With hunting season just beginning for most of y...

With hunting season just beginning for most of you, it may be time to upgrade your sleeping bag. Those of you that backpack hunt, your sleeping bag contributes more to the weight of your pack than any other single item. There have been recent advancements in sleeping bag design, construction, and fabrics that allow sleeping bags to cover a wider range of temperatures and conditions. Below is some information about our sleeping bags that will give you some insight into the materials and design.

EN 13537 Test

IDFL Down Certification

We use the International Down and Feather Laboratory based in Salt Lake City for all sleeping bag and feather testing and certifications. This certification of temperature rating guarantees our customer the performance and quality that we claim from our bags. Our Super Down Sleeping Bag ships out with two certificates, one guaranteeing the temperature rating with the other guaranteeing the fill power and down to feather ratio.

We do not recommend buying a bag that is not certified. Without a testing certificate the bag’s temperature rating is an opinion and there is no guarantee that it will meet your expectations.

Founded in 1961, The Committee for European Standards developed tests in various business sectors to build a strong market for goods and services. One of these tests, EN 13537, was designed to create a standard to temperature rate sleeping bags in Europe. While this test is not required by United States manufacturers, it has now become a standard worldwide. This test ensures an accurate temperature rating for your bag.

Water- Repellent Down

Water-repellent down is the most recent development in insulation. This highly specialized down has all the benefits of synthetic insulation and traditional down combined.  Water-repellent down coated on an individual fiber level is the best long-term fill option available. Treated down holds its loft when wet without altering compressibility and durability features. The best water-repellent downs keep their original loftiness after washing.

The quality of water repellent down varies. After long exposures to water, most repellency starts to fail. TORAY Quixdown ™ has been scientifically proven to perform better than other treated down. Because of the durability and longevity of TORAY Quixdown ™ it is the only water repellent down we feel confident using. All of KUIU’s Super Down Sleeping Bags and Jackets are made with TORAY Quixdown.™

Sleeping Bag Fabric

Sleeping bag fabrics also affect the durability and weight of your bag. Lower performing bags use polyester fabrics, whereas higher performing bags use nylon. Nylon is known for its lightweight durability that provides wind and abrasion resistance.

A new advancement in fabric technology is stretch, down proof nylon fabric. We use TORAY Stunner Stretch,™ which stretches without adding heavy and moisture absorbing Lycra. This allows sleeping bags to stretch with your body, significantly increasing the comfort of a mummy style bag. These fabrics are a unique breakthrough in down proof fabrics and remain incredibly lightweight and durable.

The outer fabrics of high-quality bags are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to protect your bag against moisture and condensation. DWR is a critical component in a sleeping bag because it protects your down fill.

Sleeping Bag Construction

There are two common baffle types: sewn through and true baffles. Sewn through baffles are created by taking the outer fabric of the bag and sewing it to the inner fabric. This compresses the down, creating cold spots around the stitch line. The most efficient way to construct a baffle is to create a true baffle. Down constructed with true baffles have several mesh walls that enclose down and prevent it from shifting.

Baffles can run vertically or horizontally. Because they are easier to construct, most bags are designed with horizontal baffles. This allows the down to shift to the outside of the baffle, creating cold spots at the top of the bag. Vertical baffles, however, utilize flow gates to keep down from shifting. Despite being more expensive to produce, this has proven to be the warmest and most efficient design. The Super Down Sleeping bag uses vertical baffling with additional robust zipper, shoulder, and halo baffles to minimize heat loss. This allows you to utilize your bag in a wider range of temperatures.

We chose all the most advanced ingredients and construction technologies to make the most advanced sleeping bag on the market. We use water repellent 100% Polish Goose down,  TORAY Stunner Stretch™ Micro Ripstop 12 D Nylon fabric, and true vertical baffles to create such a high performance bag. This bag is designed by the hunter, for the hunter.

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  1. Troy

    Jason I have a few questions if you could do lease take the time to answer I would appreciate it. As far as the temperature rating is concerned if I buy a 20 degree bag is that assuming I am wearing a base layer type of sleeping clothes? And how could I judge what the rating would be if I wore my super down pants and jacket?

    Is there any bivy cover in the works? I would think a waterproof cover made from material like the rain gear would be awesome to have. That way when my bag was attached to my pack and if it started to rain while I was hiking it would protect it. And finally is there a synthetic bag in the works? I just want to say I got my first pair of attack pants and they are awesome and I can’t wait to change all my hunting gear to Kuiu brand.

    • Jason Hairston

      We cannot rate the bag with and without clothes. But this is how I make my 30 degree bag work in colder condition, wearing my layers to bed and it works really well. Plus it is much easier to get out of the bag in the morning.

      Our Stunner Stretch fabric we use for our bags is highly water resistant and the down feathers are waterproof so we have not developed a synthetic bag because our down bags function so much better than a synthetic even in wet conditions. I stuff my bag in our roll top dry bags to keep moisture out of them while in my pack. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for choosing KUIU.


  2. Jason Huffman

    I just purchased your 15 degree bag. How do you recommend storing it when not in use? Is it as simple as just leaving it in the large storage bag? Thanks

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      The best way to store the KUIU sleeping bags is to leave it in the bag it came it, and then hang it up. Thank you for supporting KUIU!