Hi Everyone, Finally hunting season is he...

Hi Everyone,

Finally hunting season is here!!!

I wanted to share some photos of a ram that I have always dreamed about harvesting from my first hunt of the year.

I just returned from a great hunt with Nanhanni Butte Outfitters in the NWT. My guides found this old broomed warrior on the fourth day. Our stalk took us three hours and three thousand vertical feet in some really steep nasty stuff. My shot was at a very steep angle from 200 yards below the small rock perch he was bedded on.

The ram’s teeth were completely worn down to his gums. He was literally starving on his feet.  He had no fat and was really really thin, you could see his hip bones and vertebrae.

It is hard to tell exactly how old he was because his growth rings get really small at the base. I have him at 13 1/2 but he could be 14 1/2. I am going to send in his teeth to find out. His mass as you can see is unbelievable. His thirds measured at 8 1/2 inches!!

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to have harvested such an amazing trophy. The guides made it all happen and I can not thank Brady and Jeff and Jim Lancaster enough for an amazing hunt. One I will never forget. 

We captured this hunt on film and we will be releasing it on kuiu.com in a few weeks. Look for the announcement.

I wish you all luck this up coming season. Please email us your photos and success stories. We LOVE to read them and post them up in our album.


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  1. Armosino

    GREAT RAM Jason!
    I hunted with Jeff the week before you arrived, will send some photos in.
    Nahanni Butte is a great place, Jim runs a great camp and the guides are the best!

    • Jason Hairston

      I heard you shot a great ram. Cannot wait to see the photos.


  2. Steve Tapogna

    Great ram,,,,,,,,just ordered mor goodies

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Steve!

  3. CoryS

    Amazing Ram Jason. Congrats. Nahanni has a way of “getting it done”…Way to go…

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes they do! Thanks Cory!

  4. Cory Benge

    Awesome ram!! Congrats!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Cory!! Good luck this season!

  5. Jerry Gowins

    Congratulations, Jason! Beautiful ram! I’m very happy for you and definitely looking forward to the video.

    My KUIU adventure starts in 21 days. Three day mulie hunt, then six day backpack hunt for elk here in Oregon. Very thankful for lightweight KUIU gear.

    Congrats again!


    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Jerry. Good luck on your trips. I look forward to seeing your photos.


  6. Jason Eitutis

    Whoa–there are legal rams and there are true giants…grats!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Jason!

  7. Dave McNeill

    Congrats on that fine Ram!

    • Jason Hairston

      I appreciate that Dave! Thank you.

  8. Matt McKenzie

    What a Ram! awesome job!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Matt!!

  9. Brian Fantuz

    Wow! Certainly is a great ram!! Hope you left a good one or two on the mountain for Brian and Jane!

    • Jason Hairston

      Ha Ha! Lots of rams up there left. They will have a great hunt.

  10. JP

    Wow! Thanks for sharing Jason! You guys continue to inspire hunters like me and hopefully one day I’ll get the opportunity to visit sheep country and see similar success!

    All of us Hunters from Arizona say hello!


    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you JP. I appreciate hearing this. Good luck this season.


  11. Brian McElrea

    Beautiful ram Jason. Just a little better than the OR show! Lol. Congrats.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yea, it was worth missing the show for the first time in a decade for a chance at this ram. Thank you Brian.

  12. Jody

    Nice, thanks for sharing. If I may, what jacket are you wearing?

    • Jason Hairston

      I am wearing new Peloton 240 Hoodie. I wore the new Peloton line on this trip. I put the base layers to the test, in wearing the same 135 Tee the entire 6 days and it never smelled. Great stuff.

  13. Steve Shannon

    It takes a hunter to understand how you can kill something you love, like that sheep. Your enthusiasm is obvious and contagious in that picture. Well, done. I appreciate the image you cast on the hunting community.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Steve for your thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it.


