and everything you stand for. Keep up the good work.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Thanks for the support.

      I think you are referring to the ICON Pro in the 1850/ 5200/7200 combo. The Ultra Series has 1800/3000/6000 cubic inch bag options. All great choices depending on what you are trying to achieve. Feel free to call customer service at 855.367.5848 if you have any questions about the pack/ bag combinations.

      Both our Vias and Verde patterns work well together. It really boils down to personal preference or which you will use more.