As hunters, one of the most important requirements...

As hunters, one of the most important requirements of our gear is to keep us dry.  Nothing can create more discomfort or potentially be more dangerous than gear that gets wet and stays wet. Below are guidelines to help you select the perfect set of rain gear for your hunt.

Below are guidelines to help you select the best set of rain gear.

Hunting Conditions?- What weather conditions will you encounter on your hunt? Is it an early season archery hunt and the chance of rain is minimal, or will you be hunting up north and likely encounter some sort of precipitation everyday? Will you be glassing from mountain tops or busting brush? The more often you wear your rain gear, the more durable it will need to be.

Hunting Style– What style of hunt are you going on? If you are backpacking into a remote area for an extended period of time and will be constantly on the move, weight is a huge factor. If you are hunting from camp or being dropped off by boat or plane and the weight of your pack is not as critical, then features and comfort should be a deciding factor.

Longevity– How often do you use it? Durability doesn’t just have to do with how well it holds up to brush, but also how well it will hold up to everyday wear and tear. For someone who spends most their season in the field, durability should be something that tilts your decision.

Weight VS Durability– Typically, as weight increases so does durability. The Teton is our lightest set, but is not designed to be used for busting through thick brush.  The Yukon is our heaviest and most durable set, but do you need the extra weight? Finding a balance between weight and durability is a key factor in the decision-making process.

Below are the four rain gear sets that we offer:



Jacket: 29.2oz / Pant: 25.8

Fabric Weight: 256 g/m²

The Yukon rain gear is an extremely durable 3-layer hard shell that is designed to be worn all day, keeping you completely dry and protected throughout your entire hunt. Reinforced elbows, knees, and seat protect the vulnerable parts of the gear. Since these are mainly worn all day, we added cargo and hand pockets on the pants, and two chest and hand pockets on the jacket for additional storage.

Chugach NX


Jacket: 18.9 oz / Pant: 15.5 oz

Fabric Weight: 161 g/m²

The Chugach NX rain gear gives you the perfect combination of weight, durability, and breathability. Using a lighter Primeflex face fabric the Chugach NX still offers 4-way stretch for less restricted range of motion. Minimizing the features to keep the weight down, the Chugach pants have no pockets, and the jacket has one chest and 2 hand pockets. Being our mid-weight rain gear, the packable Chugach NX is a perfect blend of lightweight and durability.



Jacket: 8.1 oz / Pant: 5.9 oz

Fabric Weight: 92 g/m²

The Teton rain gear offers the perfect balance between performance, features, and price. At under 16 ounces, this is an impressively lightweight and packable 3 layer system. Using Toray’s Sport Division fabrics, we have created high performance rain gear that is light in your pack and your wallet. Using TSD’s membrane with a waterproof breathability rating of 10,000mm/10,000g/m²/24hr, the Teton rain gear will keep you dry in virtually any storm.



Jacket: 8.9 oz / Pant: 7.5 oz

Fabric Weight: 106 g/m²

The Ultra NX rain gear was designed specifically to reduce weight for hunters that rely on keeping their pack as light as possible, and worn primarily when waiting out sudden storms.  With a 30 denier nylon face fabric, the ULTRA NX was not designed to be worn regularly while busting brush.

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  1. Cory Benge

    All good choicrs

  2. Vernon

    just received the Chugach after it was backordered. Haven’t used it yet but the fit is perfect for me. Raining this weekend here in AK so I hope to test it out before my next hunt. I have an observation and comment on the colors. To be honest, I see items around town in person and colors / tonal contrasts seem to be all over the place, especially in the Vias line. My jacket appears at virtually any distance to be of only two shades/colors as the black/gray/brown are all very dark and hard to tell apart. I don’t want to return it as my trip is in less than 2 weeks and it seems to be an awesome piece regardless.

  3. Josh Warren

    Quick question on the Yukon stuff. I just received the Jacket in size M, and its a little bulky. I’m 6’180lb wear a size 40 suit avid cross-fitter and in good shape.

    1)Are there plans to make this jacket in a small? With the amount of stretch I could easily get this over my layers and still have room. Would this also change the length of the sleeve?

    2)Also I went to order the pants to match and couldn’t tell if the pants are made with an articulated knee or not? My arc’teryx alpha AR pants have an articulated knee which is really nice and keeps my pants leg from rising when I sit. My arc’teryx pants were a lot more expensive but I really like the stretch and breathability of the NX stuff. Hope switching the pants is the right move. Nobody wants a bunch of bulk in the bottom of a pant.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      Hello Josh,

      Currently there are no plans to produce a small in the Yukon Jacket. As demand continues to grow, small sizes may be considered in the future. The Yukon Pant does have an articulated knee. Additionally the knee, butt and ankle cuff is reinforced for added durability in these high wear areas. I’m confident you will be happy with the switch to the Yukon set. Thank you for your continued support.

  4. Ryan Gilbrech

    Does the Teton rain gear zip on and off similar to the long johns?

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      The Teton Rain Gear has the same leg zipper configuration as our Chugach NX and Yukon rain gear. There are full length double zippers on each leg that stop at the waist band. Zip up from the bottom when putting on and taking off. Zip down from the top for ventilation. They do not zip on and off the same way as the Ultra Merino zip-off bottoms.

  5. Ryan Gilbrech

    Thank You

  6. Paul

    I have the Chugach rain gear in Vias. Its awesome! I got a little hole in the pants. How do I fix or repair a small tear or hole?

  7. Rachel

    Having the right rain gear is important when you’re going to be out in the elements for a while. Thanks for sharing these!