  14. Chris Steffen

    Smoker ram Jason! Congrats. Can’t wait to hit the high country October 1st for my Wyoming bighorn hunt…loaded up with Kuiu gear of coarse.

    • Jason Hairston

      Good luck on your hunt. Please email in your photos.


  15. Kurt Steindorf

    Congrats Jason!!! That is one hell of a ram!! Once again congrats.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Kurt!!

  16. Kevin

    Possibly the best looking Dall I’ve ever seen. Unreal ram, huge congrats. Looking forward to the video.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Kevin. I appreciate it!


  17. Harvey Harrold

    Congrats Jason!!
    That’s one hell of a Buster!!!

  18. Steve Faber


    Congrats on your ram!

    I am at a hunting trade show in Ft. Worth, TX and was introduced to a guy who manufactures what he claims are the “World’s Best Socks.” 51% mohair wool, 37% hydro rev and 12% silver/nylon. The company is called Krazy Goat Socks and they are out of Goldthwaite, TX. His name is Glenn Spenrath. Phone is (325)948-3432. His email is glenn@krazygoatsocks.com. Their website is www. krazygoatsocks.com. You never know, but could be a great relationship for y’all. All I know is their socks, like your gear, are amazing.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Steve. I will check out those socks! I appreciate you getting me this info.


  19. Bob Heddy

    Great Ram, Every body’s dream

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Bob.

  20. joeyp

    That is a monster ram, congratulations! Looking forward to the story/video. A ram like that could give a guy nightmares.

    • Jason Hairston

      Yes he would if I could not close the deal!

  21. Tom Vanasche

    Fantastic, great trophy, now it is time to get one with the LONGBOW!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Tom!

  22. Steve Santoro

    A Job WELL DONE and in style !!!!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Steve! I appreciate it.

  23. Brady Miller

    Great ram, Jason! Congrats. I’m glad my dad got to hang out with you guys at camp. I’ll send you photos of his ram shortly.

    • Jason Hairston

      Your Dad is such a great guy! It was good to hang out with him.


  24. Colby

    Amazing old ram! That is what it is all about. I’m looking forward to putting my new Kuiu gear to great use in the Alberta Rockies in September. Your gear has lightened my load tremendously and you have made a lifelong customer and supporter. Congrats on your success on the mountain and with Kuiu. The hard work pays off.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Colby. It is good to have you as a customer. Good luck this season, email us your photos.


  25. Steve Czoschke

    Beautiful ram Jason. I shot a 14 yr. old warrior similar to yours years ago in the Yukon. Lots of character and likely would not have made it through the winter.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thanks Steve! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and share.


  26. Jack Richard

    Awesome ram, congratulations! I’ve been working here in the NWT as the Hunter Education Coordinator and it has been pretty exciting seeing and meeting guys who then have their efforts pay off in the mountains. You’ll be pleased to know the majority I have seen are trusting Kuiu on their trips. Speaks volumes. Congrats again!

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Jack! I ran into a LOT of KUIU customers up north. The growth of KUIU has been unbelievable. I appreciate your support and comment.


  27. Wesley Pete

    What a beautiful Ram Jason. Great Mass, Congrats!! Can’t wait for the video.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you Wesley! I am excited to see the Video as well.


  28. Colby Kendell


    If anyone deserves that ram, it’s you. Excited for you, congrats! Can’t wait to see the footage. Was Brendan’s caught on film as well? Good luck with the rest of your season.

    (Kendell Collective)

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Colby,

      Yes it was, both rams. The footage looks spectacular. Thank you Kendell!


  29. Corey S

    Hoping to see a gear list video for this type of hunt.

    • Jason Hairston

      We shot one before I left. It is being edited.

  30. Andrew Craigen

    Great photos. Amazing ram. I can’t find the video. Has it been posted yet? Looking forward to seeing it!

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      The film is not out yet. It should be soon.

  31. Aaron

    Any word on when the video is going to be posted?

    • Jason Hairston

      Final edits were completed yesterday. It will go up next week with an announcement here on the blog.